21 Mar 2013


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    So many options with this word. We can focus on things lost, love lost, people we’ve lost, pets, or on a brighter note- getting lost in one’s passion, whether it be love, photography, writing, cooking, music, running-ugh, painting, whatever it is that does it for you, so lost that you don’t even notice the passage of time.

    I’m going to write about planning my daughters wedding. It was a wonderful year. A culmination of dreams come true, wrapped in white taffeta. For them; for me, to know that her illness didn’t define her. It didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams. Putting all worries behind me, we embarked on a year of blissful minutia, all the little details that planning a wedding entailed and I loved every minute of it. What flowers would be perfect, would symbolize their love and had special meaning?

    Some things my daughter and I worked on together, some she did with her future husband, his mom, and her friends, but my job, that I did alone, was to put together the photo album of her life up to that point.

    I got lost in that album. Finding old photos, of which I have many, since photography has been a passion since my college days. From my pregnancy, to her, shortly after being born, and newborn pictures of her so longed for baby brother, and their very loving, happy childhood together, to pictures of her with her soon to be husband, made it into that book.

    Some what could have been lost memories weren’t because they were captured in black & white, and color, immortalized for a lifetime, or at least my lifetime…until the paper fades.

    I love that book and already look forward to making my sons book when he gets married. Every now & then, when I want to get lost in the happy memories of my life, I look through that book and the wedding album, too, and know that even though time passes and life moves on; some things can be forgotten, but not lost.

    The beauty of a photograph is not only in the picture itself but the flood of memories it brings with it so nothing will ever truly be lost.

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