“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.” —Allen Ginsberg {click to tweet}

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So one of my favorite things is to see the trail of encouraging comments you all leave for each other. And sometimes someone goes above and beyond the usual standard of awesome. Last week that someone was Denise, who was also celebrating her 28th wedding anniversary. A fellow FMF writer sent me this email: “everywhere I look someone else is ALWAYS leaving encouraging comments, and I know there are many times where I don’t get a lot of comments but Denise is ALWAYS commenting and always just being amazing.  She is everywhere!”

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I drive. I drive and listen to the music and part of me is tempted to pull over under the cherry blossoms and just let a pink snowfall cover my day. I grew up under purple trees that blossom every October in South Africa. There is a homesick hole in my minivan this week as a seven-year-old asks me over and over again how to say “home” or “friend” or “dog” in Afrikaans. I don’t know what the word is for “homesick”; I do know what it is for “longing.”

I wake up at 2am and Pete is at the kitchen table. He’s been gone 3 days and he’s back sitting in his boxers and catching up on email. Jackson and I stumble toward him out of a bad dream and he’s so solid, so real. He smells of old spice body wash. There isn’t time to catch up until much later. Early morning and all afternoon the kids are so caught up in catching up with him. We try to talk over three voices and hamburgers on the stove but we give up and it’s not till around ten that we can try again.

After nearly two decades together he knows more about South Africa than I do. He knows the smells and tastes and accents and population count. He knows the sickness and crime and heart ache. He knows where to buy hot cinnamon sugar pancakes on Saturday mornings. We can sit on a sofa in Virginia that made its way back from the southern hemisphere with us. We are here now but we lived there together.

The baby stirs. The radio is too loud. The boys keep getting back up for water.

The fan spins slowly. And I write these words.