Sometimes I think we over glamorize writing.



We make it something that must reek of Hemingway, Lewis, or Lamott before we’re brave enough to share it.


Who says?

You see I think the quiet secret is that you can be a writer and no one needs to recognize your name to make that any more or less true. I think your story matters. The one you write at midnight in 600 word blog posts. The one you scrapbook. The one you piece together for your kids as you fill them in on what grandpa and grandma were like.

You are a writer.

You actually already are.

Don’t believe me? There are over 300 brave writers who throw caution and their last names to the wind and gather here weekly to just write. With wild and loving abandon.

And today – I’ve invited that group over to my other online home, the beautiful, virtual beach house called (in)courage, where you’re always welcome – just the way you are…

Click here to come and join us for Five Minute Friday at (in)courage today.