Dear Five Minute Friday writers. You are my people.

You are the people I can just walk into a room and plonk down on the sofa next to and kick off my shoes without worrying too much if my socks are smelly.


You are the people who know that writing is a constant battle against the critic in our own heads. A fight against distractions, fear and the desperate urgency to find a fresh way to package old words.

You also know that sometimes your best writing gets done in a minivan parked in the driveway because it’s the only quiet space you can find.

Four weeks from now my first book, Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom will be in your hands if you’ve already pre-ordered it. But for you all – my favorite, favorite writers, I wanted to get it to you sooner.

So I asked Tyndale House if I could share more than just a chapter with you. And they said, yes, because they’re awesome like that.

So for anyone who wants to join my team of scared/brave writers who love words and help launch this little book into the world, just click here and I’m gonna send you the special Surprised by Motherhood sampler. And maybe buy you some fried chicken.

They look like this. And they might even make the men in your family cry.

{UPDATED: This offer is now full – thanks so much to everyone who joined us!}




Except they’re a free download. So that no matter where in the world you’re reading from, I can send you a copy. Neat, right?

And if you’ve already bought your book (yay! happy dance!) there are still a little over 100 signed book plates still available over here from me for free.

Click here to hold my hand – and join my launch team.

Then come write brave with me today – the Five Minute Friday prompt today is WILLING.