Their love comes from where the wild things are.

Crashing and bashing its way out of the woods

towards curl-tugging, nose-grabbing,

chasing, embracing,

growling kisses.

Brothers 1

Dancing the bedtime blues

they sway and pray

for more time

free of the confines of 4 posters and a set of sheets.

When granted a reprieve

it’s wrenchingly beautiful

to see them pause between bouts of bedlam

and hug the guts out of each other.

Brothers 2

Sheer celebration and wrangling

one another

is what they do best

be it on the floor, bed, driveway or lawn.

Brothers 3

We are never bored.

There’s too much to explore, crush, challenge and duel

too much energy

pure rocket fuel

brother love, that is.

Brothers 5