Thanks to random integer generator, five brand new Point of Grace albums and Cook Books will go to these lovely ladies who can relate to my losing battle against the mounds of laundry:

3. Stephanie, who said:

While I’m not a mumma yet…. keeping up with a household and the gazillion jobs to be done each week keeps me on my toes. Why is it that the laundry seems to breed when no one’s looking?!? Love Point of Grace!! Happy to see that they have trouble keeping their lives in a sense of order too! Blessings on you Lisa-Jo.

19. Jenn calling home, who said:

Loved it. The video is great and looks like it was a blast to make (I mean, dancing across the stage…who gets to do that?).  I follow you on Twitter.

4. Brianna, who said:

Oh, I can so relate to so much of that video! You know what sticks out to me most, though? Sadly — it’s the part where she’s doing the fake pull-ups.  Man — what a great video.

8. LeAnna, who said:

What a cute song! I’d sure like to relax laying in a bubble bath but then I’d have to clean the tub and really whose got time for that? That’s so me. Matter of fact, my husband, if he wants to speak my love language (grin) always cleans out the tub for me. What a sweetheart.

25. Margaret, who said:

Twitter follower who found out about “Love & Laundry” thanks to your update!

Two parts that struck me the most. First is the very opening scene with the two little girls singing the song on the porch. Oh, I hope that they grow up to find more avenues for combining their work & life choices than what we currently have available, i.e., that they’re not going to be sidelined, lose out on a promotion, or have their paychecks reduced simply because they choose to become mamas.

The other is the line from the song about lights being down low, only to have the parents both fall asleep instead of having time together. That happens way too often!


Happy Thursday to you all ~ shoot me an email with your postal addresses and I will hook you up with your lovely loot!

OK, now back to today’s regularly scheduled programming…