I carve out space to write in between toy boxes and Buzz Lightyear. Some days I trip over lego masterpieces and get tangled up in home-made dog leashes for the dog my youngest son hopes we will one day have.

I write between the elephant mobile my mom’s youngest sister brought back from India and the prints from DaySpring that speak joy and love and laughter into my life.

I write between super hero wars waged against the forces of darkness and light sabers that twirl and tilt toward the age-old battle of good vs. evil.

I write in my own small corner carved out of the chaos of the playroom.
(When I’m not writing in bed or at the kitchen table, that is).

Where do you write?

Because after reading so many of your voices this last year I am curious where they originate from.

Wanna give us a sneak peek?