• As in, when I dropped my kid at preschool his teacher took one look at him and said in a panic, “but…..today is picture day!” To which I calmly responded – “Yes, I know. I also realize that Jackson is wearing the exact same outfit as yesterday – but it was the motorcycle shirt again or nothing. And that’s not a picture that either of us want to see.
  • As in, when browsing the aisles at the grocery store with both small boys in tow, a darling elderly lady approached me to compliment the cuteness of my sons. She immediately followed up with, “I don’t know if you realize this, but your boy is dipping his fingers in the water from the flower buckets and drinking it!” Glancing down at Jackson and shifting Micah to the other arm I smile and calmly respond, “Yes, I do. But I figure, if it doesn’t hurt ’em…..And I promise that if he starts to actually eat the flowers I will definitely intervene.”
  • As in, when it rains I let my boys go dance up a storm out there in nothing but there undies.
  • As in, I OK’d Jackson wearing one of his daddy’s belts wrapped three times around his tiny waist over his sweatshirt because it makes him feel brave.
  • As in, I endorse the boys’ use of the phrase, “Oh yea, baby!” as taught to them by my brothers. Although, I was recently informed by Jackson that, “we don’t say that at school, mama!”
  • As in, I am inclined to sneak my boys behind a large bush and let them go the way of all lucky dogs when we are out on a walk rather than rush home to civilization and the bathroom.
  • As in,  I totally believe that summer time + potty training = kids spending quality time in their birthday suits in our backyard (admittedly, this can be more awkward when our aunt’s backyard is right on a golf course and the boy in question loves to wave at all who putt putt by!)
  • As in, it seems completely normal to me for the boys to be running around in 90 degree weather wearing Spiderman underoos and winter  boots.
  • As in, when we have breakfast at Bob Evans, I wink at them when my boys dole out high fives up and down the aisles.
  • As in, I am no longer phased when my boys’ prayers include profound and grateful thanks for certain parts of their anatomy.

Yup, I’m so that kind of mama – and loving every minute of it!

Tell me, what kind of mama are you?