My mom used to dance in the mornings.

A happy, shameless jig in her PJs right there out in the driveway as my dad drove us off to school. She’d dance and wave and grin and I could feel the love well up from my toes to my nose. It spilled out of me – this being someone’s daughter. Loved. Cherished. Celebrated.

She’s been dead now 18 years to the day since I turned 18.

I am a motherless daughter.

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OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes for the prompt:

Motherhood Should Come With…

Motherhood should come with a cape, a tutor, a counselor, a massage therapist, a lifetime’s supply of chocolate, Kleenex, and therapy. Or girlfriends who’ve already been there, done that. It should come with a choir that bursts into gospel praise and chorus as the sound track to the every day moments that so few get to witness – first breaths, steps, loves, and words.

It should come with a manual. A thick one and also a Cliff’s Notes version.

It should come with a sense of humor.

Motherhood should come with a twinkle in the eye and a warning. A warning that you will never be the same; that before it’s over your heart will have cracked into a thousand tiny splinters of love so profound your body can barely contain what your soul is experiencing. That you will hurt in ways no one could prepare you for and ache with a vulnerability no one can protect you from.

And that as hard as it is, you would sign up to do it all over again without a second’s hesitation.

{Photo Credit: Natalie Webb}


OK, your turn.

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