I signed 300 bookplates.


I thought of you as I signed them.

Thought of you holding my story in your hands. And then I got all goose-bumpy. But it might just have been the snow. Or the sight of what my boys had done to the bathroom. Again.

I signed 300 book plates for the first 300 people who email us with proof that they’ve pre-ordered Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being a Mom.


I’m guessing they’re going to go fast. Because I know a whole bunch of you have already pre-ordered because I’ve been doing the happy dance and the happy cry on and off for weeks now since I first told you about the book.

So, if you’ve already pre-ordered – then you can enter today too. (Offer open to US residents only – I know, it stinks! But I’d still go ahead and order the book because look – cherries, cherry blossoms, pretty!)

If you haven’t, just click here to pre-order this beauty of mine.

Either way, go ahead and order a second, third, fourth, tenth copy because my hope is that once you’re done reading you’re going to want to give it to another mama. And if you’re like me, you’re always seeing your books walk out the door and then never walk back in again.

To get your signed book plate just follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Pre-order Surprised By Motherhood by clicking over here
  2. Email your proof of purchase to specialoffer@tyndale.com (proof of purchase can be in the form of an order confirmation email or a pre-order cash register receipt. No links please. If you’re sending a photo of your receipt then the image needs to be in the body of the email or as a jpeg attachment.)
  3. Provide your name and mailing address in the body of the email (so sorry but this offer is for United States residents only) and we’ll send a free bookplate to the first 300 responders (one per household).

If you’ve been on the fence about ordering, here are a few kind words from friends who’ve read the book:

From Tsh, Author of Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World

I was surprised by Surprised by Motherhood … because I thought I was done with books about motherhood. They so often just say the same thing and leave me feeling tired. Lisa-Jo has a gift of revealing the sacred beauty in the everydayness of continually nodding, tearing up, laughing, and checking for my superhero cape. This book stayed on my nightstand until the last page was read; I’m left feeling inspired and empowered by her words.


From Ann Voskamp, New York Times Bestselling author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

When you forget who you are, why you are, and where you are going, these are words that fall as gently and right as blossoms, a trail of grace Lisa-Jo Baker’s perfect pages will have you laughing and finding your rhythm again, have you hearing it again when you almost gave up—there—Him singing unconditional love over you. This is a book that is straight-from-the-hip honest, straight-out hilarious, and straight-from-God holy. Breathtaking. Life giving. Pure page-turning relief—pages I didn’t want to end—that I will turn to again and again.


From Melanie Shankle, New York Times Bestselling author of Sparkly Green Earrings: Catching the Light at Every Turn and The Antelope in the Living Room: The Real Story of Two People Sharing One Life

I don’t know a woman who has taken on the enormous, daunting responsibility of raising a human being who says that it’s exactly what she thought it would be. Because here’s the thing: we’d all know she was lying. Motherhood is one of the great surprises of life, and Lisa-Jo has captured the essence of that with her exquisite words. Her fabulous voice lights up every page and makes you feel like you’re sitting across from a dear friend as she tells her story and you see your own heart embedded within her words. As you turn the pages of this book, you’re in for a journey that will leave you nodding your head, smiling to yourself, and wishing you lived next door.

And to everyone – a free poster print and reminder that you are braver than you think, because you mother {just right click to save.}


And click here to tweet and encourage a friend: “You are braver than you know, because you mother.”