“This body of mine, it reflects memories and growth, and it is my living Ebenezer — the reminder that great love is always born from great sacrifice.” ~ Surprised by Motherhood.

Me and my girl

Welcome to last week of our Surprised by Motherhood Book Club. You can watch all the videos from the beginning over here. It’s been so special to spend time chatting with some of my favorite friends and mentors through each of the chapters of the book and listening to all your wonderful comments throughout. So pour yourself some hot chocolate and listen in as we discuss the last two chapters – which are also my favorites.


Chp 12: And Then after Eighteen Years, I Rediscovered My Mom

Chp 13: Jesus Loves Me This I Know, for My Children Taught Me So


{If you haven’t already – you can pick up a copy over here.}


Week 6

Chapters 12 & 13: are the heart of the book because they’re the chapters where I discover that Jesus loves me this I know, for my children love me so. Chapter 12 is my love letter to my daughter – after being so afraid of being a motherless mother to a daughter. And Chapter 13 is my love song to all three- this beautiful discovery that it’s the very chaos of motherhood that makes it so gut-busting full of wonder and love.

Two dear friends join me to chat about these final chapters:

September McCarthy has ten kids and is a homeschooling mom who is my opposite in almost every way. But what I wouldn’t do to live next door to her and just soak in all the wisdom and grace and peace and did I mention wisdom that seems to seep out of her very pores. She’s also the founder of the Raising Generations Conference – one of my favorite events this year.

Kate Motaung is my South Africa/Michigan sister who shares my love for the Southern Cross, melktert and trying to make sense of life lived in between two countries.

I’m so grateful for the truths they’ve spoken into my life – join us as we get a bit weepy in these last chapters looking back at the good work Jesus has done in our lives because of our kids.

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Take a few moments today to think through the questions below and feel free to share your answers in the comments. Or use them as you talk through the book in your MOPS group or with your book club.

Chp 12: And Then after Eighteen Years, I Rediscovered My Mom

  • How has God used your children to help you to see the fulfilment of certain promises in your life?
  • How has God shown you what it means that Jesus came to give us abundant life (John 10:10)?
  • In what ways do you hope to give your children a better childhood than the one you had?

Chp 13: When You’re Scared Motherhood Means Missing Out on Your Life

  • Think about each of your children. In what ways can their personalities or certain character traits be traced back to attributes of God, or fruits of His Spirit?
  • Motherhood can be grueling — but what are some things you are grateful for today, as a mom?
  • What legacy do you hope to leave for your children?

Scripture passages for this week:

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” ~ John 10:10

A few favorite quotes:

“How did He do it? How did He take the most broken bits of my childhood and all their jagged edges and fit them together in this tremendous testimony to His patient love? Somehow He soldered them into a stained-glass whole and made my story beautiful. The motherless daughter was now cocreating a girl-child with the God who never demanded it from her, who only offered it as a free gift.” ~ p. 169

“And I was a living altar of remembrance to what He had done. God was with me, in me, and I was in Him. Life and grace. Even when I was not aware of it. Maybe especially then.” ~ p. 168

“This body of mine, it reflects memories and growth, and it is my living Ebenezer — the reminder that great love is always born from great sacrifice.” ~ p. 183

“Isn’t all motherhood this one great prayer that rises in a thousand different languages: ‘Let them be loved and let them be safe’?” ~ p. 184

“The glory of motherhood camouflaged in so much chaos.” ~ p. 196




OK, YOUR TURN – just click here to share your wisdom in the comments – I’m so grateful to have you as the voices in my head. Thank you for reading and living alongside and sharing glimpses into your own precious stories. 

Love you all deep and far and wide,