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“This body of mine, it reflects memories and growth, and it is my living Ebenezer — the reminder that great love is always born from great sacrifice.” ~ Surprised by Motherhood. Welcome to last week of our Surprised by Motherhood Book Club. You can watch all the videos from the beginning over here. It’s been […]

“And to do this, the heavenly Father had to unwrap His arms from around His only Son.  Unmake the closeness.  Break more than the ties of flesh and blood.  And heaven itself cracked open when He let go of His Son and reached for me.”~ Surprised by Motherhood. Welcome to week 5 of the Surprised […]

All the dishes get done even if all the laundry doesn’t. I wipe down that table top that wobbles on four legs that have been loosely unhinged ever since we had boys. Paper towel and hand smooth over the old paint splotches that won’t come off and the scratches that no one admits to making. […]

“There is no part of our everyday, wash-and-repeat routine of kids and laundry and life and fights and worries and play dates and aching budgets and preschool orientations and work and marriage and love and new life and bedtime marathons that Jesus doesn’t look deep into and say, “That is mine. In Him all things […]

Sometimes motherhood feels like negotiating with tiny terrorists. I’m not kidding. Yesterday I had to talk down what felt like a hostage situation and while the whole story boiled down to about eight sentences it took 45 minutes of hysterical level sobbing to make sense of what had happened. Nothing says, “Happy Wednesday afternoon” like […]

“The thing is, there is no road map. No matter how many stories you’ve heard. No matter how many books you’ve read. Motherhood is like learning to walk again, and the only way to do it is by falling down a lot. Because you’re becoming someone else, and your stretched and broken skin can itch […]

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