So here’s the thing – my kids are feisty.


Like, they have BIG OPINIONS and they aren’t afraid to voice them. Out loud. Often in public.

This is not embarrassing for me AT ALL.

I have had children stand up in a crowded Panera and SING GRACE out loud and with an audience. I have had kids “help” me on a shopping trip and yell out excitedly every time they found a pair of jeans in my size. There’s nothing like having a child scream your post-baby jean size in ecstatic glee for the ENTIRE STORE to hear – I speak from recent, awkward experience.

And while Grandpa was in town this week he purchased gifts at the museum tours for both boys but was waiting for a chance to get something for Zoe that he knew she’d love more than the limited gift store selection. So when the boys each yelled out from the back seat of the minivan, “Thanks for that helmet, grandpa!” And, “Thanks for the space ship pen, Grandpa!” Zoe followed up with, “Thanks for NOTHING, Grandpa!”

Yea, feisty. And fearless. And LOUD.

Sometimes it’s harder when that passion explodes in a fit of fiery temper and bad language. Yea, we’re struggling with that with one of ours. {Any suggestions you have on how to help beat the bout of raging potty mouth we’re battling would be welcome in the comments.}

But even with its downside I never want to turn that passion off. I want to teach it. I want to shape it. I want it to burn so bright and fierce and fiery for good that it lights up the lives of everyone around them. It’s what I tell them even after I’ve had to discipline them for mis-using this gift.

Because man, I love this about them. I love all that heart and passion that comes bubbling over into everything and anything they’re interested in.

So when my friends Matthew and Jessica Turner came out with a book that’s all about the light that lives in our kids? It was the perfect reminder – for me as well as for them.

That God Made Light for us and in us and it shines wildly and unafraid through my feisty kids. And I LOVE that message.




I love how it’s like Dr. Seuss meets Genesis.

I love how the illustrations are bold and daring and big and colorful and show both boys and girls as active and engaged.

I love how the language isn’t timid or overly precious.

I love how kids can read it on their own but it’s also a fun parent read-aloud.

A fun and favorite, tongue-twisting delight of a read.

And I love how a night light as well as a floor puzzle are also available. {Micah to me: mom, that light is EXACTLY the same as the moon in the book – can you believe that?” Yes son. Yes it is.}




And you guys, I’m not getting compensated for sharing this with you apart from using my Amazon affiliate link – I’m just a lover of great books for kids – especially if they come with truly great use of words and language and rhyme and message. And with gift giving season just around the corner I had to mention this one.

God Made Light is a beauty. Truly. It’s one of those books you won’t mind reading a zillion times. (Maybe by two zillion, though, you’ll be tired of it.}

And the beautiful night light and puzzle have been big hits in our house. I don’t know about you but I still have a nine year old who would sleep in our bed every night if we let him. I’m praying that by college he will have grown out of this habit.

But until then, he has the God Made Light night light glowing bright every night in his room.

And there are these super cute free printables for kids to color over here. 

What makes this project even more special is that Matthew got turned down by ELEVEN DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS. But he and Jess believed in the project so much they self-published the book. That heart? That passion? That LIGHT? It’s special, man. And I’ve told my kids the story behind the story and it makes me so proud of friends who model for our kids what it looks like to boldly follow the paths God has called us onto. Even when it seems dark and scary.

For reals, God Made Light would be a beautiful Christmas gift during the season of light.

Pick up your copy here.

And go read the amazing story behind the story over here.

And then kindly tell me how to help my son guard his tongue when it comes to some words and phrases he’s picked up that are shocking the socks off us during pick up soccer matches and are NOT HORRIFYING TO HEAR OUT OF THE MOUTH OF A SIX YEAR OLD AT ALL. {Sarcasm font}.

Much thanks – from one mom in the thick of it to another.