I’ve heard the whispers. The rumblings. The women who pull me aside to share with shy and embarrassed eyes this worry that what you do doesn’t count because you do it at 2am when no one is looking except the baby who’s throwing up. Again. Or because what you do doesn’t require a passport. Or […]

The older I get the more I battle fear. And I know it’s because the older I get the more scary things I see in the world. The more marriages I’ve watched disintegrate, the more friends who’ve lost kids, the more diagnoses I’ve heard others fight through, the more friendships fractured, the more opportunity for […]

I’m having a lot of feelings about a book that releases today. I’m sent hundreds of books to review and it’s a huge and wonderful perk of being a blogger. But this one, this one is different. I have to tell you about this book. Not because anyone asked me to or is paying me […]

At ten and eight my boys are now old enough to help. This is revolutionary. They can do their own safety belts, buckle their sister in, ride bikes to go pick up the mail, scramble the eggs, fold their own laundry, help read the bedtime stories, and so the list goes on. I didn’t know […]

When the news turns dark, when I have a hard time believing my pastor, and all I want to do is switch between hot baths and my cosy bed, it’s the stories of what women are capable of right there in the middle of the darkness that I need. The stories that take place between making […]

For the last few years it has become tradition for our family to spend Easter weekend in PA with Jon and Christie Purifoy at their farmhouse called Maplehurst. They’re friends who’ve known us the longest — since the days when none of us had kids yet. Every year they host a neighborhood wide, 2000+ Easter […]

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