Love me my man

A few months back I was sure I’d put my engagement/wedding ring on the bedside table – the ring I’ve had for 15 years. The one we bought in South Africa. I was sure I’d put the ring on that bedside table – the one with the crackly, white primer I’d never actually gotten around to painting with a […]

Give me an ordinary love. Give me morning hair and old, comfy pajama pants. Give me dirty socks next to the bed every night. Even if the bed is in different continents at different times and seasons of life. Even if the bed sags in the middle. Even if the bed is full of long, […]

I only hear him leaving because his youngest son hears him first. Hears his dad tip toeing quietly out at 5am so as not to wake the baby that finally fell back asleep at 4:30. The son I didn’t even realize was in the room. The son tucked into a blanket on the floor by […]

Because between the dishes and the piles of unfolded laundry stacked across the bed and the kids who come in demanding attention, cookies, help with their homework there’s no room for conversation. Because I like holding his hand. Because I want to know what’s going on in his head beyond who’s doing Tae Kwon Do […]

“My love life will never be satisfactory until someone runs through an airport to stop me from getting on a flight.” ~Teenager post of the week via the Huffington Post. He drove us all home 18 hours over two days. Three kids and hundreds of miles and potty breaks and princess pull-ups, the car covered in […]

He was 21 and I was 22 and he used to come over and stock my fridge. I lived in a part of town that I probably shouldn’t have. The part that meant I usually needed someone to walk me home. He always walked with me. Remembered the umbrella when I forgot. And on days […]

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