Our crazy little rental house

Oh you guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how much your reactions to our story of buying our first ever house meant to me this week. I cherish each of your beautiful comments and emails and I’m still working my way through all of them because I want to respond to each one […]

On Friday last week Peter and I signed our names approximately 5 million times and became first time home owners. We’re both 40. We have three kids and have lived in 9 rental homes in 3 different countries. And two years ago I’d officially given up the dream of ever owning our own house. Until […]

Sunday afternoons are messy at our house. And I like them that way. (If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed). We’ve usually let the weekend play around us with all its Legos and dolls and light sabers and blanket forts and left over pizza. We’ve let the dishes pile up and a pile […]

I am a reluctant renter. Have been for years. Our last rental house was small, it had faux bricks that constantly fell off the kitchen walls and carpets that, well, let’s just say back then we had three kids under the age of six and leave the rest up to your imagination. For years my […]

Sunday afternoons in South Africa — there were always watermelons bopping in the swimming pool. It was to keep them cool till they could be split for dessert. But to us kids they were just a challenge to ride, to raft, to water polo between ourselves until a grown up finally noticed and yelled to […]

It’s that time of year where all I want to do is open the windows wide, wide. And catch light in stray corners of the house, under the kitchen table, in my son’s eyes. He smells of sunscreen, permanently. These wooden floors creak and I love that they have their own voice. We’ve been here […]

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