Sometimes being a mother is more than a series of moments connected only by dirty diapers, empty baby wipe bins, toy cars strewn all over the bathroom floor, and bum cream. If you listen closely there is a melody that connects it all. There is a pulsating rhythm of life keeping beat in the background to all you do. There is jasmine-sweet harmony that results from the eclectic collection of the many varied things a mother does in a day. All she is.

There are lyrical moments of comfort given and received that are heart-breakingly tender. There are sweet serenades of love to babies who sleep on, oblivious. There are rousing choruses of boys, crashing between boxes, climbing couches, drumming anything, dueling everything. The sound of gospel songs echo from a four-year-old who is holding forth on the majesty of his John Deere tractor. The hallelujah chorus rises with the sun and fills a bedroom of pajama clad babes, dancing with the dust motes; sharing their shaft of light.

Oh the wonderful music of motherhood. The cymbal, the harp, the tamborine. Shake it, dance it, celebrate it. Life giver, man maker, owie kisser, brownie baker, car pooler, home schooler. Sing it out loud. Sit back and listen to the echoes of your day – they resonate with rich acts of selflesness. Sing it because it is true. You are more than the sum of what you do. You are the pitch perfect solo act that makes your home more than four walls and a roof. And if that comes at the price of your skinny jeans it’s still totally worth the trade! I don’t know much about BlogHer, Blog wars or stat counters; but I know motherhood, and I know it rocks. And there’s nothing better than rocking out with another mama who can spin a yarn about a day spent folding laundry and wrassling kids. Whether on line or in person. There’s magic in the sharing. And I’m so pleased you have stumbled onto my site. Anytime you need a pick-me-up, come on back and we will turn up the music together and rock out about motherhood!