Remember those “word association” games?

When someone says a word and you say the first thing that comes into your mind.

For example, if I say “peanut butter.”

You’d probably say, “jelly.” (Unless you’re British or South African, in which case you’d probably say jam. Or, unless you’re my husband, and then you’d probably say “bacon,” which is really a whole other, much more disgusting post).

Mmm’kay, so you remember the rules?

‘Cause I’ve got a doozie for you.

Are you ready? Here we go. Without thinking first or hesitating or self-censoring, tell me what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say:








Kudos to you if these didn’t trigger any of the following words:



“Blog stats”


“From Blog to Book”



The reason I’m curious is that I’ve been thinking a lot about these words the last couple of weeks. And I’ve discovered that sometimes I pull them out, tape measure like, to see how I’m doing.

I stand back-to-back with these words and they tower over me. I peer up at them and doubt I will ever be able to climb high enough to enjoy their view. Furthermore, I imagine space is limited at the top, the ledge precarious, and the lookout reserved only for those who speak html.

Fortunately, at this point in my metaphor I crack myself up as I start to imagine a Tolkien like universe where all mommy bloggers break into Elvish-sounding-html while practicing the ancient art of coding a website. That’s when I realize I really need to get out more. But since the kitchen needs to be cleaned and there’s a two-year-old who wants to party like its 1984, I turn up the radio and blast one of my all time favorite songs: Audio Adrenaline’s Big House.

We dance around the house – he in Elmo pajamas and me in my “comfy clothes” and fuzzy green clover socks – belting out the words and embracing a new perspective on fitting in:

Come and go with me

To my Father’s house

Come and go with me

To my Father’s house.

It’s a big, big house

With lots and lots of room

A big, big table

With lots and lots of food

A big, big yard

Where we can play football

A big, big house

It’s my Father’s house.

And just like that, I’m cured. Because I remember a simple truth – there is always, always room for one more in God’s house. His Kingdom is big and full of more meaningful work than I can imagine.

Where one succeeds opportunities are not eaten up, instead they are multiplied.

There is enough work for everyone interested in being part of it.

One writer’s success is simply another’s confirmation to join the party.

We are all necessary. More than that, we are all invited.

Now, how’s that for word association!