“Mama has a baby in her tummy, I have a baby doggie in my tummy and Jackson has a baby super hero in his tummy.”

“My tummy hurts – the baby doggy in my tummy is really kicking me.”

On explaining to Jackson that “ma’am” is short for “madam” – “Oh, yea! I get it. Like Madam and Eve.”

On the highway en route to dinner with Peter in the city, “Dad, you got two toilets at your work? Me and Micah both gotta go bad!”

Micah as he strokes my belly, “This little baby’s gonna be mine, right mama?” Um, well, it’s actually our whole family’s baby, honey. “Yea, but it’s gonna be all mine, right?”

On arriving soaking wet at 4am for the fourth straight night in a row after another epic potty training fail and being asked if he’s wet Micah responds, “Just a teeny tiny bit, mama.”

“I like dogs.” Yes, Micah, I know. “I really like dogs, mama.”

By Jackson when arriving home one afternoon, “Oh wow! Wow, look how clean it is in here! Awesome! Who did this?” (Thanks son; mother hangs head in shame).

“I not Micah! I Jackson’s brudder!”

Overhear anything good at your house this week?