08 May 2012

What every mom needs to hear now and again {and again and again}

I’ve been a mom now for six and a half years.

There was a while there that I didn’t think I was going to make it. I was tired, run down and couldn’t figure out why it seemed so easy for everyone else. I was certain I was failing motherhood any time my first born failed to nurse, sleep or poop on “baby book” schedule.

Six years later and I’ve thrown most of those books away.

Motherhood isn’t graded. Some days it’s just barely survived.

So, what I write here is often for me more than anyone else. The me who felt lost and totally disoriented. The me who needed to be cheered on through the dark midnight nursing shifts and the public diaper blow outs and the irrational crying {on my part}.

What I write here is what I wish I’d known at the sleep deprived beginning.

That motherhood is both the hardest and most magnificent thing you will ever do.

And that makes you remarkable.

Not ordinary. As your dishes and diapers and cycles of laundry and sweeping and cleaning and car pooling and wiping babies drooling and vacuuming and math tutoring and volunteering and baking and every other in between-ing might try to tell you.


You are.


I think motherhood should come with a super hero cape and a cheerleader.
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  1. 1

    “That motherhood is both the hardest and most magnificent thing you will ever do.”
    Yes it is and when they grow up and away, you will always be their mother. Then it is even harder but even more magnificent as you watch them grow even more.
    I have a son on his first deployment, also a police officer and married for 1 year. Another son who just got his first “real job” as a youth pastor and my youngest is at home trying to figure out what to do after getting a criminal justice degree but doesn’t want to go in that direction.
    I miss the chaos, mess, baths, noise, play-dates, little league, and hearing “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom.”
    Love them, you won’t be holding onto their hands for very long…

  2. 2

    Thank you for this because lately I don’t feel like I’m going to make it. I feel like I’m in over my head with writing and parenting. Although I know deep in my heart they are both God ordained callings I’m following from a deep source, it seems like they conflict with each other.

    I’m really looking forward to your book and passing it along, In my small town (not where I’m from) finding play date friends is proving pretty hard so I’m trying to allow the online mom community fill the void until God leads differently.

    All that to be said, your encouraging words have definitely hit my ears as cheerleader type encouragement multiple times over the past weeks. So for your faithfulness, thank you!

  3. 3

    Your blog post today was like a hug. Just what I needed. Thank you for making this mama not feel so alone.

  4. 4

    Such great words for me to hear on this day. I gave birth to my first child, a little girl, 6 days ago. The sleep deprivation is high BUT I have SO much to be thankful for during this initial phase of parenting. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • 5
      thegypsymama says:

      Oh my heart – six days ago???? Oh you wonderful tired amazing mama you! Congratulations – revel in every deliriously exhausting moment :)

  5. 6

    Love this post and I’m definitely sharing it! I’m farther into the journey than you, and it’s so wonderful to have time to ENJOY hanging w/the kids, once you’re not losing so much sleep! I’ll never forget those days, though (had 3 under age 3 at one point in time)…YES. Surviving is admirable! And in due time we’ll reap, if we faint not!

  6. 7

    and ENJOY! Just wait til you have three teens at one time, like me! ;P

  7. 8
    Melanie says:

    Couldn’t have read this on a more needed day
    – Thank You. I’ll get up off the floor now. ; )

  8. 10

    You bless me.

  9. 11

    This post makes a mama’s heart smile, no matter what stage of the “game” we’re in. And it bears repeating. Us mama’s, we need to hear it as many times and in as many different ways as we can. Thank you!

  10. 12

    What joy in your face, in your words, and in the faces of your kids. My daughter, 16, posted a comment on my blog that really gave me pause…” smile and laugh and we will smile and laugh with you.” I cried and smiled and paused for awhile at her words, as I haven’t felt much like smiling as of late. Just that bone-tired momma feeling. But her words encouraged me a great deal, as do yours. So press on in love and with a smile. Happy mother’s day, your blog is a gift.

  11. 13

    these words are a gift. my kids are older now, teenage boys. they eat so much. and go go go so much. and i feel like i’m hanging on for dear life sometimes but loving the ride!

  12. 14

    As a mama whose youngest of four turns 18 in a few short weeks, I can only agree that being a mother is truly the most meaningful job/career I could have ever had.
    I gave up a promising career to be a SAHM and then eventually a homeschooling mom.
    It would be lying to say it was all roses and sunshine, but I knew I was doing what God wanted ME to do and that made it good.
    (Faster than you are prepared for, those children who are awake at dawn will not be able to be blasted out of bed with dynamite. Every age, every stage has brand new challenges and brand new ways for the Lord to refine us.)

  13. 15

    That photo of y’all…I adore it! Soooo wonderful. In. Every. Way.

    Rich blessings, friend.

    And, this stuff you’re writing–it’s just so good! Always.

  14. 16

    It surprises me how it goes in waves, that feeling of bone-tiredness. I guess I foolishly thought that I’d leave that beyond with babyhood, but I’ve got six spreading from almost ten to a year, and it changes with the seasons of the year…and when I remember what you said, that “Motherhood isn’t graded. Some days it’s just barely survived”, it usually gives me the freedom to assess mine and my children’s needs and act accordingly. But when I forget that, I get caught in a feedback loop that can drag us all down for days. Would that I could *always* remember that I’m not being graded!

    Love this, so much. Thanks for sending this strong hug through cyber-space today!

  15. 17

    What a beautiful picture!! :) Your journey is much like mine. I have two boys and one girl. My two boys were 4 and 3 when my daughter was born. Now, they are growing into men right before my eyes. Enjoy your time and those priceless moments! Hugs, Jen

  16. 18

    I came on here to tell you what a blessing just the first two chapters of your book have already been to me (that’s all I’ve read so far since I just started tonight). I am in awe of how many others are so touched by your writings. You truly have a great gift of encouragement! I have smiled, laughed, and cried already and I’m only on page 11!
    I have 5 boys, ages 3-10. They are all wonderful and healthy and I have so much to thank God for! Thank you for being such a great encouragement to me!

  17. 19

    So beautifully true.

  18. 20

    just what i needed to hear this morning. beautifully written

  19. 21

    Thanks. I’m exhausted this morning and the thought of the day makes me want to hide in bed. I needed this today.

  20. 22

    Beautifully written. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thank you. I have been blessed with three children in 2.5 years (no twins!) and so our lives are super chaotic and sometimes I need to hear someone else say it is okay for it to be that way. Away with the baby books! Ha.

  21. 23

    I’ve been a mom for 18.5 years and am about to send my only child off to college. I’ve been a foster mom for almost two years and am about to let go our our beloved son of my heart to his forever family. Being a mom is tough on the heart but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

  22. 24

    The pictures of you and your children are pure joy. You radiate joy!


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