Oh my goodness gracious welcome, come on in and get comfy! These are the new digs and I’m delighted you’re here. I’ve got presents! Kick off your shoes, I can’t wait to show you around. If you’re reading in an email you may want to click over. Worth it, oh yes!

It’s been the most fun moving around the furniture, painting the walls, adding new decor and getting the comfiest furniture we could find and coffee tables perfect for putting feet up on. Make your lovely selves at home.

It’d been three years since this place had any deep cleaning and whew, it felt like it was about time.

I’ll always be the same ol’ gypsy mama, but I figured it might be nice to be on a first name basis by now. And well, Lisa-Jo’s my name and I like it when people use it.

I finally branched out with a navigation bar for the things I love – books, Five Minute Friday, speaking {yea, I’m sorta doing some of that now and again} and how to get in touch {please do!} And one of my favorite features are the thumbnails at the tippy top of my sidebar – they’re the posts you all have enjoyed and shared the most each month. So basically, you all get to choose which posts are featured over there. Fun, eh?

And oh my lands you guys, the fella who helped me with it all should be sainted for his patience! Sainted, knighted, dubbed King of designers – either way Ted from Contemplate Design listened to every, single one of my naggy insightful suggestions and simply replied “sure” or “done” every, single time. And I had many, many obsessive helpful tweaks that he just kept checking off the long, long thorough list.

Let’s just say that working with Ted taught this social media manager a thing or two about the psychology of design and how best to spend your reader’s attention span. Seriously, it was like blog therapy talking to him. Inspiring, fascinating, and motivating.

And don’t even get me started on his wife, Annie, who painted the I-could-die-it’s-so-adorable header picture of my tribe of kids and their Beagle. She’s part of the Contemplate Design team and {don’t tell Ted} but maybe my favorite part! We would totally be in the same book club if we were neighbors. Or sneak off to chick flick nights at the movies. Or just sit outside and talk changing the world one blog post at a time for hours.

So feel free to poke around, go upstairs, peek in closets. But then come on back downstairs because I’ve brought you house-warming gifts!

Yup, one lovely gal will get this quartet of my favorite favorites {and everyone else can use my special discount codes!}:

  1. The hot off the sewing machine Gussy Sews wallet. I had my prior one years and years and now she has a new line and le’sigh, so much pretty! {GYPSYLOVE for 15% off, valid through June 30th}.
  2. The Lisa Leonard tiny twig necklace that has been my most worn piece of jewelry since I got it last September. Unique, original, feminine it makes my neck feel pretty. {summer20 for 20% off through June 30th.}
  3. A Krafty Kash vintage dictionary “mother” necklace that {swoon} I got right after mother’s day this year after stalking her store for months because I couldn’t choose from all the amazing stuff! {MOTHER for 15% off, valid through June 30th}.
  4. A Krafty Kash vintage dictionary ring with the word of your choice on it. Mine says “Pilgrim” with a hat tip to my gypsy roots. {MOTHER for 15% off, valid through June 30th}.

Oh you guys, this stuff is soo lovely! That’s me wearing them in all the pics above. And while my friends are too generous and gave me these pretties, I would {and happily have} spent my own cash in their amazing stores!

And because I love to give presents I’ve also got TEN welcome mats for TEN of you from the incomparable DaySpring! As well as a discount code you can use to get one for yourself more than half off! Just use LJBMAT at check out to snag ’em for $9.99 {regular price $24.99!}

That’s a lot of awesome right there. Because really, you all are! And if I can’t bake buy and serve you something scrumptious in person, the least I could do is wrap up some of my favorite things and send them to you with my deepest appreciation for being my people these last three years.

You are my people. And I don’t take it for granted.

“Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?”
~C.S. Lewis

So I think what that means is s’mores for everyone! And while you’re munching – use the form below to enter to win some of this blog-warming goodness.

Then please come back tomorrow. And the day after. And, you get the idea.

Much love,

{Photo of goofy me on the beach by lovely Ann}

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