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I two step through the dark, through the tired. These rock ‘n roll toes. They have mojo when it comes to cradling babies back to sleep. Softly back and forth to the rocker’s creak I wing it. I just go with it. I learn with each new baby and my moves get better.

Slow and fast and slow and gently rub the nape of the neck where new hair curls ever so softly.

All that baby breath can get me lost in the rhythm of motherhood. The sway and the shuffle and the ball change between building blocks and Tonka trucks and my goodness but legos can cut an imprint into a bare foot.

Some nights I wail with the music. The baby out loud and me in my mind. I don’t think I can take it. Life without movies and staying up till 2 am to read instead of to comfort someone who has no end for tears in sight.

This beauty. This beast. This wild symphony that screams with delight at a patch of ants.

They lead and I follow and my clumsy feet get better at keeping time.

One hour, one nap, one first, one step, one word, one grade more. May there always be music.


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