Women encouraging women is one of my favorite things.

Sisters caring, showing up with soup, watching the kids, folding the laundry, sharing the recipes, picking the kids up, shuttling to baseball practice, holding the hard times with both hands and a full heart, celebrating through the beauty of extraordinary days, spreading their five minutes of writing so that it ends up rippling far and wide with encouragement.

Yes, that’s the sisterhood of the real, the glorious, the messy, the wonder of women.

And over on (in)courage today, where my full time job is encouraging women through social media, we’re so excited to be inviting anyone with a heart for connecting and building community and encouraging their sisters in Christ to come on over and consider signing up to be on of our community leaders.

This online community – it needs women invested in it beyond blog posts.

It needs women who will reach out, connect, share, love on, pray with, follow up, laugh, cry, shout and celebrate with one another. We see how many of you are already doing that, already connecting within the community. And we’d like to support you in that beautiful effort.

So, today we’re opening a call for (in)courage community leaders.

We want to invite women who are already engaging, leading, cheering for their sisters to partner with us and lead unique communities within the (in)courage community. And like Jesus modeled with his disciples, we want to pair you up with a friend so you can lead a group together.

Calling the Twelve to him, he sent them out two by two ~ Mark 6:7.

How do you know if this is something that might be a good fit for you? Click here and come on over and find out!