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This one’s from Michelle who met Carrie via Five Minute Friday and who both happened to marry Guatemalan guys and now know each other in real life in Guatemala!

Last year one of the Five Minute Friday topics was: Waiting. I wrote this post about how in Spanish the verb to wait has three different meanings and then linked it up to your page. A few days later, I got a blog comment and then an email from a fellow Five Minute Fridays blogger, named Carrie.

The amazing, crazy and wonderful thing is that I live in Guatemala and at the time was dating (and am now married to a Guatemalan) and Carrie was engaged and moving back to Guatemala in a month to marry her Guatemalan fiance.

We connected right away. The 4 of us have hung out since and Carrie and I remain good friends. It is such a gift for both of us, being far away from our circle of friends and communities, navigating cross-cultural marriage and being able to figure it out together in Guatemala.”

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It’s been a week since I blogged. After writing for 31 days straight I felt a bit hoarse. I lost my voice. Or at least I needed a breather. Perhaps a break from my own voice. I needed to listen again.

Our house is not a quiet place.

Nor is my job or the Internet or any time spent on Twitter.

But listening doesn’t always require quiet levels. Sometimes it requires quiet space. My head needed space that wasn’t filled with ideas for blog posts. My head needed to spend more time thinking about macaroni and cheese, or friends who had trees plow through their houses, or how to get the dog to stop. jumping. up. on. me. already.

Space and quiet might look like a chaotic living room with small boys running around in their underoos while a baby practices her Tae Kwon Do kicks. But sometimes that kind of quiet is the best kind. The crazy kind. The life giving, blog post inspiring kind.

Even the dog.

Even the hamster.

They have all been part of my loud quiet this week and I am profoundly grateful.


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