22 Jan 2013

You’re a mother? Then you’re a hero. Period. {Also? Don’t watch this if you’re not in a place where you can cry. Like a lot}


You are.

All that exhausting work you do?

Your kids notice.

And one day? They will say it out loud.

In the meantime, don’t watch this video if you’re not wearing waterproof mascara. Seriously.


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  1. 1
    Tammie Howard says:

    Really should have listened to the whole mascara thing! I was in the library working and I’m sure people are now staring at me! What a beautiful story. That is my daughter and mine’s song and are very close. But we had a not great morning today. I prayed in her room after she left for school that God would be enough for her today. She’s seventeen with a bad case of senioritis. Wanting to leave the nest, but scared at the same time. Thanks for always encouraging us mothers!

    • 2

      Hi, what is the name of the song and who sings it? Is beautiful and so powerful like the video, thanks for sharing it. Xx

  2. 4
    Barbara Broughton says:

    I think it was powerful that how i fill. Thank.

  3. 5

    I did NOT take your advice and decided to watch this while I wait for my friend to pick me up for Bible study. That was a mistake. What a beautiful story.

  4. 6

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing this, Lisa-Jo!

  5. 7

    wow. amazing. Thanks, Lisa-Jo. What an inspiring story.

  6. 8

    Tears. Rolling. My daughter is in a wheelchair…..

  7. 9

    Um, WOW! That’s it. That’s all I can come up with. It’s like my fingers are filled with tears, too.

  8. 10

    Wow! So moving, Lisa-Jo. Touched.

  9. 11

    Beautiful video and story. It is the prefect example of a HEROINE. Somehow (since 9/11) we have come to call anyone who serves in any way, a hero. To me that diminishes true heroism. A hero or a heroine is someone who goes ABOVE & BEYOND their duty….they put themselves in harm’s way….like this mother in the video. So let’s rethink calling everyone a hero, shall we?

  10. 12

    Thank you for sharing. Their mother’s story is incredibly sweet and humbling.

  11. 13

    wow. so good. i shared this video.

  12. 14

    Yep, I cried.

  13. 15

    Lisa-Jo, you just made me cry!!!!!! Oh, my. Seriously. It is so true what “they” say about a mother’s love…we will do ANYTHING for our children. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. 16

    Definitely should have grabbed those tissues. What a powerful story and clearly an amazing momma, with beautiful kids. Ah! In tears.

  15. 17

    Darnit, these onion-chopping ninjas…

    Thank you for finding and sharing this, LJ. Goodness.

  16. 18

    Cry for the day, check. Thank you.

  17. 19

    Tears flowing ….. but good heart felt story!!! Thanks

  18. 20

    That story puts everything into perspective.

  19. 21

    I’ve been out of town and just got time to read this. Thanks for the reminder that moms are heroes.

    I recently saw a video posted by a mom whose son was returning from Afghanistan for the third time. As I watched, I realized that the son was in the picture, his wife was in the picture, his toddler son was in the picture – but mom was behind the camera. We habitually say, “Thank you for your service,” when we meet a man in uniform. The video inspired me to write a note to the serviceman’s mom, though. Here’s that note:

    Look at that.

    And who’s taking the video?

    Mom, who saw those ACU-clad legs learn to walk and run and jump when they were small and soft and bare. Mom, who watched and prayed and kissed the skinned knees and helped those little legs grow strong. Mom, who hugged and let go and waited and prayed as those growing legs strode away to train and to serve. Mom, who wept and prayed and hoped and waited while those grown legs left, then left again, then left again, to go to places she never wanted to imagine. Mom, who waits and watches and smiles and rejoices, who volunteers to record the moment, who is willing to delay her hug just as she delayed so many other personal pleasures along the way to this joy-filled moment.

    Thank you, Mom. Thank you for YOUR service.

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