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It was a hot, humid Washington D.C. summer. You were 21. And coming to meet me after work. I was waiting at the foot of the glass and steel office building in Judiciary Square, watching the escalator. Jaime asked me if I was OK, and it was hard to pay attention to anything he was saying, my eyes flicking back and forth at those rolling stairs, my heart waiting, impatient.

It was over 100 degrees and raining. My feet were wet and my hair clung down my back. Or maybe it was wound up tight in a French twist. I don’t remember that part. I know I was wearing heels. I’d forgotten my umbrella, of course. And when you came up that last top step and into the rain I couldn’t stop watching. Your hair was short, short with the cowlick in front you try to gel down standing up. You were wearing a light blue dress shirt and it was just damp in bits and places from the weather. Your left hand trailed the edge of the escalator edge – what is that thing called anyway?

You stepped off and looked around and I stayed where I was just watching you looking for me.

Just me.

Knowing you needed to find me was like home and an international flight folded into one. My stomach buzzed. And I stepped out from under the roof toward you. And when you saw me you grinned quiet. And I met you across puddles and under an open sky and you wrapped me up into arms so strong at 21 that at 36 wrap around our daughter.

I’ve loved you a hundred hundred rain storms since then.