Last night the only thing that stood between me and the desire to lock my children in their bedroom indefinitely was a heaping bowl of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles AND chocolate sauce. The kind that gets hard and crackly when you put it on the ice cream. They kept popping up out of bed long after they should have been asleep and me and the ice cream, we barricaded ourselves in the bedroom to wait for Pete to get home and rescue us. By the time he arrived the boys were sleeping cherub style in the same bed, the ice cream had worked its magic and somehow telling Pete about the day was such hysterically funny therapy we both ended up with tears streaming down on our cheeks.

I love making that man laugh.

And I also know that parenting is way too hard to do by yourself. You always need back up. And next to ice cream, girlfriends are my next favorite way to de-stress and feel like a human being again instead of just a dead mommy.

Have you heard of the (in) real life event hosted by (in)courage? It’s a free webinar everyone can tune into from home in their jammies on Friday April 26. Then on Saturday it’s an excuse to meetup with girlfriends and tune in for the Saturday line up. Honestly, it’s the best reason to make time for friends. And discover that they too understand the game of bedtime whack-a-mole.

I’m sharing about our (in) real life meetup over here today. Because I’m hosting one again this year. And if you’re in the NOVA area I’d love a chance to say hi.

Come check it out, won’t you?

And feel free to tell me what your night was like last night, eh?