03 Jan 2014

Five Minute Friday: Fight

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Five Minute Friday 2014

Where a beautiful crowd spends five minutes all writing on the same topic and then sharing them over here. It’s like free writing therapy for the tongue-tied, tired, or blocked blogger.

We took December off, and it’s good to be back with fresh words that need a blank page.

How to Join:

Want to know how Five Minute Friday got started and how to participate? All the details are here. But in short, the post goes live every Friday at midnight EST. And everyone links up throughout the day on Friday.

What They’re Saying:

I also have some Five Minute Friday stories from participants I love to share from time to time – I can never get over the community that has grown up over a five minute writing exercise. If you’ve got a story then just shoot me an email.

Because, as it turns out. Writing regularly and for even five minutes stolen here and there during early mornings or late evenings or during nap times and any fringe moments one can carve out can be free therapy for any writer’s soul.

IMG_3902 copy

So, let’s do this thing. Let’s write.

Set your timer, clear your head, for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..

Oh and Ahem, if you would take pity and turn off comment verification, it would make leaving some love on your post that much easier for folks!

OK, are you ready? Please give us your best five minutes on:::



We think of beginnings as a time to pound out old rugs. Run rags over finger print smudged windows. Change the flowers. Vacuum under the furniture. Fling the windows open to some fresh air. We think of beginnings as significant opportunities waiting to be unwrapped. But it’s the finishing, it’s the finishing that can ache with opportunity.

Because all that gusto, all those clean rooms, all those hours carved out for writing will unravel without a strong end. To keep going. To push through and not worry to much about the mess. To see the finish line and fight across it no matter how awkward. That is opportunity worth grabbing onto with both hands.

In the newness I don’t want to lose sight of the end. The old is less attractive, less enticing with promises of clean slates. I’ll take my cracked up one from the old year thank you and keep right on writing in bold strokes across it. I am not done yet. I am finishing.

Every new year. I am still finishing. Not time or projects or the clothes I should have sorted for the Salvation army. But me. I am finishing and relishing the hard work. Years like sunsets pour over us – glorious, with the promise of the chance to keep at it tomorrow.

To just keep at it.

* Confession: This is my five minutes from January last year. The first time I’ve ever re-used a five minute post. But dang, it preached to me and I needed to hear it again. It surprised me and challenged me and maybe you need to hear it again too? Let’s fight hard to the finish. No Fear New Year.


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  1. 3

    “In the newness I don’t want to lose sight of the end.”

    This is where I am right now…always wanting to scrap what I have for something different, new, seemingly better. Scrap what He is doing in me to change, but maybe not grow. But no longer…I will see what He has given me to the end while diving into His love to show me the way. Thank you for this.

    • 4

      I love the quote you begin with Angie. I am very excited about this new year, but you are so right. I don’t want to lose sight of the end and the final outcome that God has in store for me. I hope and pray that we all grow in His love this year! Have a wonderful day and weekend.

  2. 5


    The word conjures up images of dark arguments and bitterness. However, I think that it can also stand for a good fight. Some things, in fact a lot of things, are worth fighting for. If no one had the courage to stand up and fight against the injustices in this world, think of all the needless suffering that would still go on. Innocent victims need someone to fight for them when they cannot stand up to the bullies in their lives. Sometimes we all need the courage to stand up to bullies in whatever form they come to us.

    I am tired of being scared and timid. I am ready to be more courageous in this new year. I am ready to fight the good fight with the help of my divine maker. I pray that He will give me the wisdom to know what is worth fighting for and which fights I should walk away from. I pray that He will give me the tools.

  3. 6

    “To push through and not worry to much about the mess” is what I struggle with. I need to tackle one thing at a time and not worry about those other things when I’m focused on one thing. I struggle with that a lot. Beautiful writing as always Lisa!!

  4. 7

    I love the images painted here and the ultimate portrayal of refinement as you continue to finish and fight each year…or even each day. Thank you for the reminder that there is beauty in the messy process! I definitely feel affirmed!

  5. 8
    Patricia Shepherd says:

    That knot that sits in the pit on my stomach some days. The days when just getting out of bed seems insurmountable. 
    When the struggle seems just to much.
    I fight for one small boy, almost as tall as me now. With wild hair and mismatched clothes, gangly limbs and wicked sense of humour.
    I fight for 19 year old giant that towers over me. Struggling to enter adulthood, but still longing to be my little boy. His dry sense of humour still calling up laughs at the most unexpected times.
    I fight for the young woman, now a Mother, so beautiful and calm. It seems like only yesterday I was cradling her in my arms as she now cradles her own babies.
    I fight for the sweet baby girl, who is growing so fast. I call her ‘My Heart’ 
    I fight for the grin of the baby boy who has captured my heart. I wonder at his tenacity.
    They leave me no option, so I fight!

    • 9

      That’s so awesome that you have so much love and loved ones to put your fight in for. Your descriptions of them is beautiful.

  6. 10

    I love these beach pictures of all of you! Happy New Year, Lisa-Jo!

  7. 11

    I do not have a blog…
    My earliest memories are of me fighting. Arguing with my mom, fighting with my cousins over dolls, fighting with siblings over toys. Argument after argument, fight after fight. My parents fought constantly. My dad fought with his brothers. So much discord.
    When I recently found fotos of me in my childhood, I expected to see a little girl with mean eyes and spewing venom. Instead I saw a little girl with hurt and sadness running so deep that I wanted to crawl in the picture and hug her, hold her tight and tell her it was going to be ok.
    What does growing up under the throes of a new communist regime do to a family? Any family but especially one not anchored in Christ and His hope that is not of this world, not what we can see with the eyes.

    • 12

      Patricia- I sense your deep struggle and your desire to fight for what is good and precious. Keep at it!!!

  8. 13

    Oh my friend… yes to this! Just so much yes! As much as I LOVE me a new calendar to fill out and fill up there is always that one lingering part of ‘last year’ and I want to lean in to what’s next but not really let go of what was and this is it exactly! It’s because I am not done… it’s not over… but I am determined to follow through and to finish well! (and thanks for the heads up that I was missing the party!)

    Thrilled to have this Community gathering again this year!
    Happy No Fear New Year!

  9. 14

    Happy New Year and hello Lisa Jo!
    Oh so many reasons to keep at it. I ‘m not fooled by the new. I want the sweet discipline of work and the making and remaking of the precious old. The ordinary and usual.. give me vintage…especially when it comes to my family. Blessings to you and yours.

  10. 15

    Love your post… old to you, new to me. I had not been linking up last year this time.
    I have posted a thanks to you and one other blogger in my FMF post today. Between the two of you and your work to help others I have fulfilled my main goal of blogging. I won’t be quitting, now I have new goals.
    I realize you don’t have time to read each and every post, so I wanted to make sure that you see your work is not for nothing… it makes a difference.
    Thanks again.

  11. 16
    Lyn Kienholz says:

    Normally I would think it was a terrible word, but lately I have been thinking about how I have had to fight to get my life back after my late husband fought for his life. I am fighting now to find myself and find a way to be me again. I want to be a vibrant 35 year old like all my friends that have kids and are raising them and just living life like nothing can happen and not a 35 year old that is a widow(I have remarried, but still I think of myself as a remarried widow which lots of people don’t understand – I didn’t get divorced my husband didn’t leave me because he didn’t love me – he left me because cancer stole him away from our family. I refuse to let that define my life and now I am at the point that I want to find me and fight for me again. I want to be a writer and share my story of Mike’s cancer and I am working on that now and not letting my fear of the unknown get to me. I believe at this point I am in a fight for my life the rest of my life and not in a physical sense, but in a sense of finding who I am and who I want to be now that Mike is gone and my life doesn’t revolve around cancer.

  12. 17
    Marinalva Sickler says:

    No Fear New Year! It sounds within me like the resistance of the braves. Trying to get the pieces of me scathered all over the house. In the fille cabinet, I find myself important parts. One corner of my puzzle is finished.

    Calls to my resolutions and more pieces are gathered. The quiet me sitts at the table wondering what will ahead soon the probating and court office begin working on my deceased husband estate. No will or trust for me to hold on it, but a letter. There I am again to the show of my life. Standing still and trusting that something will come up of the final sentence.

    The promised love is still far at an impossible distance. I must only believe that words will become reality, like the rushing of my nine years old
    grandson through the room. The boxes are full and the stuff is purged. The calendar on the wall reminds me the bills to pay and the work to do,

    Today, I’m reminded that hope like faith must operated accordingly to the revelation of myself under God’s desires to bring me to a peacefull habitation, to a secure dwelling, and to a quiet resting place. (Isaiah 32:18)

    • 18


      I love your scripture reference. Sometimes we lose our heart, our “oomph” if you will, to the chaos of it all. There always seems like something is left undone at the end of each day. This can be especially true when we must now do alone what used to be manageable somehow for two. It could all seem pointless to those who forget to lean upon His promise and provision. Believing and thanking God for Isaiah 32:18 this night! Thank you for sharing it.

  13. 19

    Some days the fight dies on the inside of me, but some days it doesn’t. On those spill-over days, it takes all I’ve got to pull the rest of it out and get rid of it. It’s like tugging a toothy tentacle from around my middle. “Come. Ugh. Out. Ugh. Now! I rebuke you!”, my mind shouts, all but blocking out His quiet chuckle, my reminder to Be STILL!

  14. 20

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  15. 21

    Hah. This week I have to link in the comments, I am so late. Sheesh. :)


  16. 22

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  17. 23

    Arg…it’s Friday night and I’m just getting my post up and the link up is closed. :( You can read my post here: http://sandysandmeyer.wordpress.com/2014/01/31/five-minute-friday-fight/

  18. 24

    Again, so lovely. I love your pictures you paint! I am back to the grindstone of writing and the ideas are coming. It is a blessing to be able to get them out. http://bellesbazaar-heather.blogspot.com/2014/02/fight-5-minute-prompt.html

  19. 25

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