So here’s the lie I think we most often, most dangerously, buy into. We take that thing we love, that we’re passionate about, that we feel called to and we compare it to what other women are doing and then we belittle it by putting the word, “just” in front of it.

I had a friend tell me this afternoon that she thinks I’m a good encourager. And immediately in my head I heard the words, “Lame! You’re just an encourager.”

I’m guessing you can relate?

Why do we do that to ourselves?

Suck the joy out of that thing we’re good at because we think it’s not as good as that thing she’s good at.

As in, I’m “just” a mom or I am “just” a blogger or I am “just” a home cook or I am “just” a small, small, small group leader or I am “just” a homeschooler or I am “just” a good listener, or I am “just” a coach.

The list goes on and on and on. This year let’s agree not to diminish the things we’re good at, the things we love, the things we’ve been called to do.

Own your thing. Run your race. Name your gift. There’s no “just” about it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.54.51 AM

I love this photo I shared on Instagram last night. Click here to follow what I post over there – because it’s my new favorite way to update on the spot with thoughts, stories, micro-blog posts.

I love this photo because it so perfectly captures the power and the beauty of everybody leaning into their unique spaces in the body. This is our church kids’ Christmas concert. There’s the youth pastor. No “just” about what he does. There are the kids dressed as those angels, there are the moms holding babies on their laps. There are the big brothers and sisters who helped decorate the gingerbread houses. There are are the Sunday school teachers, and moms and dads, and the ladies who made the coffee, and the men who served the food.

The whole body analogy, man, that’s legit.


With two kids and one husband home sick today there’s no “just” about being the one who was up throughout the night rubbing backs and refilling humidifiers. There’s no “just” about getting up early to call and snag that last Doctor’s appointment available. There’s no just about being the one who has to remember to inform the schools, pick up the medicines, make snacks that will tempt tired, sick tummies.

And because I work from home that left four of us homebound and only one kid headed out of the house today and he was NOT feeling it. So in the last 20 minutes before school started I took him for a Hardee’s breakfast sandwich fly by. And watching that kid down that biscuit in 5 minutes flat with the biggest grin and crumbs all down his shirt and all over his pants was the best decision I’ve made so far today.

Loving people can be hard some days and others it’s as easy as the drive through. For sure though, however it looks, there’s no “just” about it.

So do your thing today. Say thank you when someone notices. And remember, there is no “just” about you or your calling. Period.

Photo and Quote from the new Whatever is Lovely coloring book for grown ups.