For a long time now I’ve prayed for my kids to be ordinary.

Not exceptional, not top-of-the-class, and not outstanding. Simply ordinary. And I’ve begun to wonder if I’ve wandered way off base.

I watch the sports stars of today, the movie stars, the singers, writers, and performers and I want to protect my kids from the choices they make. From the choices they have to make that really, what kid should have to face? I read about the over achievers in preschool, the track stars, and the class leaders and I feel afraid. And I pray for average. For content kids who fall into the happy middle.

And now I’m wondering if this makes me a coward?

Aren’t we called to be unique? To be courageous? To be leaders? Should I be praying for more than the middle for my kids?

Today we took them sledding for the very first time. The anticipation the last few days has been almost more than they could stand. And then they took that first run. The look on their faces was frozen terror. But determined. So very determined.


And once they’d reached the bottom. Once they’d survived. Once they’d accomplished the impossible.


Pure exhilirated delight.

Who am I to pray for less than the greatness God has woven into each of them? The brave beauty that he has mapped inside their DNA. I want to pray it out. I want to pray it realized. And I want to be right there in the front row to watch. To witness them overcome a fear and embrace a ride that God designed just for them.

I want to be as brave as they are.

So I can be just as chock-full of delicious joy.



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