Two years ago I sat on a park bench eating orange sherbert ice cream and telling Holley all these dreams that were crammed so tight inside my heart I could hardly breathe for fear of splitting down the middle.

I told her about my sleepless nights.

I told her about the desperate desire to be poured out.

I told her I needed to create a space for women to connect.

I needed to spill out all the ideas that had crept into my head.

After two and half years of running up against wall after wall after wall of “not-now” and “not-yet” I sat next to Holley on a park bench and watched a train scream by two feet away from us.

And she said she believed I would do it. And then I believed it too.

I hope you have a Holley.

I hope you have someone who gets your dreams. Someone who understands that while you may be sitting in the carpool line, you’re actually knee deep in the planning phase of your book, your new church group, your next canvas, your new design, your photography workshop.

I hope you have someone who doesn’t laugh at your craziest idea. Someone who pulls out a pen and an unlined notebook and starts writing down how you can get from A to B.

I hope you have someone who prays the gap between your dream and your reality closed.

I hope you have someone who takes you out for ice cream on the days it feels like nothing will ever change.

I hope you have someone who understands that hard times are never wasted and no dream is born without waiting, stretching and aching.

I hope you have someone who tells you how amazing you are. Especially on the days when you feel anything but. On the days when you feel like so much spaghetti sauce spattered all over the microwave – all hot and sticky and scattered.

On those days, everyone needs a Holley. Because she says things like this,

I’m thinking of you as I write these words. I imagine you with your head bent over this book, maybe a highlighter in hand, on your couch, in the passenger seat of a car, on a plane. I’m wishing more than ever that we could have coffee today. I’d tell you, “You are loved. You matter. You have so much to give the world and the hearts in it.”

Let’s dare to love, to share life with each other to offer ourselves in the way God has created us to do.

I need you.

You need me.

The Kingdom needs us.


Holley wrote that in her book, “You’re Already Amazing: Becoming All God Created You To Be.” I’ve read it. I love it. I may be quoted in it {huge grin}. And friend, if you need a cheerleader today, I promise that Holley’s your girl!

And for just today and tomorrow this gorgeous book that only releases March 1 is on a special sale – half off.

You can get it over here.

And then dish yourself a big bowl of orange sherbert and sit down with Holley. She doesn’t believe in perfect. But she’s all about the perfect God who made perfectly unique and wonderfully gifted beautiful YOU!

Sometimes we need to hear someone else say it before we can start to believe it.

And all the women said, “Amen.”

{Want to share with us about your “Holley”? We’d love to hear who the women are that inspire you! Do tell!}


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