In which I introduce you to my favorite photographer and offer you a 15% discount on one of her sessions.

I’m the mom who was terrified of having a daughter. For many reasons. One being I’d never be able to dress her properly.

I’m the mom who doesn’t take monthly photos of the first year.

I’m the mom who breaks out into a hot sweat at the thought of a family photo session.

I’m the mom who thinks fun is a late night movie and a big bowl of popcorn. NOT deciding what 5 people should wear in front of a camera.

Maybe that’s why my idea of family photos is all squishing on the couch and pressing the timer on the camera and trying to rush into the frame in time to capture the giggles and some semblance of acceptable photography.

The only time we’ve had family photos taken was three years ago. By Mallory. They were magical.

She’s based in the Pacific Northwest. But Mallory came back East for a visit this year.

And Mallory and only Mallory makes a photo session with a family of five feel like it might not be a total nightmare. And reminds me to let go of perfect and embrace the moment. The real motherhood. That is usually chaotic and frustrating and beautiful all within a thirty second arc.

Even when all we had were eight minutes.

Just eight minutes.

Before the heavens opened and a downpour of epic proportions soaked us all right down to the funny bone.

So. Much. Rain.

So. Much. Unexpected, drenched, downpour of candid beauty.

Captured by Mallory’s undaunted eye. This time with a daughter.

Fabulous, un-flappable Mallory just kept right on snapping and captured some of the most breathtaking photos I never could have expected.

Because of the rain. Not in spite of it.

Unexpected, un-posed photographs that knocked the wind right out of me.

I am a mother in the midst of a storm of small people. It takes my breath away.

Everyone should have a Mallory to take their photo. Even if just once. But if you ask me, twice is even better.

Mallory’s based in Washington. But she’s going on a little snapping tour.

I want you to meet Mallory.

If you live in Edinburgh, London, Lusaka, New York, or the Washington, D.C. area you can!

Mallory on Facebook.

Mallory’s website.

She’s lovely and talented and funny and completely relaxed. Even in a storm. Especially in a storm.

And she’s offering my readers 15% off a session! Just mention the code LISAJO and you’re good to go!

I know how stressful it can be wrangling kids for a few hours of photos. It makes me break out in hives just thinking about it. And don’t even get me started on the pain of trying to blow dry hair and put an outfit together for myself! But believe me, Mallory will make it worth it.

And she’ll bring goldfish for the kids. And show you through her lens how beautiful you’d forgotten a mother could be.


My early Christmas gift to you.

You’re welcome.



Wasn’t paid a dime to brag on Mallory. Just given 8 minutes of the most fun photos we’ve taken in years. And I would have happily paid for them.

Oh and Zoe’s baby doll is from Baby Be Blessed who have no idea I’m mentioning them but, oh my heart, you want to check out these beauties that can be personalized down to hair, eyes, skin and Bible verse. #Love