I’m home.

I’m full.

And even though it was 4am when I finally stumbled tired suitcase in the door of our little white house to find that sleeping baby girl and wrap myself around her, I made it home and that’s all that matters.

Travel is fun and wonderful even when it’s exhausting.

To me, there’s nothing more remarkable than getting to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Sometimes we may be under the impression that we have to go all the way to South Africa to do so. Or across town to the refugee aid organization. Or to volunteer at church or listen as a friend shares over some great Mexican food. Those are effective, to be sure.

But as I recently looked through six month’s worth of photos forgotten on my memory card, I rediscovered that we may not even need to leave the house to see the world in a whole new way.

Sometimes we just need to bend down until we reach someone else’s point of view. Around five feet or so does quite nicely at our house. That’s the angle I observed as I scrolled through moments I hadn’t been aware someone had captured.

Between the two of them, my sons showed me what interests them. What they love. Where their attention is captivated. And what they care about.

{These photos are completely un-retouched or cropped. This is the world as they framed it.}

Did you see it? Beyond the messy and the camera angles and the well worn house? Did you see the five people who live in each other’s space and inhale each other’s joy. The family utterly at ease with one another. The comfortably broken in couch, carpet and relationships. The boy’s finger gently tickling his new sister’s chin. The dependable toys, grins and toddler noses. The wonder of a wide open sky and a favorite story.

Did you see it, Lisa-Jo?

Because I need to bottle this perspective and save it up for a rainy, frustrating day when I wonder if we’re the last grown ups on earth who still have never purchased a house. When I’m tired of battling the creative ways my boys concoct to stain the carpet and I’ve given up all hope of matching anything.

I need to remember to see the world from this vantage point.

Because from five feet up it looks pretty darn fantastic.

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