20 Apr 2012

Five Minute Friday: Together

Around here we write for five minutes flat on Fridays.

We write because we love words and the relief it is to just write them without worrying if they’re just right or not. So we take five minutes on Friday and write like we used to run when we were kids.

On Fridays we write with gusto, unselfconscious and flat out.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Please visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments.

OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes on:





Their faces are hidden under the top bunk bed and their voices muffled by the radio station tuned to quiet music. I sit next to the open window in the living room on this old leather sofa and eavesdrop.

My husband and my middle born son. They’re chatting.

There’s talk of hamsters and their food and how much they run at night. Now they talk about the puppy we might get and I can hear Micah’s memories of his father growing deeper memory grooves with each chuckle, each random snort, each whisper.

Pete tells Micah that dads can punch bears for their kids.

Micah believes him.

But, really, all it takes is coming home from that late night meeting and climbing into a bunk bed instead of dishing up dinner.

All it takes is sharing secrets under the shadows of a slow summer.

All it takes is listening. Listening and tracing the shape of a boy’s heart tucked underneath that Ikea comforter with the red and orange cars and trucks driving down the highway of late night conversation.



OK, show me what you’ve got.
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  1. 1

    What sweet memories these will be…. ;)

  2. 2

    daddy + son moments: so sweet :). my heart melts a little everytime i see my daughter and husband spend special moments together and bond.

  3. 3

    I love listening to those father-son conversations around my house. They’re truly priceless.

    The topic of “community” has been on my heart all week. And this week’s prompt on “together” gave me just the invitation I needed to write my heart. Thank you.

  4. 5

    I love the way your stories meander. Almost like you’re an angel with a pen watching life. In and out of present, past even future hopes and dreams with just a whisper of a word or a carefully chosen word like Ikea! Ha! At that I went “hey, we have that comforter. She’s human after all.”

    I hope you hear my humor. I do love your writing ever so much! Five Minute Friday is always a treat. I’m glad my friend Linda Crawford sent me to your blog that first time!

    • 6
      thegypsymama says:

      Dude, human, and the person who washed that comforter more than once this week for reasons I’m sure you can imagine….. ha!

  5. 7

    It makes my mommy heart so happy as well when I hear my son and hubby forming these memories as well.

  6. 8

    There is nothing that makes my heart sing more than when I hear our daughter tell her daddy all about her day.

  7. 9

    Those are probably the most poetic lines ever penned on behalf of an IKEA product! Love it!

    • 10
      thegypsymama says:

      Ha! That made me chuckle – and yes, Ikea, if you’re reading this, I’d like my product placement payout in Skittles…

  8. 11

    I love this description. I love a dad who can talk to kids about what the kid is fascinated by.

  9. 12

    is you & I in different cities, caught in our own mundane routines looking up at the full moon, at the same time!

    Love you blog!

  10. 14

    Oh, when you write I feel like I am there. A sneak peek into your life. Sounds like a sweet relationship between your son and his Father. Hope your weekend is full of more together time. :)

  11. 15

    Love those Daddy moments. Your words bring life to life every time.

  12. 16

    The way you and your husband love your kids, its inspiring. Thanks for offering a snapshot of what love looks like. Hope you have wonderful weekend.

  13. 17

    I love that you celebrate the conversations that happen over “mundane” subjects. Sometimes, as a believing parent, I feel so much pressure to talk of spiritual things. But it’s together-ness (that includes God-talk, and just the stuff of life) that nurtures the heart–my children’s, and my own.

    Blessings to you!

    • 18
      thegypsymama says:

      Amen. And yes – often it’s conversations over bugs or snakes or puppies that end up leading us to the deep heart places, isn’t it?

  14. 19

    I look forward to the day that our boys can share a room ( the youngest has dealt with difficulty sleeping for much of his life….night terrors etc. so we didn’t want to disturb older bro….but, soon, i think. ) such sweet memories to be made. :)

    no post for me to link up today, but ‘Together’ always makes me think of one of my favorite Jack Johnson tunes:


    have a wonderful weekend!

    • 20
      thegypsymama says:

      I don’t know that one – going to listen now…

      • 21
        thegypsymama says:

        OK wait, I did know it – I’m just terrible at song names. Peter’s the one who knows who every band is and what every song is. But I know what I like, and I like that one too :)

        • 22

          i know what you mean, my hubby is much better at recalling song names/artists ;) – good thing i can find most songs on-line by typing in a few lyrics!

  15. 23

    Together Lord!

    Calling for “the girls” (Gracie our black Labrador retriever and Libby our Shepherd/husky cross) I made my way down the trail to the back of the cottage. Evidence of weather changes and declining water levels in Georgian Bay Canada, here on Rose Island, are increasingly evident. Our neighbours dock rises up in the air on dry land, a water deficit of over five feet!
    The dogs rush ahead with Libby taking a detour into the bush. Her single minded desire to hunt down red squirrels is a daily occurrence. Soon I find Libby standing guard under a tree looking up into its branches refusing to budge even when I shout “who wants a treat?”
    Arriving on to the beach my eyes scanned the horizon. I now can walk across to the other side of the bay. Spits and sandbars fuel “the girls” love of chasing each other at break neck speeds. I grin, seeing Gracie pounce like a cat in the water after a frog. As Gracie wanders off to play with Libby I notice an array of tracks in and out of the water.
    Like plaster casts and perfectly in tact and without a blemish, I see two sets of bear tracks, one large and one small! Like quilted comforters with stitches marking each square were the footprints of herons and sea gulls. Fortunately I had slowed my walking down to a snails pace or I would have missed these signs of Rose Island’s furry and feathered residents. Taking one last look as I turned back for home I stepped onto delicate deer tracts filling up with water. Soon all signs of life would disappear with the now changing tide.
    The imprints I have made in other peoples lives are not so easily erased. Together with you Lord, may I be able to choose daily to be a blessing rather than a burden. And that my life will be an imprint of your love through me.
    “Since God has put His work into your weak hands, look not for long ease of your calling here: You must feel the full weight of your calling, a weak man with a strong God”
    Lady Culross

  16. 24

    Your sweet husband is making an investment that will pay off in immeasurable dividends. What a precious picture you paint with your words Lisa-Jo.

  17. 25

    You are amazing how you can weave such a lively and lovely picture so fast…so glad that your hubby is choosing to create good and precious memories with Micah…what a blessing!

  18. 26


    *Breathe* Together . . . do I have it “together”? What does “together” even look like? Is it the Mom whose house is tidy, kids are happy and well-adjusted and she has a smile on her face always ready to face what is next, always happy to play with her kids, and enjoys them all the time??? What if that’s not me . . what if it is a struggle for me to do dishes even every few days . . . what if my child has seen much more fighting then I ever would have cared for . . . what if I wonder sometimes what it would be like to not be a Mom or if I fear so much that I’m doing it all wrong that I wish I weren’t at times . . . but what if I love her SO much and “together” means I’ve brought baggage with me. . what if I’m learning and growing to, and really have just as much to learn as her . . what if I have begun to learn to find joy in the simple, day-to-day, even in the chaos . . what if I’ve taken us out of unhealthy situations because we deserve better . .

  19. 27

    Love what I’ve found here! I’m new and thought I’d participate in the Five Minute Friday. I’m not sure I linked up correctly though. As soon as I selected a photo from the web for the link it goes back to this home page. And nothing further. And I don’t see my link at the bottom. Ideas?

    • 28
      thegypsymama says:

      Hey Alecia, you need to enter the link to the post you wrote on your home blog – and it needs to be the permalink to your post – not just you blog home page for it to work. You just enter it in the linky above and it should show up. Thanks for joining us :)

  20. 29

    “Listening and tracing the shape of a boy’s heart tucked underneath that Ikea comforter with the red and orange cars and trucks driving down the highway of late night conversation.”–oh, this is gorgeous. just gorgeous writing, Lisa-Jo. i think i say this every week, and i probably will some more, im sure, but how *do* you do it? thank you so much for encouraging us to write like this–such an uplifting inspiration to my week. *thank you*.

  21. 31

    I always enjoy hearing conversations between my husband and our children. It’s amazing how interesting, not to mention funny, the conversations can be. And the questions they ask are priceless. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. 33

    I visited several web sites except the audio feature for audio songs present at this site is genuinely excellent.


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