We all have them, right?

Those things around the house – those chores, those foibles, those weird little nooks and crannies that we would really rather avoid.

Would rather put our feet up on the furniture, lick the brownie bowl and pretend we don’t see. Or hope the hubs sees and is moved to pity. You know the ones, right?

Here are a few of mine, since I started keeping track this week and realized I’m either crazy or in good company. Let me know:

  1. Changing the toilet paper roll. Ugh, why do I hate that so much? Even when I’m traveling and in a hotel room something about having to change a roll drives me batty.
  2. Cleaning out the lint trap in the dryer – they should really figure out a system to automate that.
  3. Pulling the plug out of a bathtub of water long after the kids have emerged, dried and been wrestled off to jammies and bed. When the water is all cold and scummy and – yea – a little bit ick.
  4. Washing out Tupperware that has old pasta sauce in it.
  5. Unloading the dishwasher.
  6. Changing the sheets on the top bunk bed.
  7. Picking up Legos.
  8. Emptying the diaper genie.
  9. Sorting socks.
  10. Taking the dog out for her morning business.
  11. Washing pee stains out of mattresses.
  12. Untying knotted shoelaces.
  13. Clipping the baby’s nails.
  14. Washing the cheese grater.
  15. Unpacking groceries.
  16. Putting away the folded clothes (I don’t mind folding them – weird, no?)
  17. Finding the library books.
  18. Dealing with cobwebs.
  19. Untangling cables and cords from electronics.
  20. Cleaning mud off carpets.

OK, I’m either crazy or in good company. Which is it, eh?