08 Jun 2012

Five Minute Friday: Expectation

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Born into the heart of a Michigan winter he was big from the beginning.

I didn’t believe he’d make it out. I didn’t think I had it in me to bear the birthing him. Tonight he lies beside me and sniffs my hair. Asks me what shampoo I use and tells me he loves how it smells. I tell him I think my shampoo smells of strawberries.

He burrows small nostrils deeper, inhales. No, it’s more like flowers he says.

I think.

Flowers. Yes, my new perfume. I remember I’d sprayed some into my hair.

At 6.15 we’re getting ready for his preschool graduation evening and he’s wearing his first tie. I’m aching looking at him in what he now calls his “handsome” clothes. I tell Pete that he wants some cologne. It’s sitting on the bookshelf of all places – as usual.

But Micah dips his head. Points at his hair, “here – spray my hair.”

I can’t swallow.

He tells me not to take photos, not to laugh at him, not to wave.

I sit on my hands to stop them from stroking back that wisp of hair that is still part baby from his forehead.



Born on a Michigan evening to a girl a long way from home.

Micah. How very far we have come.


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  1. 1

    I loved how you described the details of this. I felt as if I was right there with you. Our babies grow up so fast. Cherish each moment, before you know it he will be graduating from high school. My baby girl is graduating next year. Oh, how time flies!


  2. 2

    Lisa-Jo, I love this. And it brings tears to my eyes. I agree with Shari…cherish each moment. Before you know it he will be heading to high school or graduating from college. It is over oh so quickly!

    Hugs to you~

  3. 3

    I love the special love between mother and son. I am blessed to have two myself. Watching them grow is an amazing experience.

  4. 4

    Hi there, I’m trying to join the link up, but I can’t find it. This has never happened to me before but for some reason I don’t see it. ???

    • 5

      Same here Naomi. :(

      • 6
        thegypsymama says:

        Hey Tracy – sorry about that. The linky went AWOL somehow – but it’s back and behaving now!

    • 7
      thegypsymama says:

      You’re right – sorry Naomi – the link went AWOL!

      It’s back now – come on over and link up :)

      • 8

        Okay, great! I just kept thinking…I know it’s early but what’s wrong w/ me? Why don’t I see it? LOL glad it wasn’t just me, though I wouldn’t have been surprised if my mom brain had affected me. : )

  5. 9

    …and I clicked on the ‘click here’ button…nothing…

  6. 10

    Love the way you love your kids. The way he is smelling your hair. Oh those boys and what they do to the heart of their mom. Yes.

  7. 11

    It is new first every stage, every day, every child….it is heart wrenching and joyous. The expectations that we assume them to have – they blow us away every time. Bless you on this Friday.

  8. 12

    wow. this is so sweet. I love it. Little boys are amazing. uh. heart melts

  9. 13

    Oh Lisa-Jo! This make my heart ache. I’m standing at the door of my daughter’s last year in middle school. I day that I’ve always talked about and thought about as being far away. It’s been a “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it” day. Well that day is here and I’m sad and the thought of my baby….my first born in High School…scares me to death. Trying to remind myself to cherish these days…to bury the memories deep where they won’t be forgotten.
    Thank you for your precious words…..and the tears they brought…..this morning. Think I’ll go hold her extra tight today.

  10. 14

    oohh..you make me cry in those five minutes. i’m right there with you, letting your heart walk around and do things like graduate pre-k. it hurts and rejoices all at one time!

  11. 15

    Lisa Jo, I woke up this morning thinking about the grandbabies I’m “expecting” because my babies are all grown or growing. Your post is about your babies growing. I am never ceased to be amazed when God puts people on the same wavelength! LOL Great post!

  12. 16

    LOVE this post! I remember those days. My baby boys are now 24 (and married), 21 (and engaged), and 17 (and headed in to his senior year). I love these adult years too, but no one sniffs my hair because it smells good and comforting! :-)

    Have you read “Wild Things: the art of nurturing boys”? It is a FABULOUS resource!

    • 17
      thegypsymama says:

      It’s one of my ALL TIME favorite parenting books – I recommend it to EVERYONE!! Love that book!

  13. 18

    How I love Michigan.

    My mom had to ride on the back of a snowmobile to the hospital to delivery my sister. Your first line took me straight there.

    Have I thanked you lately for doing FF lately? No? Thank you.

  14. 19

    Our steady-on reaps us rich blessings as we see His handiwork.

    Beautiful discoveries. Beautiful moments.

  15. 21
    Michelle says:

    gulp, choking my my tears while reading this. Beautifully said.

  16. 22

    I love having a few extra minutes in my day to read through some of the contributions… thanks so much for hosting this every week, Lisa-Jo. :) Also? You have a way of bottling up poignancy so that it’s moment-fresh for the reader. Thank you for sharing that moment with Micah; it left a lump in my throat.

  17. 23

    oh, this is tender and true. wonderful.

  18. 24

    Sweet post – you capture the mom’s heart so beautifully.

  19. 25

    Your words made me cry…and I had to write…The thing is, that strand of hair from baby days is still there. He still tells me not to laugh or wave or clap too loud, just not with his words anymore. He tells me every day, the way he carries that 6-foot frame around, balance-beaming between boy and man. The way his razor’s left out on the counter, the grass is mowed and the car keys and him aren’t hanging in the kitchen, but it smells like cologne. And I still need to sit on my hands and shout it in my soul and ponder it in my heart. That he tied his own tie and will find his own way. And me, cheering loud and proud and quiet. I won’t wave.

    • 26
      thegypsymama says:

      Oh my, Lisa. It’s not often a comment makes me cry. But this did the trick!

      Oh this line: “balance-beaming between boy and man.” Oh wow – that was a perfect five minute friday all wrapped up in a comment. Thank you for sharing!

  20. 27

    Oof! Expectation is such a loaded word! Absolutely no way I could fit it in 5 minutes this week, but glad I got to spend some time thinking about it. And I got to think about He-man also, who I haven’t thought about in quite some time. :)

    Your post was beautiful.

  21. 28

    My “baby” boy is also graduating this weekend. From HIGH SCHOOL! HOW did this happen???? One in college, one graduating HS, 2 entering HS in the fall. Life is like a mist. I pray my own expectations of them will not have to many negative affects but that they will go off into the world knowing that all my hubby and I ever wanted for them was a life of peace in Christ! thanks to so many who shared today…I wish I had time to respond to each one of you!

  22. 29

    Oh my goodness. You have me in tears…it all happens so fast. Both of my kids are going to college in August….(sobbing mess….)

    Thank you.

  23. 30

    So sweet…I chuckled at Micah’s instruction to not wave at him…reminded me of our girl…Happy weekend, Lisa-Jo :)

  24. 31

    I think I need to subscribe to link up? how?

  25. 32

    You brought tears to my eyes. Oh how they grow. Funny how much it hurts. My youngest likes to wear his ties with t-shirts (he’s about to turn five) and it takes me back to when his oldest brother wore them on his polos! Oh my goodness how the time flies. No matter how you cling to them, they slip through your fingers but God has his grip on them so I try not to worry too much. :)

  26. 33

    The topic, expectations really hit home with some personal stuff for me, and it was a 5 minute therapy session for me. I love reading your ‘free’ writing, it’s wonderful and pure. Thank you for getting me started on this, and i love reading yours!

  27. 34

    Your ending here, his beginning really, is so simple and poignant. It brought tears as I consider your words regarding my own sweet children. Thank you for this thought on Expectation! I’m hoping to get the courage to link up here one of these Fridays.

    • 35
      thegypsymama says:

      You can do it, Missy. There’s no wrong or right. There’s only writing :)


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