My youngest son, Micah, started preschool today. I wasn’t there.

But, after today, I can more-than-imagine how it went down.

When a mama sits in a roomful of kids her heart wants to sneak out of her body and wrap tight, tight hugs around shy and gangly arms and legs. Gap-tooth faces beg to be grinned into. A mama looks at a roomful of kids and sees daydreams and a fear of strangers.

A mama sees unselfconscious celebration and can hardly sit still when all around her kids are belting out worship songs and celebrating the center that provides hope and food and education.

And in that roomful of kids a mama sees the mothers who aren’t there.

She feels the heavy burden they carry that their children would be provided for. She recognizes in the relaxed faces before her the worry that weighs a mama down in the midnight hour when she wonders how to make it through the month; where the next job will come from when the vegetables she has to sell have run out.

All around her a mama sees answers to the questions that no mother wants to face, “How will I provide?”

We saw a lot of those answers today. We touched them, we read them, we wrote them down. We saw a box of them unpacked in the Compassion Guatemala country office.

Compassion is about telling kids just like yours and mine that they are treasured. That they have innate natural value inherited from their Heavenly Father who sculpted each and every one of them out of His own Breath and flesh and blood. And that their mamas and grandmas and aunts and uncles and fathers and brothers can make it.

Through you. With your words and support. In your own handwriting.

A family can hear that that they are worth more than the house where they live.

A family can believe that they are connected beyond the four walls of their one room world.

Because a pen and paper (and sometimes a set of toy cars) can cross any preconceived idea we may have about our differences. And demonstrate that boys are the same the world over.

And their mamas are too.

So, here’s the ask you knew was coming…..

  • Sponsor a child for just $38/month by clicking here.
  • Write to your sponsored child consistently. Your words say much, much more than your money.
  • Share the story. Tell other people about what Compassion is doing by blogging, tweeting, calling your friends, speaking at MOPS, or sending good old morse-code correspondence.
  • Follow along with us in Guatemala. You can read each unique perspective on these six days by clicking here.

Thank you, for real. What you do says, “We are all in this together.” And that’s the only way.

Huge, loving thanks to Patricia for capturing these moments through her lens!