I’ve been the community manager at (in)courage now for five years. That means five years of working with and for and alongside women. Writing about women, reading about women, talking to women, in small groups of women, and for large groups of women. I don’t think I could possibly overstate how much I love women. […]

Hello, my name is Lisa-Jo and I am a lame Compassion International sponsor. I originally wrote this blog post four years ago and apparently I still haven’t learned my lesson. Because today when I logged on to write a birthday letter to Daniel who I met in Guatemala on a Compassion International trip four years ago […]

We come home from the lake and even I am sun tanned as much as someone with an English father and Dutch mother can be. All those minnows and mornings on the quiet of a lake that’s seen my husband, his mother and his grandfather all grow up calm me. The quiet water washes over […]

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a recovering “Lame Sponsor” with Compassion International. I have a checkered past when it comes to keeping up regular correspondence with the two boys we sponsor. To date, a five year old in Ghana has been out-writing me! That all changed after I traveled with Compassion to […]

I go to Guatemala and a secret goes with me. So new, so delicate, so unexpected I barely even whisper it to myself. I unwrap it on my birthday. On the day I mourn half a lifetime lived without my mother, I hear Jesus whisper, “Life!” Always He remakes. Always He knits together what is […]

Click to hear an audio recording of: “Why I Sing in the Dark” by Lisa-Jo, The Gypsy Mama Sometimes a song drops into your soul. And it’s as warm as the sun shining out of the chaos at midnight as a friend tic, tack, toe types beauty out of bedlam by the nightstand light as […]

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