I’ve lived most of my life as a third-culture kid. Basically, stranded in between countries and cultures. It’s been both the best and the worst of times. As a mom now, though, it’s a gift I hope I can pass on to my kids. To see the world from a different angle. I love learning […]

Since we’ve been given the biblical mandate that we all belong to each other {Romans 12:5, NLT}, this fall at (in)courage we wanted to spend some deliberate time together unpacking what that means. To focus on what it means to love my neighbor as myself. To open our hearts for dialogue about what it might look like to walk around […]

My kids love to hear stories from when we were kids. My son, Jackson, is constantly complaining that we, “don’t tell him enough stuff about you guys.” So, more and more I find myself consciously dipping into my memory bank to unload some of the stories that made me and Peter who we are – and […]

Those of you who have traveled even occasionally will appreciate the excruciating pain that it can be when you are traveling with young kids. My husband jokes that the reason we only go home to South Africa every other year is that it takes that long to get over the PTSD of the 18 hour […]

Thank you for what you did yesterday. For being so many secret Santas for kids in South Africa. I can’t wait to deliver your gifts. I would pack you in my suitcase if I could. Because on December 9th, after nearly two and a half years away, we’re headed home for Christmas. If I could […]

I slipped out of my mommy skin tonight. For three stolen hours I remembered who I am apart from the small hands that pull on me and the high pitched voices that only know me as mommy and not as Lisa-Jo. I sat in a dark theater and exhaled the Destin and diaper changes and […]

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