Loneliness is an aching, breaking
parting of the heart
and the ways
as the days drift into the dark of
American night after night and I
sigh and miss the deep blue, black African sky.

I have been homesick as long as I can remember. I have lived in South Africa and missed the America of my husband and his beautiful, all encompassing, soul-welcoming family. I have lived in America and missed the smells and sounds and rhythms of Africa so much that my gut ached in a way no food could fill. And I have lived in Ukraine and felt for the first time travel connected to Peter in our shared sense of being stranded between countries.

I find that distance, much more than absence, is what makes the heart grow fonder. Human beings were not designed to live so far from the ones they love and Skype only scratches the surface of keeping in touch. We were made to live inside, not alongside, each other’s stories.

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