It Gets Better

There will be days you will question everything you believe. There will be days you will be so tired it’s too hard to make the bed. Just getting out of it will have to be enough. There will be days you will wonder why no one told you that they loved you today. There will […]

When I had already finished and turned in my first draft of my book, Surprised by Motherhood, my editor told me it was missing a chapter. This came as a surprise to me. She thought I needed to share more about my middle-born. My passionate son, Micah. She thought he was the child and his […]

On Friday nights we all stay in. We have pizza and a movie and three kids scrunched onto a single couch cushion because this is how they like it. Except for whoever ends up in the middle. We are a family that never gets tired of a good story. By Friday night, I don’t care […]

How do you measure the life of a mom? Is it in diapers changed? Loads of laundry folded? Dishes washed and stacked and put away? Is it in temper tantrums soothed, fevers treated, number of steps walked to rock babies back to sleep? What about all those dentist appointments and chocolate chip cookies baked? Is […]

The boy that made me a mom will turn ten this month. Three days ahead of my own birthday. I carried him in from the car yesterday. I haven’t done that in years. (If you follow me on Instagram over here, you already saw the photo. I was determined to record the moment.) I carried […]

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