Love the body you’ve got

If you’re a mom then at some point you’ve had to deal with a diaper blowout in public. But the story I read by Jordan Watts about what happened to them in a Chick-Fil-A bathroom is like the apocalypse meets a kid’s upset stomach. There really are no words. You just have to read it […]

When the news turns dark, when I have a hard time believing my pastor, and all I want to do is switch between hot baths and my cosy bed, it’s the stories of what women are capable of right there in the middle of the darkness that I need. The stories that take place between making […]

I got my first mammogram yesterday. It felt brave and beautiful to take care of me. Of this one mom and one wife in this family. And it felt especially beautiful to be required not to wear lotions or makeup. I’m forty and this is my unfiltered skin and I love it more now than […]

The thing about becoming a mother for the first time is how much it changes your body. And how little you expect that. No one warned me about that part. I didn’t have a mother to tell me that the pre-baby jeans I brought to the hospital I would absolutely not be wearing home. That […]

There are books and blog posts and news articles that I comb through in the dark hours while my daughter sleeps. And they say that girls need to hear that they are brave and strong and capable. That their bodies are useful more than they are beautiful. I don’t doubt that’s true. But my baby […]

My friend Emily Wierenga teaches us not only how important it is as women and mothers to love our bodies, but why it’s so important. I love how she sees beauty. I love her story of how she found beauty in her own body and in her journey. I’m so glad to be share a […]

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