I read a whole book in the last two days. I can’t remember when last I did that. My life is usually so stop-and-go between wiping bottoms, reading Spiderman chronicles, and picking up stray cherios from all over the planet. But when stranded between time zones on an airplane, there are suddenly glorious hours of reading freedom and so I did.

Somewhere More Holy – Stories from a bewildered father, stumbling husband, reluctant handman and prodigal son. By Tony Woodlief.

And he puts into words what I’ve been feeling lately. Maybe you have too? Sometimes quiet is good. Sometimes an ocean of quiet has to start somewhere – even if it’s only for a couple of days on this here little blog of mine.

“I’ve heard people say that a parent’s relationship with his children is like God’s relationship with us. We constantly need correction and guidance, but always he has forgivenessness welling up from a deep heart of love that only a parent can begin to fathom. If you want to understand how God can forgive your repeated sins, have children. Yet even with this love comes frustration; one can almost hear it when God says to his children: Be still, and know that I am God.

Be still. Be quiet. Even the Almighty wanted his kids to shut their yaps sometimes. I’m beginning to understand that many of the things my mother did were not, in fact, proofs of mental illness, but merely symptoms of parenthood.

Some days we just need a little blessed silence.”