It’s strange to say I fell in love with the Internet this past year, but it’s true.

An Internet Love Story

Deep, thankful Internet love.


{This is the part I totally get a little weepy…}

Because since Valentine’s Day last year 591 of you have raised over $50,000 for a small community of moms and kids in Maubane, South Africa.

That you met on the Internet!


S T A R T (2)

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Sure the Internet can be exhausting and mean and make us all feel small and lonely…BUT…it can also be transformative and life-giving and make us all feel that much closer and more connected.

I am CONVINCED that Jesus will use whatever means under the sun to pursue and love and transform lives. Whether it be Facebook, blogs, Twitter or Foursquare. He is infinitely creative and there is nothing under the sun that He can’t use to bring His Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

And in the last year He has used YOU.

You who sent checks. You who donated the cost of a load of laundry. You who tweeted and shared and emailed. And you amazing kids from New Brighton, MN who raised $800 as part of your summer VBS project!!

Love built a water point and laundry facility. In just 8 hours of fundraising!

Love planted and grew a community vegetable garden that will feed hundreds.

Love built the the only playground in a community of 250 orphans and vulnerable kids.

Love started construction on a community center with kitchen, bathrooms, and classrooms.

To me the most amazing thing about this experience has been that there were no massive donations. No huge, mega donors. Just many, many, many, MANY small amounts given by real moms and dads, kiddos and college students, bloggers, writers and readers in the midst of their real, ordinary chaos who paused to remember their sisters with their real need for a safe space for laundry and job training and education and veggies for their kids.

That gives me full body goosebumps.

And now, one year since we started, we’re even more committed.

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And one year later we consider YOU all THE HEART of this story.

So we’ve partnered again with Help One Now and their local South African partner, Take Action, to make you official members of the family.

You came with us to South Africa and now this is your invitation into the tribe. 

You’re invited to join the #TenDollarTribe.


The tribe of folk who partner with us to Serve South Africa for $10 a month. Because:

Ten Dollar Tribe Explained

The #TenDollarTribe is a group of people who commit to giving $10 a month to our Community Impact Centers in South Africa – our beloved Maubane and its sister center, Reagoboka.

It’s staggering how far $10 can go in these communities:

  • $10 will buy 100 bowls of porridge for school children
  • $10 can provide 7 cooked meals
  • $10 can supply a month’s worth of school supplies
  • $10 can buy 2 weeks of cooking fuel for a local family.

And get this — $10 is a Caregiver’s full wage for a day!

As always, this work is being accomplished through amazing local leaders; in South Africa, our leaders are Norman Lamola at Maubane and Elizabeth Ndimande at Reagoboka. They are already providing daily meals for 120+ children each! Man, that’s over 5,000 meals per month!



Jackson and I have hugged them and laughed with them and listened to them tell story after story about how they never turn any children away. When they’ve run out of funding, space, food and school supplies, they JUST KEEP FINDING A WAY TO KEEP SAYING YES.

You guys, we get to be part of that way and their yes!

It’s the most amazing gift – being able to join hands across an ocean and do life together with our global neighbors.

Because in the States:

  • $10 is what I spend on 2 happy meals for my kids
  • $10 is one month of my Netflix subscription
  • $10 is the price of the Polly Pockets my daughter wants for her birthday
  • $10 is what we spend on Valentine’s Day cards for my kids.

So on the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our partnership with moms in South Africa, won’t you join Jackson and me and the Ten Dollar Tribe? Let’s do this you guys! Let’s crazy love on our sisters in South Africa this year.

And 100% of your $10/month will be go toward serving the kids in these communities.


Are you in? Just click this link or the image below to join us! THIS is what I’m asking for and what I’m giving for Valentine’s Day this year. For the next ten days – we’ll be spreading the love of the Ten Dollar Tribe!

Join the Ten Dollar Tribe