A thousand gifts

When I stand in church on Sunday mornings my arms are full of a boy who doesn’t realize that he is no longer a baby. Two and a half and I cherish his stubborn instance that he and I are still just one heart beating in two (barely) separate bodies. My arms are full of […]

It’s hard to start a new week with a load of worry. I’ve been carrying quite a lot of it lately. It’s heavy and uncomfortable. It’s giving me bad posture – it has me looking down instead of up. I shrug my shoulders, try to bear up under it, shift the weight around trying to […]

He traces my eyebrow with one chubby finger. “You make me so happy, mama,” he whispers. We are lying nose to nose on my pillow. It’s early. We’re the only two awake. Pete snores softly on the other side of the bed. For now, this is my Micah time. This is our morning ritual. He […]

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