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At ten and eight my boys are now old enough to help. This is revolutionary. They can do their own safety belts, buckle their sister in, ride bikes to go pick up the mail, scramble the eggs, fold their own laundry, help read the bedtime stories, and so the list goes on. I didn’t know […]

Our Christmas tree is still up. As is the entire Christmas village. Our washing machine is still broken, but I think we are (finally!) free of the lice. I have a two day business trip out of town and my husband is lugging our laundry into work so he can borrow their machine and dryer […]

In January this year I sat in the back of a bumpy Landrover in South Africa and blatantly eavesdropped on a conversation between my adopted brother and one of my dearest online friends. Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom was brainstorming a hundred different business ideas with my little brother, Karabo. He was relentless in […]

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I was knee deep in change when I picked up Kristen‘s book. {Holley, Kristen, me.} Our family was facing a cross-roads of jobs, relocation, new schools, new friends and ALL THE FEELINGS that go with that level of change. While we were only moving an hour away from the neighborhood we’d lived in for the […]

So today I was chatting with my friend Shannan and discovered her favorite childhood food was “Bologna Boats” (you’ll have to ask her). Mine is hot dogs cut in half, fried up and served between two slices of toast. It’s funny what seems totally normal until you try and explain it to someone else. And […]

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been tired for a decade. But my oldest will turn 10 in August, everyone can pretty much cut their own food, handle their own business in the bathroom, and dress themselves in the mornings (even if the style and pattern choices are questionable) so the tired is receding. True story, moms […]

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