So, have you heard of the website, Simple Mom?

It’s fabulous. My friend Tsh is the awesome sauce behind it.

And as part of Simple Mom she hosts a podcast called Home Fries. Tomorrow she’s interviewing me. And she said we should see if there’s anything in particular folks would like to know, about, well, me.

It’s feels weird to ask. But, hey, I’m game.

So go ahead, leave any curiosity in the comments and Tsh and I will be sure to answer ’em. All of ’em. I pinky promise. And I’ll let you know when it airs, so you can enjoy me rambling on about my Cheerio-encrusted, always-behind-on-the-dishes, love-my-kids-more-than-carnival-food, crazy-chaotic-upside down life.



PS: Subscribers, just click here to come over and leave your questions in the comments.