05 Apr 2012

In which I podcast about crushed Cheerios, my middle name and Downton Abbey

Remember that one time I told you I was going to do a podcast with Tsh from Simple Mom? And you all sent fun question ideas?

Well, it happened and you can listen along with us as I talk about my middle name, why I don’t think I’m cool enough to be a “Rachel” and how my middle son likes to fart more than I think is probably normal.

Yea, deep stuff like that.

There’s also a side of surviving homesickness, travel with kids under age 6, and why I wasn’t as gung-ho about Downton Abbey as Twitter was. Kindly, don’t hold that against me, eh? Oh yea, and I talk about my daily chaos and the super hero who helps me through it.

So, if you’ve got a big stack of laundry to fold and need some company, you can tune into me and Tsh podcasting over here.

We laughed a lot. I hope you do too.

Laughter is an instant vacation.  ~Milton Berle

PS: Yes, yes my kids do wear cowboy boots with shorts. Yours don’t?



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  1. 1

    So I have been a peripheral creeper for a long time now, but just wanted to say how great it was to hear you chatting about SA… I had the privilege of spending three months in Jozi last year and it captured my little heart! I am not a mom and not married, but your blog has resonated more than once, so thanks! :)

  2. 2

    Ah, looking forward to watching it! And my 3 year old loves his cowboy boots with just about anything. The funniest is when it’s the boots and underwear and singing “I love chocolate” while pretending to play the air guitar. :)
    Loved Zoe’s outfit too- what a darling crew!

  3. 3

    My boys wear cowboy boots with shorts. That’s the first thing I noticed about your blog. :-)

  4. 4

    My five year old wears his green cowboy boots with everything, shorts, running pants, pajamas. I had no idea cowboy boots were so versatile. Come to think of it maybe I should pull mine out to wear with my pajamas….

  5. 5

    Hey there Gypsy Mama and family,

    I’m updating my website or that’s the plan. But when it gets done is another issue. SIGH…

    Mama, I need more up close and personal photos of you and the boys. Why? I love to sketch and or water colour faces. And yes, that means yes to the rest of you family members. God seems to have given me a heart for faces, children, and animals. I’m a glutton for punishment and always like to have ideas around so that in His time I’ll have something to pull out and ‘do’ when I go to the cottage in the summer.

    God has for a very long time given me a picture in my head that needs doing.
    I’m looking for two women who are pregnant. Willing photo models to then face each other, belly to belly. Hands held together or gently covering their bellies.

    I keep seeing this as a wonderful picture of Elizabeth and Mary for a Christmas card.
    I would do the drawing and send a proof to the models and with their permission use my art work for Christmas. Their faces of course would be just a profile.

    The other picture I am getting is of stone fences. Or broken down fences. The ones you find in the fields on a farm. I have NO idea why THE SPIRIT is telling to put this down as a watercolour or pencil sketch. If you live close by to something like this. Can you help me out?

    Back to cowboy hats and boots.
    I did a sketch once of two sisters with their horse and their cowboy hats.
    Couldn’t see their feet, but I’m sure they must have been wearing boots. I mean, they live in Calgary Canada. The home of the great Calgary Stampede!

    My dream is to some day own a pair of the hottest and coolest red cowboy boots.
    If I’m going to turn 60 in January, I’d like to do it with a splash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If no one can help with my dreams, visions and ideas could you pray about it for me?


  6. 6

    Your family os beautiful. My boy sees no problem at all with wearing cowboy boots with anything he decided to adorn his body with. Shorts, suits, PJ’s, they all look better with boots! We have a fabulous Boot store in Ohio maybe I will go and send you photos of the boots of your dreams.

    Love you blog!!

  7. 7

    Lived the podcast!! And thanks so much for your thoughtful responses to my question about mommy guilt and the ex-pat lifestyle. :) ous kids are all very close in age: 7, 5 (next week) and 18 mos. we have 2girls, then a very surprise baby boy. So, I can so relate to so much of what you said! Thank you!

  8. 8

    Love the podcast, it was fun to listen to the two of you chat. Several things….I hate watching real TV now, I hate the commercials and I love how once you get started on a series on Netflix, you can just keep going! My children’s forts would last for days and use every quilt and pillow in the house. Then they started building them outside and their tree house had 6 levels! My son is now 18 and still wears his boots with shorts! And if you have advice on how to get mud, grease, cow manure out of boys’ clothes…please give!

  9. 9
    r.elliott says:

    oh…I had a son who wore his snow boots year round…and that was when tube socks were in…so nothing is more attractive than some shorts and the shorts where short…tube socks up to the knees and worn out snow boots being worn in the middle of summer. I am glad to report…he no longer wears them and can dress himself more presentable….which is good because he is now 26:)
    look forward to listening…blessings~

  10. 10

    I have name baggage!!! Can we talk about it? When are you available to counsel? Just kidding. A little. I think.

    OHHHH, I’m still listening and GILMORE GIRLS! MISS them! Seriously. I ache for them.

    Okay, moving on. Still listening. I have to tell you how awesome it is just to hear your voice. Now every time I read your posts I’ll hear your voice behind them. *HUGE grins*

  11. 11

    We have the same first name! I never knew that. By the way, you are totally cool enough to pull off Rachel. :) You’re cooler than me.

  12. 12

    Cowboy boots and shorts? Doesn’t every little boy do that? Now they’re older, they’re cool only one will wear them and only with jeans. Their Mama? I love ’em and wear them all the time (but not with shorts) (and we live in Metropolitan Wash, D.C.).

  13. 13

    Just how much farting IS normal for a little boy? and why do they love to do it so much ? I was recently very disappointed to find out that this “love of the fart” is not something he will grow out of as my sister informed me her boys (19, 22, and 24) STILL have to be told not to fart !!! Is there no escape from the smells that erupt out of little boys??

  14. 14

    is there any other way to wear cowboy boots if you live in Africa? … or rainboots when you live in the desert? and if you are a girl, there’s always red cowgirl boots and a white silk dress just to make daddy laugh on the way out the door to church!

    You have a beautiful family – ENJOYED the photos!

  15. 15

    I have been VERY guilty of wearing cowboy boots with shorts or skirts…love it! I also love getting to know you blog style. Thank you for the inspiration you give every Friday…I am always in awe by your words and the words of others. Happy Easter sweet sister in Christ.

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