22 Jul 2013

When you think your love story is boring

“My love life will never be satisfactory until someone runs through an airport to stop me from getting on a flight.” ~Teenager post of the week via the Huffington Post.

He drove us all home 18 hours over two days.

Three kids and hundreds of miles and potty breaks and princess pull-ups, the car covered in the markers I’d bought for window art. Turns out the soft beige ceiling of a mini van makes a perfect canvas. Rainbow swirls color the door panels and there are goldfish crackers crushed so deep into the seats that they will likely be there come next summer and this same road trip all the way to Northern Michigan and the lake that his family have been coming to for decades.

He’s never run through an airport for me.

Three times he’s held my hands, my shaking legs, my head, my heart as I’ve bared down and groaned a baby into being. He has run for ice chips and doctors and night shifts and laid himself low to help me hold on through the hard rock and roll and push and pull of labor and I’ve never drowned holding onto his hand.

There is a rumor, an urban myth, a fiction, a fantasy, a black and white screen cliché that love looks like the mad, romantic dash through airports for a last chance at a flailing kiss.

And then the credits roll.

And the lights come on.

And we must go back to our real lives where we forget that love really lives.


I threw up so hard and fast and often one night in a farmhouse in Pennsylvania that I couldn’t stand come morning. He moved over and out and gave me the bed. He went out for crackers and soda and mind numbing games to keep the three kids occupied and away from mom.

I looked in the mirror and there was nothing romantic looking back at me, but around the wrinkles in my eyes, the parched, white cheeks, there was the deep romance of being loved beyond how I looked.

He’s never run through an airport for me.

He’s gone out for milk at 10pm, he’s held our children through bouts of stomach viruses and told me there is nothing about his kids that disgusts him. He’s carried us on his shoulders when we were too tired or too sad or too done to keep doing the every day ins and outs that make up a life.

He’s unloaded a hundred loads of laundry and put the dishes away.

He lays down his life and it looks like so many ordinary moments stitched together into the testimony of a good man who comes home to his family in the old minivan, the one with the broken air conditioning.

It undoes me every time to look around and find him there, having my back in the day to day and the late night into late night and then next year again.

He’s run a thousand times around the sun with me and we hold hands and touch feet at night between the covers even when we’re wretched and fighting we’re always fighting our way back to each other.

He’s never run through an airport for me.

He runs on snatched sleep and kids tucked into his shoulder on both sides of the bed.

He is patient and kind.

He always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

And we come running to him. When the battered white minivan pulls into the driveway his children trip over themselves, their abandoned Crocs and the pool bag to be the first to open the door and spill out their day into the hands of the man who can catch them.


He’s never run through an airport for me.

This ordinary unremarkable love walks slowly every day alongside. One step, one day, one T-ball practice at a time.

One permission slip signed, one Lunchable, one school play, one art project, one Lego box, one more night time cup of water delivered at a time.

This ordinary love that wakes up with bad breath and crease marks on its cheeks and is the daily bread that sustains across time zones and countries and cultures and the exhaustion of trying to figure out how to be a parent and a grown up and somebody’s forever.

And this is a love life – to live life each small, sometimes unbearably tedious moment – together.

To trip over old jokes and misunderstandings. To catch our runaway tongues and tempers and gift them into the hands of the person who was gifted to us.

He lets me warm my ice cold feet between his legs and the covers at night.

He has never run through an airport for me.

This is love with the lights on and eyes wide open. This is the brave love, the scared love, the sacred boring, the holy ordinary over sinks of dirty dishes and that one cupboard in the kitchen with the broken hinge.



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  1. 1

    This!! This is what I needed tonight. My husband has never run through an airport for me either. And yet, 9 years and 3 kids later, he is just what you describe your husband as being. He is here, and real, and doing everything that I could ever need him to do, and more. Thanks for reminding me of this!!

    • 2
      Michelle says:

      Totally agree, I would also like to thank your for reminding me that men in books and on television are mostly fictitious! My husband and I are both in our second marriages, we didn’t raise our children together, but it feels like we have been together forever, in a very good way. I have gotten past the stage of comparison and finally let him shine, instead of dulling his surface with “that’s how my ex did it.” Took a very long time to break that nasty habit. He is such a great guy, with flaws, like everyone else. When I see a flaw in antiques I say… well, that adds character to the piece. He may dread and sometimes purposely forget to take the trash out. But you know what? If taking the trash out in my biggest complaint? I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!

    • 3

      25 years into our marriage and a few trips along the way of course. He has never run through an airport for me, but better than that he has saved my life, as I continue to suffer the consequences of two brain tumor resections. It’s not what he signed up for when he married that young attractive girl, now bald & half crippled!

      • 4
        Misty Elwood says:

        I would imagine that’s exactly what he signed up for. Congratulations on 25!

      • 5

        Maybe he didn’t sign up specifically for your current situation, true. He signed up for YOU, not your hair or jogging potential. After 25 years of marriage he’s still right there for you, even when times are hard? That’s love.

  2. 6

    This love is better than running through the airport love. This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing this.

    My husband doesn’t run through airports either, but the kids run to him when he gets home and he’s my hero and theirs, too.

  3. 7

    Exactly. That’s all. This is fantastic!

  4. 8

    I cannot tell you how much I needed this post, for a while now I’ve been craving that run through the airport moment. 18 years together and it’s hard to remember the romance under the teenage kids and special needs foster son. It’s hard but this was the reminder I needed to see what I have rather than dreaming for something different.

    • 9
      Neodesha says:

      Sara you are so right! Been married 18 years with 3 boys 15, 14, & 12. The romance is lost between karate, baseball, soccer, drama, and marching band practices. My hubby has never run through an airport for me, but that man loves me so much I can’t eve begin to put it into words!

    • 10

      Ditto! Thanks for sharing with such candor. As we speak, my son is doing loops around our first floor on a knee scooter. I’m telling myself it’s okay that he is zooming along the metro in France (with sound effects included :).

      • 11

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  5. 12

    Needed to be reminded of this, as husband and I are in different beds after a fight this evening. The fight consisted of me not getting my way, screaming and throwing a basket. And him not escalating, turning the other cheek and being a grown up. He’s all of the things in your post. Including the driver to “up north” Michigan from the DC area (aren’t you there as well?) It’s a long trip with three little ones!

    • 13

      Mary, I have to know! Did you intentionally make up the next morning – or, better yet, crawl into bed with him that night after reading this?

  6. 14

    Absolutely beautiful. Beautiful.

    • 15

      30 years, 6 children…This describes Real love. Thanks so much for painting the true picture of love.

  7. 16
    Marlise says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Bravo to the ” sacred boring” and “holy ordinary” love – which really is the best love, the only true love that stands the test of time. Thank you for this reminder. I’ll be sharing this post!

  8. 17
    Virginia says:

    Weeping. We of the broken AC mini vans, of the kids racing across the yards to welcome daddy home, of the broken-hinged cabinets, and then thousand cups of water one at a time… we thank you for shining a bright light on our sacred boring and our holy ordinary.

    Thank you.

  9. 18

    Beautiful. Thank you so much for your writing. :)

  10. 19

    This was so beautifully written. What a great reminder to cherish the love of everyday moments, instead of looking for trumped up romance!

  11. 20

    First of all I love this post. I was trying to express this to someone the other day, a someone living with someone who wants everyday life to be a fantasy before they get married and they have kids. Really? Really? Love is about being there through everything for each other. You did a beautiful job, Lisa. This post is a WOW in my book. Second, I love the way your aweber post comes through on email with all your facebook share buttons and leave a comment places nicely done to match your website. How did you do that or better yet, who did that for you? Please share your secret.

    • 21
      Lisa-Jo says:

      My secret is the awesome Ted from Contemplate Design – link in the footer :)

  12. 22

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  13. 23

    Oh, this leaves me breathless. . .and I just so, so needed this tonight. . . . (Also, can I admit this here?. . .My husband and I realized we forgot our very own anniversary this weekend. . .And it’s okay . . . We were too busy having fun together to remember the date.) Thank you.

  14. 24

    Oh my goodness, YES! This is my man, too. And I’m to very blessed.

  15. 25
    Jean Marmion says:

    I am not as fortunate as all of you. I am a single mom of 3, recently divorced after 20 years of a loveless marriage. Ironically, he did chase me down in an airport once, yet I never knew the REAL love that you all speak of. It makes me sad. I crave it. I have craved it since before I ever said I Do. Don’t ever stop telling your men the things you share here. They need to know how special they are. How very important they are. How very much they are loved, wanted, needed, heroic, and warm beneath the covers. I, nor my children never had any of that . . . I was both father and mother. As I lay in my bed, alone, I know I am here for a reason. I know that God is not finished with me yet. I just hope and pray that I am fortunate enough to someday know the love you all speak of. If I am not, it will have to be enough just to know that it exists . . .

    • 26
      Allison says:

      It exists. After 15 years of the loveless lonely kind of marriage I , like you , wondered if it did as well. So did my two children. I’m happy to say it does! I pray it finds you. God willing it will. Hang in there!

    • 27

      I am like you. I was married for fourteen years to a man I don’t think I ever knew. I have 3 kids who I love and adore and know this was the reason for that marriage. I, too, long for this kind of love. I pray it exists for me!

    • 28
      Michelle says:

      I am right where you are. Three years ago, my 20-year loveless marriage was abruptly shattered by infidelity and now I have my doubts if this kind of love even exists. Reading posts like this makes me believe, somewhat hesitantly, that there is hope for my lonely future. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone, and I am here if you ever need someone to talk to who knows exactly what you are going through.


      • 29

        Michelle, you are me. My first marriage at 17 lasted 30 years and 1 day. We had 4children and many foster new born babies. I thought we were in love. When I found he had been with prostitutes and one night stands the whole marriage, my idea of love was shattered. Never thinking I would find or deserve true real love I struggled through all alone for six years.Then I met Him. A man who had loved and cared for his wife who died a long hard death of cancer. We met on line. We married eight moths later. We now have the type of love that is real. No secrets. He does very romantic things for me like putting a new tub in for me. He loves my children as his own and I forget whose are whose. Kids are grown and we are having grand kids together. He encourages me always. He looks out for all our kids and grands (10). He fixes everything that I break and never gets mad. We have tiffs, usually my fault, but are never really angry. He respects me. He calls and cares for my widowed mother. That feeling I had as a teen was not love. I now know what it is too.

    • 30

      Thank you for your comment. I can relate. This is a moving and beautifully written post. I am very happy for those women who have this kind of love. But I am also curious how many who are answering that they also have that kind of marriage have actually been married 15, 20 years or more. This is what I THOUGHT I had, too. I could have written this same thing after being married for 10 years. But HE CHANGED. God does not force a person to be good, kind and loving. All the love in the world cannot guarantee a successful life-long relationship if your partner does not value what you have. After 18 years of marriage, after giving him the best years of my life, I am a divorcee with five children who have not seen their father in three years.

      • 31
        Kristina says:

        Loralie, 33 years and counting. It hasn’t always been easy but the love has always been there. But you’re right, nothing is guaranteed. We are still working on our marriage even now that we have a (usually) empty nest. We all need to be reminded sometimes just how much love lies in the mundane acts that often go unnoticed, just because they’re so commonplace.

        • 32

          Thank you, Kristina. Because, at my 10th, 11th, 12th anniversaries I, too, believed I had the kind of love, the kind of marriage described so beautifully in this post, the kind of testimonies I find most assuring are the marriages, like yours that have survived middle age. As my ex got older, he began acting more and more in the abusive patterns he learned in childhood – abusive patterns he had denounced in the early years of our marriage. I am so glad to hear of marriages such as yours that last beyond the first flush of youth. Mine did not. Because he CHOSE to change and it was damaging the children, we divorced after 18 years.

          • 33
            Kristina says:

            It sounds like you made the best choice for you and your children. You can’t control another’s choices. I have friends who have gone through the same kinds of things you’ve probably experienced and I can see how hard it is. But they, and their children, are happy because of the love that is now in their homes full time, rather than the difficulties that were there before. I hope you can be happy knowing that you are giving your children the love they need and deserve. I am truly grateful for what I have.

      • 34

        Loralie, I am so sorry for your experience, and I pray that your future will be filled with peace and love.

        We are celebrating 23 years of marriage and pray for many more. We have faced many, many difficult soul wrenching times together, and it has been that quiet minute by minute, day by day love that has pulled us through the valleys and filled our lives with joy. The fact that he has seen me at my worst and is still willing to get out of bed to bring me a drink of water makes him my hero. This kind of love does exist after 15 or 20 years.

        • 35

          Thank you, Nicole. Hearing of successful marriages that have lasted into and beyond middle age is much more assuring to me that real, abiding love exists than reading testimonies, however moving, of those who have been married only 10-12 years since I could have written the exact same thing at that point in my life AND MEANT EVERY WORD. It is the actions in daily life that demonstrate true love. But if only one does the giving, if only one does the valuing and the appreciating, no amount of “running thru airports” makes up for the lack of simple kindnesses, the little thoughtful acts in daily life.

    • 36

      Yes Jean Marmion…4 kids, 13 years of marriage….and a love that wasn’t there…..ever…..no kids running TO the Dad…..but running away…they didn’t know him…….he was never here……..but this was a beautiful piece and instead of the airport love…….I only wish I’d felt the real love of this love story…….the everyday love………..but here I am 12 years after the divorce..still alone……I have no desire to marry again…..EVER……but to feel that real love……..yeah, I’d like to know what that’s like………someday.

    • 37
      Charlene Ulrick says:

      I was married to an abuser for almost 38 years. I finally had the courage to leave and went through a horrid divorce. My prayer for years had been for a true friend that I could confide in. I met my present husband on e-harmony and we are best, best friends. I’ve never met anyone like him. Keep hoping, keep praying. God hears and God answers. Life is finally wonderful. I’m away from my kids and grandkids but he’s totally worth it. My mother says she’s heard about couples like us but has never seen anyone like us.

    • 38

      It does exist…just be patient and wait. Lots of praying helps. I found mine 42 years ago. Has it been easy? No, but it has been worth the journey. I, too, feel greatly blessed.

  16. 39

    Oh this is so beautiful! Thank you so much for reminding us who take our huge, great loves forgranted!! How blessed we are to have them (and you!)

  17. 40

    I’m starting to live my own love story and finding out exactly the same thing – all those princes on white horses and stuff don’t matter. My boyfriend’s mother shared a quote today on her facebook: “Men, you think women only love handsome guys or macho men? We love those who care for us.”

    • 41
      MaureenB says:

      Zee: Your Boyfriend’s Mom hit the nail right on the head! Boy, does that ever sum it up! Word.

  18. 42

    Yes, yes, yes! My heart actually breaks for these young women who don’t understand that love is found in the In-Between, as Jeff Goins calls it in his new book. It’s in those small moments, wonderfully tiny treasures, like coins found between the couch cushions that sometimes have to be dug out of the ordinary to be savored.

  19. 43

    This. Is. Truth. Thank you for being real! Blessed!

  20. 44

    My husband has never run through an airport for me, but he’s stood vigil over my hospital bed while I lay in ICU, he’s dealt with nurses and doctors in the emergency room far too many times, he’s tied my shoes and cut my meat for me as I waited for my Todd’s paralysis to lift, he’s stood by my side when I’ve been faced with nearly insurmountable hurdles, he’s held me in the night when I cried after losing my first baby, he’s the father of the baby growing inside of me now. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

  21. 45

    That brought a tear to my eyes. So incredibly beautiful!!!! Thank you for the reminder to shift my perspective and to see how full of love of my story is <3

  22. 46

    Love this post, thank you for reminding us how amazing our husbands are.

  23. 47

    I am a single mom. Left behind. Never have known love that fights its way back and holds on. But this post gives me SO MUCH hope. To know these men still exist. So glad you have each other. THIS is what I am holding out for, nothing less. :)

    • 48

      Joy in the Wilderness,
      Yes, do hold out. Too many women don’t. Men need women who hold them to standards. Don’t accept anything less than love that proves itself through act. There are good men who desire a good woman to love and cherish for life. You desever nothing less, and neither do your children.

      • 49

        Since there is no “like” button I want to echo what David said. Hold out for a great man who treats you well. Not someone who tells you he will treat you well and doesn’t, but someone who actually treats you as the wonderful woman he sees and doesn’t take you for granted. There are still men like that out there, I found mine 14 years ago and couldn’t be happier.

  24. 50

    Beautiful. Simple beautiful.

  25. 51

    Love this: “the sacred boring, the holy ordinary.” What a beautifully concise way to sum up our married lives! This is what Oswald Chambers says so often in his devotionals in My Utmost for His Highest–true service to God, true relationship with Him happens in the everyday moments, where it is tough to see beyond the commonplace. It is the same with our loves–we want adventure and drama (and not the kind of drama we usually get). But you can’t put a price on faithfulness in your man. When he sticks with you, and loves you in the midst of the ordinary (and ugly) things, that is true love. And it is far from ordinary or boring.

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. 52

    Maybe my favorite post ever…….

  27. 53

    I love this post. My man, too, can skip running through Airports for me, as long as he is running through life with me. Love you Girl!

  28. 54

    I’m going to link to this post tomorrow on my blog, if that’s ok. So beautiful, and something that we all need to hear (maybe I needed to hear it very badly today!)

  29. 55

    Ah, Lisa-Jo…. I just loved this post. You could very well have been describing my marriage, except that – because of a crucible called endometriosis – we have one child instead of three, and we have never left these sunny shores. :)

    It has been sixteen years, and he will likely never run through an airport for me, but I would not trade him for the world…. Here’s to “the brave love, the scared love, the sacred boring, the holy ordinary”. *raises water glass*

  30. 56

    I love this! I remember being pregnant with my twins. I was so sick. I had a pic line for IV hydration and could hold nothing down. My husband took the best care of me and continues to nurtures our every need. I’ve learned that is the kind of love which defines true romance. Running through airports are temporary moments. cleaning up vomit, yeah, that lasts a lifetime. LOL

  31. 57

    Yes, Amen to this. Too often I long for that fleeting young love we once had, the young love I see my friends falling in and out of… and I need this reminder that six years and two kids later, our love may seem boring, but it’s deep and true. Our love is difficult, sacrificial, choosing to say yes, I’ll love you again, even when we know each other’s every fault. It was a hard, hard weekend of runny noses and coughing and words we didn’t mean, and I needed this. Thank you for your words and your example, Lisa-Jo.

  32. 58

    Oh my goodness! This is the BEST post!! I so teared up at this, because this perfectly describes my hubby! God has SO richly blessed us, hasn’t he, Lisa??!! My hubby does ALL those things you talk about here. He does SO much more than expected, more than I do! I love him SO much for putting up with my junk and emotions, playing and taking care of our 3 girls and 1 boy! Waking up in the middle of the night to feed our newborn or get me tylenol! Taking the girls fishing! Fixing dinner when I was big and preggers with swollen feet and emotions going cra cra! There is SO much about him I love and cherish. I try to tell him, but know I don’t often enough! Thx for this post! Thanking God right now for my sweet, dear, understanding husband!!

  33. 59

    This is so beautiful. Thanks for the reminder that love lies in faithfulness and little things. :)

  34. 60

    How did you step in my home and my heart and write something so perfect…. down to the broken hinge…. this, this is the love worth waiting, and fighting, for….

  35. 61

    Thank you for the reminder to all of us that love does not come wrapped up neatly like a Hollywood movie. Love is in all of the little things that are done for us or that we do on a daily basis. You painted a wonderful picture of what true love looks like.

  36. 62

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  37. 63

    Wow – Lisa… I could have written this but of course you did because you contain writing talent and it is my job to read it and say thank you for knowing my thoughts and writing them down so beautifully. My love has never run through an airport for me either… 13 years later – 3 kids – he still keeps coming back to us… in that 90’s something little commuter station wagon that he drove away in this morning in the wee hours while we were still sleeping… I stopped just last night and just said “Thank you” to him for being to us who he just is… faithful without fail… loving… consistent… I have a friend who does not have this kind of partner… long story… as she told me recently that she is expecting her 3rd child and she was thankful that as she told him he would at least be talking to her again I wept inside for her. How does she step into the next day without his constant support? His practical help? Does he adore her ever? Sad. It has made me stop and thank the man I picked… or rather picked me… and decides everyday to pick me (us now) again and again. Thank him by loving him back again and again.

    • 64

      My man is like your friend’s husband. We aren’t married, engaged yes and have been together for over 3 years. I don’t get much support either, even though I’d do anything for him. We have a son who’s now 2 and my 7-year old lives with us and they don’t always get along. My son has ADHD but my fiance calls him stupid and I get so angry. I’ve already been married 3 times and have 4 children. Nothing has ever worked out for me with relationships, but I still have hope that he will change.

      • 65

        Bonnie, for your son’s sake, I hope you will rethink this. Waiting for people to change rarely works, and in the meantime your children don’t have a choice.

        • 66

          I so agree, Rosemary. A man that will treat children or animals poorly, certainly won’t treat you well. Tenderness is what is described in this post, along with faithfulness and a strength to endure beyond measure.

          Bonnie, I married and divorced a man like you describe and yesterday, while I looked at my new boyfriend, I found myself saying, “I don’t love him like I did so-and-so.” Well, thank God. When you are used to sacrificing your whole self to coax someone into being a better person, what you end up with is two bad people. My new love, I believe is the kind of man that will never run through an airport for me. But he currently drives all over Texas in a car with no air conditioning just to come visit me and his son in another city. So, it does exist. You just have to be brave enough to embrace yourself, rather than embracing someone that forces you to become a shell of a person.

          Praying for you.


          • 67

            Sorry, one other point I forgot to say but it is vitally important. Accepting a bad relationship is a HABIT…..a BAD one. Learning to accept the low drama, “sacred boring, holy ordinary” is a skill and a muscle you build, which brings happiness. I am still learning this myself but I am determined. Because my brothers are these kind of men and it was their concern for me that helped me change. Love to you, Bonnie.

          • 68
            michelle Murray says:

            I am in the process of divorcing a man like you are describing. I brought three girls into this marriage and two of them he destroyed with his negative comments all their lives. one is under his total control and doesn’t know how to get away from him. They are now adults and it scares me that this happened. Take it from me and after seeing the damage he has done to run. He never supported or cared for me one bit the 15 years I was with him and the last 10 years no intimancy at all. I am not as fortunate as all of you. I am a single mom now going through divorce I only have one son home now. I never knew the REAL love that they all speak of. It makes me sad. I crave it. I have craved it since before I ever said I Do.I hope that all of you keep telling your men how special they are. How very important they are. How very much they are loved, wanted, needed, heroic, and warm beneath the covers. I, nor my children never had any of that . . . I was both father and mother. Never had any support. Just the negative to me and the children verbal and emotional abuse is so hard on you. I know that God is putting me through this journey for a blessing and its going to be Big. I know that God is not finished with me yet. I pray that he brings me someone like you all describe above but for now I am happy just knowing that God is there for me every step of the way.

  38. 69
    AineMistig says:

    Alright, this one made me tear up. Beautifully written. I hope that teenager reads this! Perfectly written way of what real love, the strong love, the love that GOES HOME WITH YOU to whiny kids and dirty dishes AFTER THE AIRPORT, the love that lasts a lifetime, really is.

  39. 70

    What a beautiful post! What a beautiful truth! My husband is literally building us a home these days, well, right now he is building a barn, but the home is next – the garage was first. He is up with sun and in bed way after it goes down. I am missing being near him during the waking hours but am cherishing that he comes home at night to hold me close. And today, before he left to go do his actual day job (he runs his own business), he went to the store and bought me flowers and a coffee for our 18th anniversary :) I don’t always appreciate the way he shows his love for me and our family, sometimes I want more flowers, more pda, more alone time. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that love is shown through the every day actions not just the “fun” stuff. I never doubt his love for me and our children, I just sometimes forget how he shows it…

  40. 71

    I cried. This is so beautiful and so real. Our society needs more of this and less of the fluff.

  41. 72

    Honest and beautifully written. I too have a husband that are far from romantic, but personifies true love. Well done – http://www.lovealda.com (South Africa) x

  42. 73

    After a day of feeling beat up in the blogosphere, I needed to read this. Such a reminder of the wonderful man I have in my life. Thank you for sharing your insights in such a loving and non-judgmental way. The world needs more people like this, especially in the cyberworld.

  43. 74

    Loved this! And the truth is, if I told him I needed to go, and was about the board a plane, he respects and loves me enough to let me go, and so wouldn’t run through an airport for me!

  44. 75

    What a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing. True, real, genuine, Godly love. That’s what we should want.

  45. 76

    Go on now, preach.

  46. 77

    Like poetry, really. This is just stunning.

  47. 78

    Poetry, really. This whole thing is just stunning.

  48. 79

    Brilliant, just amazing. Thank you for sharing this, sometimes I still have a disney and holywood idea of romance that is deep in the subconscious, but my story is like yours. Praise God for ordinary love stories. Tara.

  49. 80

    Thank you, Lisa-Jo! This is exactly right!

  50. 81

    Well, mine picked me up from the airport when we were still both strangers to each other. But he didn’t run; he sat. And waited, patiently. We’ve had a lot of airports, but not like it’s in the movies. :-)

    This is just so beautifully written, Lisa-Jo. Celebrating my good good man with yours today. Thank you.

  51. 82

    This is just lovely. Thank you.

  52. 83

    Thank You. I’m tagging this to read every day. Maybe twice a day. Right now life hurts, and all I want is for him to run through an airport. That isn’t going to happen. It doesn’t mean he is a bad man, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

    • 84

      With you . . . right now life hurts, and I want the romance, but I need to keep reminding myself that despite his mistake, he is and always has done many of these little everyday things for me and our kids.

  53. 85

    YES and yes! And thank you for the reminder of all the love my husband gives me and my kids!

    Love you, girlfriend!

  54. 86
    Michelle Filart says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and completely true. Thank you for sharing your love story. My husband has “never run through an airport” for me either, and probably never will, but he is the one true love of my life and best friend, an amazing father, and lover of Jesus. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate him for that today. God bless you and your man, Lisa Jo!

  55. 87
    Michelle Filart says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and completely true. Thank you for sharing your love story. My husband has “never run through an airport” for me either, and probably never will, but he is the one true love of my life and best friend, an amazing father, and lover of Jesus. He’s a good man, my good man…my good and perfect gift from the Father. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate him for all that today. God bless you and your good man, Lisa Jo!

  56. 88
    Too Late says:

    I cried. I’m still crying. As someone who once had it, didn’t know she had it, thought she could find better, screwed it all up, and wishes she could go back to intertwined legs and a face buried in a soft pillow of chest hair, I can say it’s the little things. It really is. It’s family hugs and tickle fights and loving someone even though they never manage to put their laundry into the laundry basket. I’d run past the guy running after me in an airport to get to the one who used to be at home waiting for me while watching cartoons on the couch if I could. It’s the little things.

    • 89
      Kelly S. says:

      This touched me almost more than the original post.

      I hope for your sake, in honor of what you now realize you did have, that all the women out there with amazing hubbies realize what they do have. Never take the gift of husband for granted.

      Prayers for overwhelming peace and letting go.

  57. 90

    awesome reminder of why we (with God’s help) chose our mates…and constant reminders help during the rocky times.

  58. 91

    And an important question to ask is, what do you do for him? Besides be irresistibly beautiful, or his uterus of choice? My divorce happened because I was so attracted to my wife that I did all kinds of one-time “grand gestures” like running through an airport. I didn’t run through an airport, but I did give up all my friends, family and free time at her demand, put tons of gifts on the credit cards, completely provided for her material needs for years so she could live without working, etc. Constantly tried to make her feel “special” like I was doing crazy things because I was crazy about her. Then one day I woke up and realize that the only reason I was doing all this was so that I felt needed and wanted by someone beautiful. And that my life would be a HELL of a lot easier if I didn’t have to coddle this essentially helpless giant (but very attractive) petulant child all the time. So now we’re divorced, and I miss having arm candy, but don’t miss being taken for granted every minute of the day by someone who thinks they’re so beautiful and irresistible that their husband is a servant waiting on them hand and foot.

  59. 92

    Aaron, your story sounds familar. I’m basically married to someone like you are describing. I love her tremendously and try to do something different and nice for her everyday and never let her forget how beautiful I think she is. But I definitely don’t get any similar response back. I do feel like I’m being taken for granted-she says she wants romance but what she wants is the “Running through an airport” romantic comedy, teen movie gestures. I read the responses on this blog from the wives who are thankful for their husbands and I so wish I could have my own wife recognize that she is getting romance and love from me.

    • 93

      Tom and Aaron, how sad that your wives do not value what you have to give. What I wouldn’t have given for my ex to love and cherish me as I loved and cherished and gave and gave and gave to him! Instead I am left wondering why he did not value what we had and,more, what we could have had! To hear of men like you makes me sad that what you have to give is not cherished and valued as it should be. I am sorry . . . .

    • 94

      First, I am sorry that you are going through this. Second, a thought crossed my mind which is maybe your wife and you speak different ‘love languages’. I really could not see all of my husband loving actions for the longest time because it was not how I grew up to ‘ feel loved.’ after reading G. Chapman’s ‘5 love languages’ and realizing that my main love language was ‘words of affirmation’ and my husband’s was ‘acts of service’, it really turned things around in our marriage. Now that we are both aware of this, we take extra steps to ensure the other not only knows that he/ she is loved but also gets to experience it in his/ her native love language.
      I hope things get better between you and your wife. It is possible.

  60. 95

    Beautiful. If we could only help people realize that THIS is what love really is…

  61. 96

    This is my favorite piece from you Lisa Jo! So beautiful. Thank you for putting words to something many are blessed to see and feel everyday, but still need a reminder of just how precious it really is.

  62. 97

    This was a wonderfully written, ordinarily romantic post, and it was exactly what I needed to read. I write daily about magical love that moves mountains, and yet I don’t have that kind of love in my life. (I still write fanfiction, and I’ve never had a boyfriend) This reminds me to trust where the right kind of love comes from. God’s got this waiting for me, somewhere. I’m glad to be reminded that it may not chase me through an airport, but it will help me change diapers with a smile on his face.

  63. 98

    My “running through the airport” moment was when I was about 9 months pregnant, it was raining for the first time in months (literally – we’d gone almost 4 months without rain), and I had to go to Target for something that couldn’t wait until morning. He looked at me as I got in the car and said, “Be careful.” The look on his face was what did it – the concern for me and our baby, and I knew that if anything happened in that short trip, he’d be devastated. It wasn’t a grand gesture by any means, but one that stuck.

    And that’s him. He’s full of love and commitment and concern for my well being and daily taking care of what needs to be done but he doesn’t run through airports. He doesn’t need to.

  64. 99

    Wow! This is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :D

    So beautiful.


  65. 100

    So true, so real, so beautiful!! Thank you for your raw honesty that has reminded me of the imperfect but intentional love sleeping under my roof tonight! :) keep reminding all of us through your resonating words sweet thing!

  66. 101
    Megan Goosen says:

    Thanks for reminding me of how precious my husband is!! Thank you for what you do… I’m going to give him a big hug now ;)

  67. 102

    Thanks for the reminder of what I should strive to be as a future husband…

    • 103

      David, that’s really great! But take note of the little post about languages of love, as well. That is, say you love her and why, as well as doing the acts of service!

  68. 104

    He’s never run through an airport for you, but I bet he would do it, if he would be in that situation.

  69. 105

    42 years after the ‘I do’ and 3 children and 11 grandchildren my sweetheart is still my hero and the one that all of our children and grands say they want to be like when they grow up!!!!

  70. 106

    My one and only HAS run through an airport ahead of me…..when our flight was delayed and our layover melted to less than a minute and we had to get from one end of the terminal to another. He got the airline to wait for me, sweating and jogging along with my suitcase doing wheelies behind me, completely out of breath. Thirty-four years we’ve been on this journey. Wouldn’t change a thing!

  71. 107

    Some day, I hope to have this very same type of love story. Thanks for sharing – its inspiring! :)

  72. 108

    I really needed to read this today. I just linked to you in my post :)


  73. 109

    Lovely, simply lovely. In our 40 years together, Tim never ran through an airport for me. Now that he’s gone, the enormous hole in my heart aches for the ordinary moments spent with him. Those are the moments I remember most.

  74. 110

    This was so needed! Thank you! My fiance and I are getting married in a few months and it is so nice to keep my head level. He does all the little things and those are so often overlooked. Thank you.

  75. 111

    Thank you so much for this post! Being a teenage girl myself (well, an adult, but not out of the teens yet) It’s hard to keep this real stuff in mind. Having not really felt this real love myself, I’ve always imagined what it would be like. What it would feel like. This post helpd me get a little taste of what I should look for in a future spouse,. It’s hard to believe I’ll evemeone just right for me, but your post has given me a hope and an idea of what I should be looking for. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing!

  76. 112

    I hate chick flicks with every fiber of my being. I can’t help but want to scream at the main characters that their communication skills are at the level of a 3 year old. What the teenager fails to realize, is that, IF someone has ever had to run through an airport to stop you from getting on a plane, it means YOU ALMOST LEFT! Which basically means your communication skills suck. I’ve told my husband hundreds of times, “if you want to romance me, do not bring me flowers, just do the dishes.”

    • 113

      LOL! So true about the communication skills. And marriage really is sooooooo much about communication…being willing to speak with loving kindness, but not avoid the truth when the truth needs sayin’. And being willing to stay put and talk – not slam doors and peel out of the driveway. That’s not considered romantic I guess, but sure as heck is a requirement for a healthy, long-lasting relationship!

  77. 114

    Ahhhh I needed to read this!! After nearly 19 yrs of marriage and 2 children it occurred to me that we had lost each other in the craziness of raising children, working, and life. Now that we are preparing to send our oldest to college, it seems as though we have kinda reconnected again. The conversations and laughter at all the “teen” moments have brought us back to our center again. We are finding moments just for us. We are preparing ourselves for the next phase and chapters of our lives. I believe I have had this all along, but didn’t take the time to stop and appreciate it. Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

  78. 115

    Thank you for this. Thank you for sharing what true love is.

  79. 116

    My husband hasn’t run through an airport for me either, but for 19 years he has stood by me and our family through all that life brings. Your words spoke of a man who goes beyond romance to gain his wife’s love and respect. The little details in life matter most.

    I will, however, run through the airport for my husband in a few short months as I welcome him home from Afghanistan!

  80. 117

    Mine has loved me through prophylactic mastectomy. True hero, he is. Thanks for the reminder!


  81. 118
    Judy Berger says:

    My husband never ran through an airport for me. But he gave up his job and moved 500 miles to be with me and my four kids and he has been there for me ever since. This piece captures the essence of true love. It is not the stuff that romance novels and movies are often made of. It is far more real and lasting.

  82. 119
    Melissa Judd says:

    I have not ever read anything that so beautifully describes real love. This should be required reading for every young person considering marriage.
    Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!!

  83. 120
    Christy Garner says:

    So incredibly beautiful. I found this kind of love the second time around and thank God everyday for it. Thank you for sharing your love story.

  84. 121

    Thank you for this post. I really loved it.

  85. 122
    E in MD says:

    There is a rumor, an urban myth, a fiction, a fantasy, a black and white screen cliché that love looks like the mad, romantic dash through airports for a last chance at a flailing kiss.

    He’s never run through an airport for me.

    Probably a good thing since these days that’d get you tackled, arrested and body cavity searched by the TSA.

  86. 123

    I haven’t cried so hard since I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife.

  87. 124

    when i was pregnant with my daughter, i was so, so sick… the first two trimesters, i was getting sick 2 – 3 times a day. by the 3rd trimester, it dwindled down to 3-5 times a week.

    one morning, i was about to go to work (i teach), and all of a sudden, the nausea struck. if the couch hadn’t been in the way, i would have made it… but alas, i was too late. down the hall, up the walls, all on me. and i HAD to leave to teach or i’d be late.

    without blinking an eye, my husband told me to go change, and not to worry… he’d take care of it all. when i left 5 minutes later in a new outfit, he was on his hands and knees, scrubbing the floor.

    i told my students that day (i teach college) that true love isn’t a dozen roses, a romantic dinner, or a hand-written poem placed on your pillow.

    true love is when you make a mess of your life, and your spouse looks at you, the mess you are, the mess you made… and says, “don’t worry, i’ll clean it up.”

  88. 126

    Needed this wonderful reminder today. Thank you!

  89. 127
    Kimberli says:

    Thanks for putting into words how I feel about my hubby, wonderful blog post!!

  90. 128

    He needs to do something about that broken cupboard and the air conditioning in the car. That shit drives me crazy and makes me feel WAY less loved.

    • 129

      Maybe you need to quit nagging him, then he might fix stuff. Your nagging doesn’t make him feel loved.

    • 130

      Wow, I don’t know what the rest of your relationship is like, but if I talked to my husband like that there would be much less love in our marriage. It is a 2 way street, each partner needs to show love and gratitude more than they get it in order for a strong loving marriage to develop.

  91. 131

    My husband never ran through the airport for me either…. yet what you just wrote down to the 3 kids and the car with the broken air-conditioning could have been us. He worked hard, played harder and died so peacefully after heart surgery that he left such a quite aching hole in all our lives.
    Thank you for reminding me that the love I shared with him for 11.5 years was better than any love story on the big or small screen. Our love was the real deal in sickness (of kids and self), in health, and in the everyday of it all.

  92. 132

    This is simply beautiful. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have such a man as my husband, too!

  93. 133

    This is so beautiful and amazing.
    Ladies, if you have this kind of man, tell him and tell him often. To many of us have found ourselves looking into the face of sex addiction…known as selfishness, narcissism, alcoholism, addiction, etc and we are devastated.

    We do not believe that men like this exist, so if you have one..Tell Him :)

  94. 134

    Truly one of the best things I have ever read!

  95. 135

    Thank you for that awesome reminder of what love really is. I loved this post!

  96. 136

    I am 74 years old. I was married to a man who stuck by me and our three wonderful children for 38 years. Always providing in the best way that he could; sometimes working two or three jobs at a time, making sure that our basic needs were met. Making sure that our children knew about morals, honesty and manners. Yes, through all those years we argued, disagreed, forgave and loved. Be sure to treasure the smallest of moments with your mate. He passed from an aneurysm at the age of 58, but he is still with us. Sometimes, the smallest most insignificant things turn out to be the biggest most important things in your marriage..Happy that I didn’t miss the dance.

  97. 137

    Too right! I often tell my wife I can fight my own battles, and even though it is something we sometimes argue about, I am grateful there is someone who wants to stand up with me. Vet visits, dinners, starting a business… we’ve held hands through all of this. I don’t need her to run through an airport for me. With the love I get, I am not going anywhere.

    I once dated a woman who actually offered to run through an airport for me. It wasn’t romantic. It was downright creepy. We’d only dated twice.

  98. 138

    If my former husband of 34 years would have been just a quarter of that loving then we might still be together. We had four children, each one busy with his/her own sports activities. He was a busy lawyer-sometimes too busy to attend their games. I had to be dad to our only son a lot of the times. I didn’t mind it so much until it came to throwing a football. Not too good. All I can sayis that this couple is very lucky to have each other. That being a good dad is not always found in a book and that a good mom is tired most of the time! Bravo!!!

  99. 139

    Thank you for posting this. I needed to read this!! And later, when I talked to my husband and told him about how much more of a love story we had because of all he does now, of how he was there for me during my csection, and how he sacrifices for us willingly, it really hit him. I think we as women fall into that “romantic trap” from what we see in movies and novels, and this is an awesome reminder that we have the best love story ever written. Thanks for sharing your heart!!!

  100. 140

    Don’t for get forgiveness my man is all that and forgives me, And don’t forget we need to be all that for him too.Great love goes both ways.
    You can’t have an airport romance if you never go to the airport but every day you can express your undieing love for your man and he to you in all the little things you do every day for each other.

  101. 141

    I am 35 years old. Married 12 years with three kids. And sometimes I still long for him to run through an airport for me. But this. This is truly much better! Thank you for the reminder.

  102. 142

    Thank you for this. I have this kind of husband and I’m thankful for a man that loves The Lord more than he loves me. I love how you weaved scripture into the post . Fantastic writing

  103. 143

    This is SO LOVELY. I love this line: “even when we’re wretched and fighting we’re always fighting our way back to each other.” And I love the idea of “sacred boring.” You are a wonderful writer.

  104. 144

    As one of the few men posting a reply, all I can say is this…

    Every man wants to be cherished too; he wants to be appreciated for his acts; his hard work; his constant efforts to regain composure after a long days work and give more; he wants to know about the details that you appreciate; the touches you cherish; the acts that seem to go overlooked, but noticed by you. Why? Because, a good man tries hard to earn the respect, admiration and love of his wife. It’s how we’re wired. It’s what we want when we’re trying oh, so, hard.

    I love posts like these. All I’d ask is that you don’t just read this, comment and LIKE it on Facebook…please tell it to HIS face. Tell him about the details you notice, don’t just notice. Find a meaningful way to express what’s in your heart and mind.

    When men feel like they’ve done well, they rest and relax. Wives, you hold a lot of power in their self-awareness and satisfaction.

    • 145

      Kyle –
      I can’t agree with you enough! My hubby and I had weathered 11 years and 2 children and were content. Yet, one day after reading a marriage book about love and respect, I realized that I had never told him how much I respected how hard he works for our family. I started telling him that night. The reciprocation was immediate. I was so self-centered through those first years of marriage not realizing how much he needed to hear those words from me. Now, I make sure to tell him as much as possible that I respect him and am so grateful for the sacrifices he makes for our family. The last four years (and one more kiddo) have been filled with more two-way support, love and happiness than the first 11 combined! So, YES! Women! Tell your hubbies how much you appreciate their sacrifices of: working the job they don’t like for the money that keeps your family afloat, their free time and rest time after they get home from said job, paying for whatever they family needs instead of the item they’d love to have, etc., … You will be so glad you did. :)

      • 146

        Jai. I’m afraid that because men often get labeled as non-emotional beings, their “needs” are relegated to sex and food. This couldn’t be further than the truth.

        I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve recognized your man for what his needs are. I’m sure he’s a happy man!

    • 147

      Preach it, brother! So many times I needed to hear or feel an acknowledgement. Not even a word is necessary. Just a look or a hug or for her to reach out and hold my hand… makes all the hard work worth it. And I actually WOULD run through an airport for my woman, if the situation ever popped up.

      • 148

        Hi Tommy! I’m sorry brother. Getting your needs ignored sucks and isn’t fun to sort out. My guess is, your woman isn’t aware of your real needs; probably for a whole host of reasons that have nothing to do with you. I suggest sitting down with her and bearing what may feel like a very uncomfortable conversation, yet should yield a lot of fruit in the after. Godspeed! —Kyle

  105. 149
    To Love is magical says:

    He has never run through the airport for me, but taken care of me when I’m sick. He helps me who I am.

  106. 150
    Kelly S. says:

    [Did my comment get deleted?]

    • 151
      Lisa-Jo says:

      Hey Kelly, I haven’t deleted any comments but sometimes when comments post to fast they get caught in spam. I’ll go check…

      • 152
        Lisa-Jo says:

        I don’t see it – feel free to repost?

        • 153
          Kelly S. says:

          I just wanted to say what an encouragement it was for my young wife’s heart to read this post, as well as all the Amens. I think I’m still feeling the newlywed “high” to a point, but I never want to forget what a gift from God my husband is, and how he lives his love day after day. The love of my life, my best friend, chooses me every day. I never want to forget to let him know what he means to me, either. <3

  107. 154

    There’s something beautiful about the way you’ve strung these words together. This IS true love at its very essence. The giving of oneself and taking in return. Not to give 50% and the other to give 50% but everything that you are, both of you. To compromise and to trust, to uplift and to hold. Through every moment, big and small. How amazing is true love?

    All of the things that movies tell us is true love, all of the things we read in most of the books….you begin to realize that you are being lied to. Love is so many things all wrapped up in one bundle. It can’t be summarized by a single moment or word or action. It’s a lot of little things, and feelings, and actions that comprise love. Running through an airport, stopping your taxi, chasing you through the rain….what does that really show? We as human beings have to learn to dig a lot deeper for the truth, instead of relying on the world at large to show us what the truth is. This, this was an incredible post, and I thank you for it.

  108. 155


  109. 156

    Perfect. My husband is a perfect example of a HUSBAND and a FATHER. I too, am truly blessed to have this man by my side, both as a dad and as my best friend.

  110. 157

    I was blessed with this same sort of wonderful man. 25 years of marriage. We’ll be grandparents in a couple weeks. Thank you God, for my man!

  111. 158

    I love this! Thank you so much. We have three kids, our oldest with severe autism… and life goes along in ways that look rather unlovely to the naked eye. Then someone comes along and reminds us that it’s more than lovely. <3

  112. 159
    Melinda says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to your husband. You got me thinking about my own wonderful husband. He has never run through an airport to stop me from leaving, either, but he has been my best friend, my rock, and my encourager. When I met him, I had begun to think no one would ever love me as a husband should love a wife, but he saw something in me that made him want to get to know me better. Under his tender care, I gradually discovered what it was to be loved, and he became the best friend, the kindred spirit, I had yearned for all my life. We would talk for hours on the phone and watch movies together and once even sat in a tree house making a game of throwing twigs and leaves at each other at the same time that we had a serious conversation about our ideas on parenthood and education. On our first date, we had a picnic lunch in a park and sat on a bench looking out at the Colorado Rockies, discussing which mountain we would build our castles on if we could, and what different rooms they would have–agreeing that a huge library and a music room were absolute essentials. Our friends knew we would get married before we ever got engaged because we were acting “like an old married couple.” Since our marriage, he has been my rock. His love has seen me through giving birth twice, and he ran through an airport with me to catch a flight and travel across an ocean to adopt a child, because he believes that one purpose God gave him is to help make my hopes and dreams a reality. Years later, he held me in his arms and wept with me over the loss of the unexpected child we had known about for only one week, but had already committed to love with all our hearts. Now that we have three teenagers, he insists that they treat me with respect. I can always count on him to back me up. He listens to my concerns and takes action to allay them, and he has faith in my ideas. In the turbulent sea of motherhood, he is a rock I can cling to. He is also my encourager, the one who believes in me no matter what. He listens to me ramble on about the story characters and fantasy worlds and plots I hope will one day become a real book (or several) and he believes that I can do it. When I came up with the crazy idea of going back to school and getting my master’s degree, he said go for it, even though the extra tuition would mean tightening our belts. He is still listening to my dreams and helping me achieve them. Yes, he is my encourager… my rock… my best friend–a tangible example of Christ’s love for me–and I thank God for him every day.

  113. 160

    Great perspective, how wise you & your husband are! Him for keeping it real and you for recognizing it!

  114. 161

    Lovely words. Matches my feelings. So grateful that I cherish my 20 years of blissful ordinary with my sweet husband. I know that by the time our earthly story is finished it will be cumulatively more epic than any ol’ chick flick.

  115. 162

    I’m late to the party, but just wanted to say thank you. Powerful words. A stunning reminder to love well every day. Thank you.

  116. 163

    One of my other bloggers I follow wrote about how not to take your spouse for granted & you message just sums it up. Thank you! I try to be at the door right after the kids to show how much I’ve missed him. He’s my hero just as much as he’s theirs. How he does it with unfailing love, commitment, and complete understanding & patience is beyond me but how I love him for it. I don’t want him to run through the airport because I’m afraid I wouldn’t deserve him for whatever reason is be running away from him for…maybe running through the airport together because we’ll miss a flight due to our chronic lateness whenever saying goodbye to our children is involved. :-) My knight in shining armor is needed in everyday life a ton more than crazy romantic fantasies.

  117. 164

    It’s an awsome thing to be loved that way and after 20 years together my lovely wife hhaynay complemented me by saying I’m that guy! Well, we are in a time in our life where I’m (jokingly) trying to earn business class on southwest. As I sit in the Albuquerque airport getting ready to fly home to that all loving family that I have been blessed with, I realized I have another opportunity! Today, I will run through airports for the love of my life!
    H Nay MD

  118. 165

    This is awesome. I grew up reading romance novels and had this highly romanticized view of what marriage was supposed to look like. Now, I am so thankful for my boring love story. Thanks so much for sharing.

  119. 166
    Wendy Woodard says:

    I love this post. I did not have this in my early adult life, but I met an incredible man with incredible love to give. We were both basically thrown away by our previous spouses. People say that love will not last the second time around, I disagree with that, I believe sometimes you need to grow up before you can find this kind of love, I am so blessed that I have. Thank you for posting what I always felt about my marriage, it is the small stuff, touching his arm, a kiss on top of my head, helping with the dishes, and laundry. Taking our daughter to ballet class and being excited as she progresses in life. Thanks again.

  120. 167
    Melanie says:

    What a blessing such a loving husband is! You are one lucky woman. I have had the romantic airport kisses, but he forgot to keep loving me no matter what after we got married. I’d trade the dating romance for the marriage unconditional love any day.

  121. 168

    One more thing I would like to add, keeping love like this is very simple…Be interested. Take time to make each other feel loved, bake him a banana bread, go fishing with him, see a ballgame. I took my husband to Fenway Park in Boston, and to see the Bruins play and he was like a kid on Christmas morning, both trips were local as we live in Boston. But just the same I surprised him. He does things like turn the lights off in the dining room after I have set the table when our daughter is out, and put candles on the table. A simple yet very romantic gesture.
    Tells me I am beautiful, he will grab a brush and brush my hair out as he loves my long hair.
    Praise each other, it means more than most think.

  122. 169

    Your writing is exquisite! I’m so glad your post was shared, and appeared on my Facebook news feed! My husband of 21 years is just such a man. He’s my second husband. Glad I didn’t settle for Mr.Wrong for long.

  123. 170

    I can see why this post crashed your server for 2 days. Women are fed “romance” via books and movies that feed only the emotions and sentiments that we don’t realize so often what real love looks like. We look for the heart pounding excitement thinking that is love and we ignore the patient, unselfish love that sometimes is right before us. I have an amazing husband myself and I am so grateful to God for blessing me with him. Thanks for your post!

  124. 171

    i really love this.

  125. 172

    I cannot stop reading this. Truly, Beautifully written. My love story to a tee, right down to the white mini-van! Thank you for your words that opened up my soul a little more tonight!

  126. 173

    I am ashamed for not realizing that I have one of these. A man that will do anything for me, has done everything for me…will do everything, maybe even run through an airport if necessary.
    And will try and appreciate him more..although it hard work.

  127. 174

    The only time my husband ran thru an airport for me, was when he was trying to catch one of the kids who was making a getaway! We have been together for 25 years, married for 18 and have 5 beautiful daughters ages 11 and under. Through all the crazy, mundane, scary, fun, boring and normal days, he is my constant.

  128. 175

    This was beautiful. And you have described my husband of more than 51 years. No, he never ran through an airport for me either but I always knew he was there. Thanks so much for this.

  129. 176
    Melissa says:

    You can’t chase people through the airports anymore, you’ll get tazed or shot by security. My husband is like yours in that he tells me he loves me by word and deed so I don’t need to be chased down to be told. He knows when I go I am coming back and so he does not worry. This is a good reminder to not take their love for granted. Thank you.

  130. 177

    Love this so much. This is what it is all about, what life is w/ my husband and what I hope my girls have one day with someone.

  131. 178
    Tonya smith says:

    So very true, we’ve been together since sophmore year in high school. Had our ups and downs, had twins at 20, been so mad we wanted to kill eachother, but have always prevailed, he has spent his whole life making me happy and loving me even though I’ve gained weight and not 130 like I was back then , but has loved me unconditionally 100 per!! He is wonderful :) and I wouldn’t know what to do without him. We take alot for grantit, get stuck in the every day ritual of everything, you just have to stop take a break and reflect and and let eachother know they are appreciated for everything they do. It can be a long windy hard road, but when u have eachother to lean on it gets easier.

  132. 179
    Carrie Taylor says:

    Just beautiful!! Made me cry!

  133. 180
    Penny-Ann Singer says:

    It’s just so wonderful to know that there are so many, many people out there, who like me have been lucky. After 44 years of married life together, I can honestly say you were talking about me! Blessed and loved beyond my wildest dreams, and he is still here, right by my side, and for this I am grateful everyday, to this wonderful man who asked me to marry him way back on April 30th 1968. Brian, I love you….x

  134. 181

    Great article, thank you for posting! So many people could benefit from reading this! -Amanda

  135. 182

    This is the most beautiful post I have read in a long time. Thank you. I would like to link back to it from my blog for others to see.

  136. 183

    I loved this post! One day I hope to have someone that will do some of the same things for me. Though at 33, I don’t think it will happen. I get my romance from the romance novels that I read knowing that it won’t happen for me.

    God Bless you and your family.

    • 184
      Deirdre says:

      Sarah – at 33 you have plenty of time. I met my husband when I was 42. Stay positive and don’t waste time with men who don’t have a strong character, and you’ll find this too…

      • 185

        Thanks Sara! I focus on who I am for others and wait for someone who can be the same for me.

  137. 186
    Tamara Monoskie says:

    Great article – really made me cry and so thankful there’s marriages out there like that. I don’t have the “there for me” in all life’s little moments husband. I thank him for not cheating, I thank him daily for working a job and I thank him often for not yelling at me or our 3 girls, but he has never been there for me in the delivery room, during my 2 miscarriages, or any sleepless baby nights since. He moved out of my bedroom while I was pregnant with our firstborn and never moved back. Ladies, count your blessings if your husband is invested in your family life and your children. I would give anything for that!

    • 187
      Rebekah Carpenter says:

      I hear your pain and felt the exact same way…it is awesome to know they are out there but I wish I had found one of my own.

  138. 188
    Nancy Spencer says:

    My husband never ran through an airport for me, but he did help me care for my elderly parents for over 5 years. We missed many social events, vacations and time together as a couple but he never complained. I did not cook; he said that was okay. Our home was a mess; it did not matter. Him showing selfless love and concern and giving hands-on care to my parents was the kindest and most loving thing he has done for me in our over 30 years of marriage. I fell in love with him all over again. He never ran through the airport for me; he was always at my side.

  139. 189
    Rebekah Carpenter says:

    This made me cry. He left 16 months ago after 19 years and three kids. I did not know they willingly did the dishes without making you feel bad they did it….Held your hand for 3 births…I could hardly get him to stay in the hospital (the last one I was in for two solid months) for mine. Touch toes only…If we were not…then he left the room. I am looking to others to show me what real love and marriage looks like it is a bittersweet experience. Thank you for this and sharing.

  140. 190

    So true…thanks for the reminder that real love trumps make-believe.

  141. 191
    Kathy Van Liew says:

    Thank you SO much for this wonderful post! My daughter “liked” it and shared it and I just read it and am so blessed and REMINDED. Reminded to be thankful, reminded to be complimentary, reminded to save energy for our relationship and not spend it all on others. We have worked so very hard at our marriage. Thankfully, the LORD has been with us at each step of the way and we just celebrated 35 years. We are at the best place we have ever been in our marriage. It is worth the hard work! Thank you for reminding me to be thankful and to voice my thankfulness to my husband and our God! XoXo

  142. 192
    Denise Cothran says:

    Amazing love story.

  143. 193

    This is beautifully written. I feel the same about my husband who has never run through an airport for me. He has been a husband who is always there through the thick and thin, sickness and in health, and the birth of our 4 beautiful daughters. He is a phenomenal dad who goes to work early so he can be at their performances and work the tech. in the sound booth for them. He is a Godly man who lives his love for Jesus and his family everyday. Who could ask for more?

  144. 194

    love shows itself in a million other ways that running through airports!

    if it’s not like the movies then it probably is the real thing.
    atleast the kind that last “for better or worse.”

    thanks for causing me to see {again} the treasure i have in this man of mine!

  145. 195

    My husband has run through an airport for me. Every time he flies out for work, I know that he is living for his return flight out to get back home to me and our 3 girls to share in and catch up on the mundane, day-to-day hustle and bustle that is life. Life that he HAS to miss out on to provide for his family. Even though I don’t say it half as much as I should, I am eternally grateful to him for all that he does for us and all of the sacrifices that he has personally made for us. I am the most grateful for the wonderful father he is to our girls. I only pray God has chosen wonderful, loving, supportive husbands for my daughters…like the one He chose for their mom.

  146. 196

    so beautiful. so well stated.

  147. 197

    After 21 years and 5 boys i look back and there are several years that are in a fog. Some moments I would love to not have experienced. But, we never gave up. He is a great father and friend, anticipating needs before they arise. I never thought about the run throught the airport thing. This made me realize that he does that on a regular basis. He travels a lot, so he has many times told me that he had to hurry to catch the connecting flight to get home. He just wanted to be with us. To be able to hold me as he falls asleep. Lately that hasnt meant too much, but this has helped put into perspective what kind of guy I am blessed to have in my life. Thank you.

  148. 198
    Angela Dephouse says:

    Made it through this post without crying…until I read it aloud to my husband. My husband who made breakfast and lunch for me and our 6 children today. My husband who pumped up bike tires and greased chains to take kids on a bike ride all through the neighborhood today. My husband who hung a tire swing in the front yard today. My husband who led our family by example in worship at church today. Yeah, he’s a keeper. He has never run through an airport for me.

  149. 199

    You’ve got it! Hurray!! I never understood the total devotion and pure love men had for their wives until I read a book my husband bought me: “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands”. It’s not a woman bashing book like I thought – but one that shows your husband’s heart. I knew I had a good husband before I read it but afterwards I saw into his heart and so many other loving husbands that are misunderstood. I tell young moms to stop watching those movies!

  150. 200
    Sheila Dailie says:

    Beautiful, Lisa Jo! And no less true after the children are grown and gone. True love sometimes looks like a screen house so we can enjoy a few minutes on a summer evening with fewer-than-usual mosquitoes!

  151. 201

    This was honestly THE best article on true love and marriage I’ve ever read. I hope you don’t mind that I printed it out (with your name and website credited in bold) to share with my less internet savvy friends and family. Thank you for this and for so beautifully describing the truth about commitment and love.

  152. 202
    Hillary says:

    Made me cry–happy cry.

  153. 203

    I can’t even find a guy for an “adult relationship” who is mature enough to be honest, faithful, trustworthy, safe, etc. I can’t find anyone who will love me the right way, in a long term relationship, much less find a tale of heightened romance like this. I’m choosing loneliness over settling for someone who treats me like a doormat. Anyone who has someone who loves them and sticks faithfully by their side, who you can laugh with and get through the tough parts of life with together, as a team..should consider themselves very blessed and fortunate. When you think your love life is “boring”, be reminded and thankful it isn’t loveless, or abusive, or absent altogether.

  154. 204
    Patrick says:

    Beautiful. Tearing up here.

  155. 205
    Christine says:

    This post is exactly what all women are really looking for!
    Unfortunately I thought I had this at least till a little over a year ago!
    My man whom had been warned that talking and “chatting”, would lead to more and always said it just in fun. Well during my most needful time I was taking care of my father who wa dying with lung cancer, he began an affair with multiple women through an online dating/friend chatting site. I had had suspicions and through my snooping I found out and attempted to lure him into conversations in the site. Eventually my time with my dad passed and I was devastated and facing major surgery as well. I again started my snooping at this time. This time I found not only how he was talking to them I found out whom as well. When I found out that he had actually had sexual relations I was and am still devastated, I never knew I had to fight for my marriage when we both had come from horrible marriages before! I confronted one and later found out that I had spoken to this woman whe I had been checking on his phone calls that had appeared on our phone records. She still met him and was kinda his regular. He lied to them all I know that but when I confronted him he denied parts of it till I informed him that I had talked to all of them! I don’t know if I will ever be able to trust him or if I will ever feel like I was “the one” for him as now I still question our past from the time we met till the present. He says he is done and he never wants to hurt me like that again! But I trusted his words for 17 years we lived together for 6 and have now been married for 13 it still very hard but I’m sticking I out because I have faith in god that this is what my vows meant to love honor and cherish my husband doesn’t know how to show me most of these things but he is a good provider and he was great with our children, we now have grandchildren and yet I still struggle everyday to try to not hate him and remember that there was a time I think that I could believe him and I felt like the love I needed and still hope for was there. Not giving up yet hoping for the best.

    • 206

      Christine, he might truly mean he is done cheating. I did most of the things Lisa-Jo wrote about. It took years of living with a wife who seemed to hate everything about me to convince myself that I was entitled to better. I cheated. I actually thought I was taking care of my own heart for a change. How my wife managed to forgive me and keep working on our marriage, and loving me again is beyond me. I stayed. Things are so different and better than they were before, but every day I am embarrassed and ashamed of my lack of character and courage. I am damaged goods. I can never claim to be that hundred percent kind of man again. If I could undo it, no price would be too high. You may never regain your complete trust, but if you stay, you have to find the strength to forgive completely. It might seem wise to keep your guard up, but waiting and watching to make sure he doesn’t do it again is just going to add to the shame and stress he probably carries every day.
      I don’t deserve her forgiveness any more than I “deserve” Christ’s. But I need both every day.

      • 207

        We just passed the 23 year mark. I could not fully explain to our daughter why I wanted to start the count over at 1.

    • 208

      Christine, I hope you and your husband are in counseling now. The two of you have a lot to work out and that isn’t something that most of us can do alone. And if your husband won’t go to marriage counseling with you, please go for counseling for you. You’ve been deeply hurt and you need to look for what’s best for you. And if your husband truly wants to save the marriage, he should be willing to go with you.

  156. 209
    Anna Norman says:

    This made me ball and then made me write a sweet note to my amazing husband who sounds just like yours. I am guilty of being like that high schooler and by God’s grace, I have been given a man who knows real love-not just the running through the airport kind :)

  157. 210

    That’s precious! Very well written.

  158. 211

    I could not have said it better. This truly is real romance.

  159. 212

    Love this!! Thanks for sharing.

  160. 213
    Bethany says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you for reminding me of the kind of love I am waiting for… the consistent, everyday love. Not the unpredictable love. The man that will do things to make me happy and that’s enough to make him happy. The man who doesn’t have to be begged to be by my side. Because I give just as much in a relationship and deserve nothing less. Waiting for the sacred boring, the holy ordinary… and until then, I will be happy knowing I’m not settling.

  161. 214

    reading this makes me want a wife so badly…im so alone :(

    • 215

      Hang in, there man! At some point you’ll find her and she’ll find you and this will only seem like a momentary downturn. I’m praying for peace for you in the meantime!

  162. 216

    So true. We have been married for 14 years and this is how our love is. My husband loves me something fierce and he loves this family. Every day, even when we are fighting about the little things, I am grateful beyond words for this man. It’s all about the details and not forgetting them. Who needs airport runs… When we have the slow walks, hand holding, never letting go moments. Thanks for sharing!

  163. 217

    I thought about sharing this post with my husband and telling him “THANK YOU” for being this kind of man; and loving me with real, true love. But I decided better of it. You’ve inspired me to write my own personal post to my husband. I know without a doubt we both could really benefit from it. And I’m happy to credit you as my inspiration in my post! Thank you for such a beautiful reminder to us all who are living so-called boring love lives. They aren’t really boring at all.

  164. 218

    This is the type of husband and father I want to be. I pray so passionately that I will grow up to be a man like this.

  165. 219
    ES Morley says:

    …but I have run through an airport for her….she was boarding the plane with the car keys I needed…

  166. 220

    I’d never give my husband a reason to run through the airport for me.

  167. 221

    Oh, gosh! That was beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  168. 222

    This is so well said! I love it and thank you for sharing it! You sometimes forget how amazing each of our stories actually are!

  169. 224
    Cindy Borders says:

    After almost 30 years, my husband,who “stepped” in and raised my two daughters from my first marriage and gave me the most amazing son on earth, he’s never “ran through an airport” for me, either. The closest was probably driving in circles around the airport when I was getting bags after yet another trek cross-country for work, hating traffic as he does, greeting me by opening the door from the driver’s side as I jumped in with my bags (no stopping remember!). No, the romantic things he’s done have been more solid, he’s a builder.

  170. 225

    Love this post. My husband doesn’t take me dancing or run through airports or buy me things to impress me. But my husband got up every night when the babies cried so I did not have to do it alone, he held my hand and cried with me when I was in the hospital having a miscarriage, he works very hard and makes sure to call me at least once a day just “to hear my voice”. He is the hero of 2 little boys – he is Mr. Fix-it – he is Mr. Wrestle-on-the-floor – he is the man who cried while watching Disney’s “UP”. He is the love of my life. I could go on and on… thank you for this post.

  171. 226

    I have to say I completely agree with this. I love my romance novels but I love my hubby more. While we don’t cuddle and don’t hold hands, if I ask him to do something he does it. If I tell him I need time alone, he keeps the kids occupied. If I want to buy something, we find the money. He is my rock even though some days I want to drill that rock into the ground! He has never ran through an airport for me (Never been to one…LOL..) but he has taken care of me through 2 tough pregnancies, 2 c-sections, and when I lost loved ones he is my shoulder to cry on if I need it. He has always been there for me and I truly believe he always will! That is true love. The romance is just a bonus!

  172. 227

    My man is a quiet, small, brilliant, truthfull man. He never ran through an airport for me a cause her always there early to pick of us. If has been w of and my three girls for 22years n her everything that was the original text. BUT,… Somehow I am the only one who Sees it. TGATP our connection. And I’m satisfied even when we have our tough times. <3 KGB

  173. 228

    Hi Lisa Jo! Thanks so much for sharing this blog post, it hit home for me on many levels and is a great reminder to remember the man/person that I married for all the things that he is, and not to dwell so much on the things he is not. I shared your post on my blog with some other great posts that I have read this week and wanted to share with others. Thanks for your honesty and perspective, it is refreshing. Take care! Iris

  174. 229
    Robyn Chilcoat says:

    This post brought me to tears. Happy tears, and something I needed to read. I often look over the ordinary things my husband does for me and our 2 boys that shows how much his unconditional love is for us. Thanks for this and the new prerspective on life!

  175. 230

    I absolutely love your perspective.

  176. 231

    I needed this…thank you

  177. 232

    This is what real love looks like :) Thank you for sharing.

  178. 233

    This is perfect. I’ve been feeling blah about our marriage lately. This is really what I needed to read. Down to the one broken hung in the kitchen that drives me crazy! Thank you do much for these words and moments. You are so right! My husband has never run through an airport for me.

    He’s walked beside me carrying our babies.

  179. 234

    Just wow! Brought tears to my eyes. This kind of love takes so much more than what is portrayed in the movies. Thank you for putting it into words. Exactly how I feel about my hubby.

  180. 235
    MrsUSMC says:

    We had one date. One. At 25 & 28 we didn’t have ‘magic’, or airports or champagne and roses. God said “This is the one.” We married 4 1/2 months later as we were learning to love one another. We just celebrated 29 years. Sometimes we’ve longed for the ‘magic’, yet we love each other and are so committed. And we’ve seen our friends and acquaintances be on their 3rd, and sometimes 4th, “Mr” or “Mrs Magic”. We’ve birthed 3 children and another awaits us on heaven’s shores. We have another daughter added by marriage and 2 lovely grandchildren. It’s not been easy. Many seasons of unemployment, temper tantrums, illness (usually mine but once near deadly cancer with our adult child). He’s torn off roofs with a friend when computer jobs weren’t available. He gave up his hobbies so we could eat. He’s supported our adult daughter and her young child because she’s no longer well enough to support herself.

    We are still together first and foremost NOT because of our commitment to each other, but because of our commitment to follow Jesus and be pleasing to Him. And out of that relationship with Him comes the humbleness required to keep a marriage strong and healthy. With all we’ve faced we could have easily broken up if either of us hadn’t chosen to honor our vows to each other but mostly to God. We’ve had friends where one of them decides the marriage part of the Bible’s admonitions don’t apply to them and devastation has followed in the wake of that choice. We grieve for them–and purpose in our own marriage to do everything possible to honor the Lord and protect the lives of each other and our children from unnecessary damage. Thank you for such a beautifully written commendation of the man who loves you!

  181. 236

    I am in tears, this is a beautiful reminder, thank you! I just had our second baby 2 weeks ago, and the things my husband has done for me are probably down right gross, but he did them anyway and still tells me I’m pretty.

  182. 237

    Thank-you for having the ability to put into words, what others are unable to.

  183. 238

    Thank you for writing this. Thank you. From a wife who has longed to write similar words for a similarly ‘lays his life down for us’ kind of man, thank you!

  184. 239

    So well written. I love it…all of it.

  185. 240

    This is exactly my husband! He is all these things and I glad that this is the way he loves me and my children and I love him! He will never have to run through an airport for me!!!

  186. 241

    After 25 years of marriage, I was faced with an unexpected divorce. This good man, an awesome father to our beautiful kids, wanted out and wanted me out. We were devastated and 3 years later, still struggle to understand. I have learned so much living alone and have become a strong, independent woman. I have recently been surprised by a new relationship with Mr. J, a man who has basically raised his 3 kids on his own, two of them with special needs. Sometimes I wonder what love is and if I am even capable of being in a relationship again. I’ve had the ‘we look perfect’ romance and it was a fantasy.

    The post says “This is love with the lights on and eyes wide open. This is the brave love, the scared love, the sacred boring, the holy ordinary over sinks of dirty dishes and that one cupboard in the kitchen with the broken hinge.”

    Maybe I can find real love…

  187. 242
    Kristen Baxter says:

    So beautifully written. You wrote about our life as well. So true. So love.

  188. 243

    Thank you for this post. I was talking with a friend two days ago about whether or not I knew what real love is (romantic love – I know about God’s love, my family’s love, etc.). I am afraid I long for a husband because of Hollywood Movies Love — Heightened emotion, never-see-the-dog-days romance. This has renewed my belief that I need to pray that God shows me the difference and that, should I ever marry, I find the true love that you speak of.

  189. 244
    Sandy Anderson says:

    My husband has run through an airport for me – usually running away to catch the plane he almost missed cause it took us soo long to say goodby as he headed back to where his ship was docked for how long?? 7 mos you say. I loved the above story – brought back so much I miss since my husband passed suddenly almost four years ago…….I like you would never care if he had or had not ran through an airport for me or vice versa – I just know he was an amazing man even at the young age of 17 when we first “locked eyes” – 50 plus yrs we had together – two amazing daughters and six even more amazing grandsons,………he gave and he gave and he gave and to those who still have that person that just might still run through an airport for you I tell you CHERISH every moment because when it is gone – it is gone,…………so miss – so miss him…living on memories step by step and faith in God,……..looking around I see his face in every grandson – his hands on every pc in this house I touch – his smell of his cologne lingers in his shaving drawer………too young to leave us – he will always be in our hearts and heaven holds the one we love. See you soon and I will be running through the clouds to you……..thanks for letting me share

  190. 245

    So well written it tugs at my heartstrings. Thank you thank you thank you. I’d never give up my sacred boring for a man chasing me in an airport :)

  191. 246
    MsMoneypenny says:

    If anyone ran through an airport like that, I think the TSA would stop him. Or her.

    If anyone tried to stop ME from getting on a plane, I’d be pissed and demand compensation for my missed flight.

    Don’t clip MY wings!

  192. 247
    Alexandra says:

    I have Bren with my fiancé for 3 years and we’re getting married in 10 months.
    Although we’ve not been together long in the grand scheme of things, I grew up with no active father and so this kind of love, the true kind of love, is what I crave. Now and then I see his younger brother flirt with his girlfriend and I wish that he would treat me like that in public…. But that thought is quickly dismissed. He is kind, he protects me, he looks at me with an unconditional love, he watches over me when I’m sick, he never leaves and he never let’s me leave, even if we both want to. He is waiting with me until marriage, he mows my family’s lawn, he carries things for me,… He may not bring me flowers very often, but every day be shows me his love– holding my bags, rubbing my neck, talking about our days, listening to my opinions, encouraging me… I KNOW that this is the kind of man he will be to me for forever. I know that my children will have the kind of father I always wanted.

    Another note… There is a difference between compliments and encouragement. Compliments are nice, but they don’t last as long. Look for the one who will encourage you, not flatter you.

    This is the kind of marriage my grandparents have had for the last 65 years. I can’t wait to start mine<3

  193. 248

    I have been with my boyfriend a total of two years and two months. We took a break for 2 years as he moved to a different city for college and I had obligations that I had to stay where I lived. We got back together about a month ago and we couldn’t be happier. I am moving to the city he is in to go to college and also be closer to him. I’m only 22 and don’t have that much experience with “love” but I knew the first time we were together that we were meant to be I guess you could say. We broke up because we were immature and could not really be together. We broke up for two years and stayed friends. During those two years we both grew and matured and realized what we wanted in life. We saw each other a few times over the two years but I don’t believe God’s plan was for us to get back together those times. They were very awkward as we tried to see each other with out the feelings coming back. Also we were in relationships whenever we did see each other. On the 4th of July we were both in the town we went to high school in to spend the holiday with our families. He spent a good portion of the day with me and my family, leaving only for a few hours to do his family BBQ then cam back to watch the fireworks. The next day he came over to my Grandparents house as soon as we were both up and didn’t leave until the wee hours of the morning. Playing games with my family and I. When I had to leave he came to say goodbye to me as I live in a different city as my grandparents. Recently I had a vacation from work and spent the time with him where he lives and it was the best week and a half of my life. I got everything ready for school starting in August and got to know more of his family. We haven’t been together long and I’m not sure if it’s still the “honeymoon, puppy love” stage or if it true lasting love but he helps me to stop and smell the roses as I am a very negative person and am always down trodden and sad and I help him to think more into the future as he is a very go with the flow type guy. He holds my hair when I get sick, holds me when I cry but tells me what I need to hear, even if it’s not what I want to hear. He holds my hand in public and always says he has the most beautiful geek around. We went floating and got really bad sun burns and even though it hurt him he still held me in the airport when I had to leave to get back to reality. I’ve been away from him for about three days now and it’s awful, a terrible heart ache has gotten me and I can’t wait until we are together. I have hope that this is real deal and he’ll be the one that our kids run up to when he gets home or gets me a glass of water in the night someday. For now we are taking it one day at a time. I want to say thank you for the post, it is absolutely beautiful. I would rather have that type of a love then a love that only last a few moments when a man runs after me in an airport. I now know that it is the little things that he does for me and that I do for him that will hopefully someday lead us to a happy and healthy marriage. My dad has been divorced and now does not have a healthy marriage but they are making it work for their three very little children and I don’t want that to be me someday. So again thank you so much for shining the light on how a healthy marriage should be. I know it will not be easy and there will be many hurdles to jump over but I know if I can remember that it’s the little things then it will be ok.

  194. 249

    Thanks for this great picture of what true love really is. And what we need to teach our children love is……Our society gives a very distorted view….but love isn’t just the high moments. It’s being there through the good and the bad….it’s staying true to your vows when the going gets tough. It’s loving your spouse when they’re not acting very loveable. And love like this is so much better and stronger than one high moment in an airport….

  195. 250

    After 37 yrs, 4 children, and 7 grandchildren I read this and wondered how you got inside my head. My amazing husband has done all this, and never asked for anything in return except that I love him.

    And, I do. More and more each day.

  196. 251

    This explains my husband exactly. After 30 years of marriage and our last daughter is about to leave for college, he has been a blessing through all the mundane days.

    Thanks for a great post.

  197. 252
    S Ferguson says:

    I’ve never thought my love story was boring. I met my husband at 14 at the public pool and were were ‘summer loves’ for two years. Then he was there at my senior homecoming game, giving me a hug and I would see him around until finally when I was 20 and he 19 we ended up together again and have been married now for almost 13 years.

    We have 4 kids and our life is far from perfect, but reading this put words to how I feel. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. It made me see how lucky I am and if my husband wasn’t currently at work working overtime to provide just a little more for us then he would be in my arms getting the hug and the thank yous and the I love yous that he deserves to hear a thousand times over.

    He may not have run through an airport for me, but he would walk through fire for me and our babies and I hope I never forget how beautiful that is – lights on, eyes open, extraordinary ordinary love.

  198. 253

    This is my absolute favorite post from you ever. Thank you. It’s beautiful.

  199. 254
    Caroline says:

    This is beautiful and has me in tears! What a beautiful reminder to us all – that life you described is WAY better than someone running through an airport – going to give my husband a hug right now – thank you!

  200. 255

    I love this!! I got married a month ago and am so thankful for my “normal” love story that is amazing in it’s “daily-ness”.

    There is a song by the Avett Brothers that is very fitting here…

    So you want to be in love like the movies,
    but in the movies, they’re not in love at all.
    With a twinkle in their eye, they’re just sayin’ their lines.
    So you want to be in love like the movies?

    Take a listen to the whole thing in the youtube link… it’s awesome!

  201. 256

    Thank you.

  202. 257

    I thought I married a man like this. Five beautiful children, a great church family, and a good life were not enough when pornography and online affairs came into the picture. We are divorcing after 24 years of marriage. This post made me cry for what was and what might have been.

  203. 258

    That was amazing!!

    I am married to that man too!

    I tell him all the time “I don’t think I am supposed to like you or love you this much.” He laughs and just smiles because he knows he is adored and has been for over 20 years, and to be his wife is to be so loved and protected and cared for that the amazingness of his love seems ordinary because it is part of who he is and comes so natural to him.

    Thanks for saying it!


  204. 259

    Wow. My breath is so taken away by the honest and true vein of your blog. I need to read this every day. Thanks for writing and reminding what true love is.

  205. 260

    My husband may not run through airports, but I run to him when he gets home.

  206. 261

    I’ve been married to my best friend and United States Marine for thirteen months. All I can say is that when I was younger I yearned for the love found in movies because I thought it worked that way. There was a spark and then a few months later boom perfect marriage. I dated several…not good people, because I wanted that love story and let’s face it…most love stories start off with broken and beautiful men. Well six boyfriends two rapes and finally at my lowest…he found me. He didn’t come in on a white horse, he came racing to my house in his Honda accord at one am going over 120 mph. We’ve laughed and we’ve cried. After all of the hard times we got married only to find that I was pregnant and he needed a stable job to keep us in our apartment. He left for California two months later, came home for a few weeks for Christmas and has been gone ever since. In thirteen months of marriage I’ve only laid next to him ninety-three nights but they are the best ones I could have asked for. This post definitely made me realize that my love story is all I need to keep me going. Thanks for this post. It’s inspiring and heart warming ad every girl should grow up knowing real life is far harder and more difficult than the movies, but it’s so much more worth it if you find the right guy.

  207. 262

    My husband wont even pivk up his own plate from the table, he absolutely does nothing for me, not even when I am sick. You are lucky to say all of this. But can he say something like this about you.

  208. 263

    This is beautiful and wonderfully written. Thank you.

  209. 264

    Thank you for this. This is such a description of my own amazing husband who will by the way, would never run through the airport too.. but he runs every day through life with me and the kids in such extraordinary ‘ordinary’ ways. Thanks again!

  210. 265

    Really loved this post. My fiance has (and probbaly never will!) ran through an airpot for me either, but he is man that I will stand beside forever, as he will me while we embark on this crazy, wonderful, stressful yet rewarding life ahead! Great post!

  211. 266
    Kendal R. says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I am a woman terrified to commit to someone and what you wrote just soothed the bitter old hag inside of me. Thank you for taking the time to write something beautiful. It impacted me enormously.

  212. 267

    I’ve tried my best to be there for my wife of thirty years and our ten children. I admit, though, I have never run through an airport. But OJ Simspon ran through a lot of airports, and look where that got him.

    Seriously, thank you for this post.

  213. 268
    Latarsha says:

    This is EXACTLY how I feel about my husband! He is all of that to our children and me and I love him to the moon and back. By the way, this was posted only 7\22, our wedding anniversary!

  214. 269

    Gorgeous. I comment on probably one blog a year and you’ve inspired me to sit down in the middle of my day while my two young boys play a spaceship game, with tears in my eyes, with a husband who is my rock and my soft place working away in his garage, to say thank you. You’ve nailed it, Lisa Jo. Thank you.

  215. 270
    Juan Figuroa says:

    Ladies, you’d better all hope he never runs through an airport for you. Because if he’s running, security’s chasing him with tasers drawn!

  216. 271

    Very well said!

  217. 272

    This just goes to show what true, mature love *really* looks like. There are so many young women out there these days waiting to be dramatically swept off their feet like in a scene from a romantic movie. If they are waiting for something like that to be the marker of what they’re really looking for, they will be missing out on a lot. True love is not always about lustful, graceful passion or fun, great times together. A man is a true hero when he remains by your side even after seeing you at your worst. Besides, who wants to be pursued in an airport? All that would do is draw a crowd….and these days, maybe security. Embarrassing! :-)

  218. 273

    This was so beautifully written! My forever man is the best husband, stepdad and travel partner I could have dreamed of….I thank God every day that he was by my side through family deaths nd disasters, including my own breast cancer…he still makes my heart beat faster and, despite no breasts, weight gain and grayling hair, I feel wanted and loved every day. And no, we have only run through airports together!

  219. 274

    This is beautiful! I actually had that run through the airport love (well, it was someone who drove 200 miles to surprise me and confess his love, but the sentiment is the same). And it lasted about as long as it took to make that run. That type of movie romance, of movie love – it isn’t real and it doesn’t last, as I know all too well. What you describe is exactly what I want and hope to find! Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture of what real love actually is! I absolutely do not want a man to run through an airport for me; I want a man who will walk with me through all parts of life.

  220. 275
    Rebecca says:

    Nope, my hub has never run through an airport after me but he did run through one when I was in labor with Jordan and he was returning from a two-week trip to West Africa, he’s a minister and was speaking in Ghana. He ran to be by my side and meet our Jordan and take care of our James, while I was in the hospital even after being awake almost 24 hours. Then toting my 4 step-kids, Ryan, Jesse, Amy and Lara, along to meet their new brother all while completely exhausted because that’s what love is. Then “camping” and sleeping on the family room floor when James would get the flu and was vomiting all over the place, nearing dehydration and I am crying because the doc wants to admit him into the hospital. Coming home from the office so I can go into a dark room to lie down because of my migraines. Loving me even when I didn’t love myself due to all my health struggles. I can go on and on and on….This is the fairytale I get live everyday. We will be celebrating 22 years of marriage this Saturday, August 3rd.

  221. 276

    I came from Kelly’s corner. Tears in my eyes. Amazing post!

  222. 277
    Kristen says:

    Thos is so wonderful. Your words are taken right from my lips, as they describe my husband and soulmate to a T. It is ten years tomorrow for us and it brought tears to my eyes that someone else is lucky enough to know the love I have found.

  223. 278

    This is beautiful and true and a reminder that those fantasies we have at 16 are often just that — fantasies. And that’s okay. Most of the time real life is better any way. All the things you’ve described that your husband has done — these are not the things we imagine at 16, but they are what good husbands and fathers do. I’m actually writing a memoir about love and it explores these ideas and your post is just perfect. Thank you!

  224. 279

    This is the man I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with. He may not be my 3girls father, but he is more to them than a dad. He is not perfect, but he is ours. The love of my life.

  225. 280
    Alyssa L. says:

    The night after he proposed, we left to go out to a fancy dinner to celebrate. I was not feeling well, and on the way there, I threw up in his car. He was not the least bit upset or annoyed. He told me not to worry about it and cleaned out his car while I laid down at his house and tried to feel better. That’s when I knew that I had made the right choice in saying yes.

    More recently, after 7 years of marriage, he held my hand while I gave birth to our stillborn son, our first child. He didn’t leave my side at the hospital and demanded nothing from me — he just gave and gave as we cried together. In the weeks since, he has shown me again and again what a wonderful husband and father he is.

    I know when we hopefully have children that we keep here on earth with us that he will be this kind of father to them.

    I wish I could go back and tell my younger self what love really is and that I would find it, truly for better or for worse — much better and much worse than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for capturing it so perfectly.

  226. 281

    So beautiful!

  227. 282

    I’ve been the one running through an airport for someone. Long distance love is hard. That being said, now I’m living with my husband and love is definitely more than running through an airport. It’s everything you said. It’s sad that it takes so many of us, so many years, to figure that out. Thanks for a great post, I’ve never read you before but I will be back.

  228. 283

    This was beautiful. Thank you for so eloquently sharing your heart and your love. My husband is a lot of this and works hard every day to love me in all these ways. Thank you for the reminder of what true love, lasting love, really is.

  229. 284
    mary hrovatic says:

    The story is moving to say the least and a blessed reminder of what love is BUT Your writing is what shines here! I could read and read work like this!

  230. 285

    Beautiful!!! My Husband of 40 yrs. Has done this too and now as we are entering that new season of our lives –he continues on thru the aches and pains of getting older.

  231. 286

    Well said and beautiful. Nearly 15 years into marriage, my husband has also never run through an airport for me. But he picked me up from the airport after an exhausting trip with a vanilla latte and a Twilight movie in hand. He used his sick and vacation time to take care of our kids when I was too emotionally sick to do the job. He held me long into the night when depression and anxiety made it hard for me to breathe. He calls me just to say “I love you, Beautiful”. He washes the dishes without complaining. He carries me to bed when I fall asleep on the couch. He’s my best friend and that is better than running through an airport!

  232. 287

    So very, beautifully, wonderfully true. Running through a single airport is nothing compared to the marathon my husband has run beside me called Life.

  233. 288
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. I have a question for you and all the women like you who are blessed with such amazing husbands. I have been married almost 2 1/2 years, and we have 2 young children, 18 months and 3 months old. My husband is Irish, and we are living in Dublin, though I am American. He is a children’s doctor and very passionate about his job. But it is part of the Irish culture that the women do all the work in the house and the men relax after working all day outside the home. He realises the fault in this and thinks that he is not like other Irish men, and tells me I do not appreciate all that he does. He sometimes cooks meals, because it is a hobby of his that he enjoys, not really as a way to help me. But he very rarely washes dishes, never does laundry, cleans, nothing. He very rarely plays with the kids or changes diapers. I put them both to sleep and get up with them every morning. I do not feel loved or appreciated, and I am exhausted. I tell my husband specifically what I’d like him to do differently, but he only gets frustrated that I am so “high maintenance” and always want him to do more.

    Also, when we disagree about things to do with the kids, he tells me I am being a ridiculous young mother and I should listen to him who is an experienced paediatrician who should know better than I. This is frustrating and degrading.

    I want to have a happy marriage, and I want my husband to be happy with our marriage as well. I am also aware how important it is for our children to have parents who love each other. Do you have any suggestions? I am losing hope.

  234. 289

    OMG! You couldnt have written it any better. Movies make Love look so easy most of the time- so much so that people tend to forget that it can be and is sometimes hard work, but worth it. Thank you so much for posting this!

  235. 290

    I love this post, not just because it’s so beautifully written, or because it echoes my feelings about my own marriage, but because of how much positive energy I’ve seen it spread in just one day. Since first reading it this morning, I’ve shared this post, seen it shared around by others, read hundreds of comments and reactions to it… For those it represents, it’s a poignant reminder. For those who haven’t found this kind of love, it’s a fountain of hope. Thank you so much for writing this. It has truly made my day and changed some paradigms.

  236. 291
    Shari B. says:

    It took a second marriage for me to find my one true love. We have a total of four children with the youngest being ours together. We have been together for 19 years and married for 6. This man has loved me beyond all reason since the day he first set eyes on me. He is a wonderful father and stepfather to all our children. He always puts me first and if we argue it is usually my fault. The past two years I have been battling Breast Cancer and that has made him love me all the more. He has held my hand and wiped my tears when I just can’t take it anymore. He has held my hair while I throw up. He has taken me to all my appointments and treatments. He feeds me ice chips when nothing else will do.He lets me sleep when I am tired. He goes to work and then comes home to cook, clean, do dishes, do laundry, look after the animals and whatever else may need doing. He keeps my parents and all the kids up to date with my progress. I could go on and on. He is my rock and I will love him for ever and ever, to the moon and back…..

  237. 292
    Gloria Phifer says:

    so realistic. So real. This is love. Not the running through the airport kind of guy ,but the faithful, dedicated,for real man. thank God for men who love their families and are always faithfully there bless your marriage always bless your eyes that can see the Real thing.

  238. 293

    What a blessing to have a man like that. I was not so blessed. It was constant control, ways to put me down, decisions that affected my life without so much of a thought about asking me. It was me up in the middle of the night even with two children 15 months apart and neither of them sleeping through the night till the younger one was 1 1/2 years old.
    Other things were more important for him to focus on. Anything to avoid me. Only helping for a few weeks after the baby and then in a fit of rage when he couldn’t stand the mess anymore. I was supposed to be his help… he had no obligation or desire to love or help me.
    I’m so happy that you have found such a wonderful man. I pray that one day I may meet one myself. I know I will not settle for anything less now.

  239. 294

    I LOVED this post last week. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought of all the day-in, day-out ways that my husband loves me and our family. He once slept on the tile floor of an itty bitty hospital room when our son was sick and I just couldn’t stand being alone at night in the hospital. He slept on a sleeping back on a cold tile floor with nurses walking all around and got up at 4am to go to work the next day. He did it because I needed him. And he did it without a complaint, with complete joy, with kindness and service and Christ-likeness. I wrote my husband a letter after I read your post, a thank-you for all the ways he loves us. Thank you for inspiring me, and so many others, to honor and thank our husbands for the ways that they love us day in and day out, in all the ways that don’t look like running through the airport for us, but that are so, so much more. Thank you!

  240. 295

    Most of us…will never have either of those things, your idea of love or that teenage boy’s.
    It’s an image that stays with us because we want to believe that the person who would do all those things in your post…would run to stop us on a flight we should never be on.
    Most of us will live much more complicated lives, with much less love than we should show one another. Or we will do those things out of duty rather than desire and wonder what is missing.
    Just as many people are reading your post and thinking “I wish someone was there to do that for me” as there are reading that teenager’s post and thinking the same thing.
    We all deserve someone who would do both…

  241. 296

    Where is the like button for this post? :-)

  242. 297

    My husband ran through an airport for me… because I still had the car keys. But he’s warm, kind, compassionate, has eyes that crinkle when he smiles, and always has my back. He’s a phenomenal father and not all that “romantic,” but he shows his love in a million different ways every day.

  243. 298

    This is an amazing and wonderful post; not only did I read that but all the comments as well! I married young — too young, as it turned out — and then was swept off my feet by an older, very self-confident man, one of those “bad boys” about whom your mother warned you. I actually left my husband who was, by the way, a wonderful, handsome, brilliant, loving and caring man. My second marriage was in many ways disastrous, and there were many times I seriously considered leaving. Because of my upbringing and the fact that I had already left one marriage, I hung in there, and — somehow — so did he. He totally loved and cared for the daughter I brought with me from my first marriage, he stayed and cared for us although I know there were times he would have loved to have left. I don’t think I ever let him know enough how much I appreciated all he did. At one time, in desperation, we attended Marriage Encounter, and that helped a lot for awhile. Over the years, and three more children later (he never even wanted children!), we began to realize what accumulated joint baggage we shared, we were amazed at the tumultuous ups and downs our marriage had been through, and at times he would astonish me with amazing grace, such as when I decided to take up an entirely new profession at age 60 and he gave me absolute support! After we had — finally — been married for 46 years, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and a couple of years later I finally had to place him in a nursing home. He passed away when we had been married for 49 years and two months. I am overwhelmed and gratified that our children (including my first) all were crazy about him (and he them!!!) and have so many wonderful memories of him. And, in the later years (before he became ill), he and I had some very good times and shared much with each other. So, to all those young pups out there looking for the movie romance — hang in there, BE there for each other, KNOW that it isn’t all music and flowers. LIFE is busy, messy, tedious and a lot more, but faithfulness and perseverance can make all the difference!!!

    • 299

      Wow, what a story of love. I’m glad the two of you hung in there together. Sounds like you built an amazing marriage and family.

  244. 300

    Beautifully written and so so so true!

  245. 301

    I love this! I’ve just enjoyed a few days on vacation with my husband. We held hands and enjoyed sunsets and marveled that we are every bit as much in love as when we were teenagers. And then some. Today we will go home to our beautiful children, a house to clean, groceries to buy, demanding jobs to do. And that’s when I will appreciate him even more. Thank you for this!

  246. 302
    Anonymous says:

    For those of us who are married, yours is a story I envy. That is my dream. I married my husband almost 20 yrs ago and he was my friend. Bit over these yrs I’m the one who is there to help ease the burdens. When I come home from work, the kids run to meet me, not dad. Why? Bc when I married I was in love with the idea of being in love. Not the right reason. I’m 41 with a failing body that makes it hard to work. But I’m the one everyone looks to for a home, a gift, a need, a hug, an encouraging word. Keep reading bc it’s not a long list of complaints, it’s for others to open their eyes to what you have. As I go to work in pain (on pain management care) I do it bc my family knows if I stop we will be homeless. My husband job jumps. Doesn’t like authority or advice of it points to him making bad decisions. He calls me daily with complaints about everyone at work stressing him. But when I thought I was going to lose my job bc of my back pain and got depressed, he flat out told me he didn’t need the stress and didn’t want to deal with the tears. He’s a very selfish man. He has said many times he will let a bill go before he will be broke. As I put all my money into our home and be lucky to be left with $25-50 to last me a month. Why don’t I leave? Same reason others haven’t left. Can’t afford court fees so I know he’d take the kids and hold them over my head to make me come back bc he knows my kids are my world. No family to run to. No money to leave with. Ah, the list goes on. Lots of women will read a book and dream about being rescued by a hot stranger and fall in love. Me, I look at families and wish I had a husband I could be myself with and lean on. Who would be my best friend And a dad that our kids would be proud of. Bw 2 kids from l-5 he has only attended one school function with us to see one song or in a play or even grad from 5th. When he calls we all cringe. When he pulls up we all cringe. I’m on med for anxiety bc of him. He doesn’t touch us. But he’s broken our hearts over and over. If you are single, give that average looking guy a chance. You aren’t going to be married to the young good looking guy you walked down te aisle w forever. Time changes our bodies and our personalities. It’s the guy that can make you laugh when you’re crying. Can make your fears less scary. The one that you k ow without a doubt will stop what he’s doing if he’s really needed. Spend time with te kids. Makes you comfortable to spill yourself. It’s those things that if you do have them then you don’t realize what you have. If you have a man like that he deserves to know what he means to you and your family. You’re very blessed to have him. That is your knight in shining armor bc let’s face it there are no dragons to slay so that’s why you only read about it in the books. Enjoy what you have. Bc I wouldn’t hesitate to of I had a man like that. This is not for pity bc I’m beyond the pain. This is to wake you up and to make you protect and cherish that love.

    • 303

      Anonymous you may be, but there are still many women around the world who care what happens to you. Please call your local women’s shelter and/ or women’s center. They have resources available to help women leave abusive spouses – and your husband IS emotionally abusive. BTW, the record of your husband’s lack of involvement in your children’s lives will work strongly in your favor if/ when you divorce.

  247. 304

    I read this on Huffington Post, and could not stop crying. You described my marriage to an absolute T – right down to the cupboard with the broken hinge that I am looking at right now. I grow deeper in love with him every day. Thank you for showing all of us that real love is not running through the airport, or the rain, or whatever – it is being there for you and your children at your absolute worst, and never asking anything in return.

  248. 305

    This is magnificent, as is your life of emotionally mature love. Brava!

  249. 306

    I love that everyone is lifting their husbands up. I keep hearing women on T.V. and in life take jabs at their bumbling husbands. It has weighed on me because children hear this too.
    I like to remind our son everyday that daddy is at work to take care of us and every night we thank daddy for working so hard for our family.
    Some days the routine is so mind numbing I just want to scream but on most days I am so very grateful to have a husband that is devoted and a life that we built together.
    The thrill of being chased through an airport will fizzle anyway. I will take a life built together any day.

  250. 307

    Thank you! When I was young and foolish I thought love was the big, grand gestures and that is quite possibly a big part of why the first marriage didn’t survive. But, this time around as we near our 20th anniversary . . . I know the love I share with this amazing man is the real deal. He helped raise 3 children that all became his by love (since they weren’t by birth). He opened my eyes to the joy of just us, after they all grew up and moved on. He daily does the slow walk beside me through the minutia that is living and he reminds me to stop and have fun along the way.

    Again, thank you so much for this article.

  251. 308

    This is a wonderful post. I, as I am sure many, get caught up in “what it should be” versus “what it really is”….unconditional love. Thank you for sharing this.

  252. 309

    I could read this one hundred times today and it would still make me misty eyed thinking about my husband. This was beautiful and the truth, and for that I say thank you.

  253. 310
    maureen nolan says:

    i have been married before. was good for the first 2yrs. then he started hiding his phone(actually sleeping with it) leaving early to drive cross country(Ireland)then lying that he was working when i would find his work clothes stuffed in the bedside locker. then my mum got sick in the states. he always said he would be there. EMMM NOPE….nowhere to be found. well long story short i stayed in states and we are divorced. in 2011 i met someone. at first i said friends only and he said that’s ok. well that grew and we had our first date 30 oct. all going fab then i get sick. major life threatening sick. and you know what? HE STAYED right by my side. never leaving, became my advocate. long yr of dr appts, hospital stays, tests. driving me all over for these things. then in jan of this yr…..HE PROPOSED! i said yes of course. no matter how angry i get he knows i am angry at the illnesses and not him. his love for me is unbelievable and unconditional. i know at age 45 i will have the rest of my life with this amazing, selfless man in my world. is he perfect? NO…..but he IS perfect for me. :)

  254. 311

    I read this today, when I needed to hear it. I think God sent me to your blog today.

  255. 312

    Very nicely written. I hope it’s OK I had to share this on my Facebook page. I want to put this on a family plaque: “And this is a love life – to live life each small, sometimes unbearably tedious moment – together.” Because sometime the doing of life and our family is the point and you put it so beautifully. Thank you

    – See more at: http://lisajobaker.com/2013/07/when-you-think-your-love-story-is-boring/#sthash.ZCZJiyea.dpuf

  256. 313
    Erin Stearns says:


  257. 314
    Michelle says:

    I think why we equate running through airports to a huge gesture of love is because of how public it is. We think that the more public it is, the more true it must be. We measure how much someone loves us by whether people around us know if they love us and also what extent they would go for us i.e. running through airports. Running through airports becomes this huge display of love. But as we all can see from this thread and the comments, love isn’t measure by huge displays of affection but the truest and sincerest displays of love is in the beautifully ordinary, it’s in the acknowledgement of how it’s okay not to be okay, it’s in how we see each other’s faults and brokenness and loving them in spite of all that. I’ve never been married but I know that’s what I’m searching for.

  258. 315
    Petra Johnson says:

    Looks like you’ve heard it before, but WOW! I feel like you’ve written my story. What a gift.

  259. 316

    loved this post! hollywood, Christian romance novels and harlequin romance has done a great job of giving a false potrayal of what love really is. no, my sweet wonderful hubby has never ran through an airport for me but he has come back into the house after leaving for work because he needed one more kiss or he has held my hair as i wretched my guts out during pregnancy and he has slowed down the walking pace because he is a foot taller than me and my legs are too short to keep up. and he puts my needs and the needs of our daughterahad of his. i am truly blessed to be married to a man that loves Jesus more than he loves me and continually points me to HIM!

  260. 317

    All I can say is ‘I needed this’. I was in whirlwind of “fictional love” and being in what I felt was a loving and true relationship. One where he would make the GRAND gestures and jump up on stage with the band and point at me while he sang the song. He was a smoke and mirrors kind of guy… one that portrayed love and who made me believe I was in love. He would have ran through an airport for me, but it all would have been for the show, for the attention of others… not for me.

    One day in May, when I was 6 months pregnant with our daughter, changed all of that. I found out about his infidelities. Many of them… too many to count on both my hands and probably more that I know nothing of. He needed the grand gestures. Not for me, but for himself. They made him feel less guilty, and made him feel like he WAS being good to me.

    After the breakup and counseling and being a good Mom to my little one… I miraculously found an open-an-honest good man when I wasn’t even looking. He accepts me, my daughter, my 2 jobs, and all that comes with it. He plays with my daughter, acts like a kid with me, picks up my dogs poop on walks, and loves me unconditionally and without pity or judgement of my past. He IS the little things, the details: buying chocolate milk on a bad day, my furnace under the covers, my bluntly honest man that brings me back to reality when I can be overplanned and overworked. He is my comfort at home – and my rock in the real world.

    Love this post and it makes me realize and finally move on from the heartache of the ex, and cherish the good in everyday.

    Thank you.

  261. 318

    I love this. Beautiful. I will share it with my husband.
    For the record, I have had a man run through an airport for me (it was pre 9/11 and he was not my husband) and that mad dash was the highlight of our relationship. That run through the airport is totally overrated.

  262. 319

    “The holy ordinary” – ah, beautifully said. Should be required reading for newlyweds.

  263. 320

    No he has never run through the airport for you because you have a wonderful man, you do not take him for granted, you respect him, you Know the treasure you have in your best friend. You would never leave him, take off leaving your family, your heart behind. Therefore your husband would never have to run through the airport to stop you from leaving. I too have this great love. God Bless our Men, Keep them strong & Healthy so they can pick up our pieces when we do fall apart once in a while. Thank you for sharing

  264. 321

    This is definitely my husband even after 45 years, we have three grown children, 6 grandchildren have now entered into the realm of great grandparentdom. He is my hero every day on this earth and we HAVE run through many airports together! lol

  265. 322

    Oh, how I needed this. As parents of a child with special needs, the daily challenges sometimes get the best of us. Thank you for reminder me of “real love”.

  266. 323

    I wish I could write so eloquently. I enjoyed reading my story written by you :)

  267. 324

    Wow!i just found your site through jdc and i am overwhelmed how your words capture my thoughts and make sense of them! You are a brilliant writer and i am looking forward to finding you in my inbox!!

  268. 325

    Beautifully stated. Too often we conjure up movie images and book page fantasies that just aren’t real. Real love is messy, ugly, smelly, hard, and beautiful. Well written!

  269. 326

    Saw this when one of my daughters-of-my-heart–aka daughters in law–posted it with a heart and her husband (our son’s) initials. Yes, I am fortunate enough to have a guy like that–40 years, five sons, five daughters of the heart, soon to be 11 grandchildren. He still fills my car with gas because he knows I hate it and does the little things day in and day out that make my life worth living. My boys watched and learned and now their wives tell me they are also blessed with men like that. Romance novels and tv are fairy tales—I’m living the “happily ever after” and wouldn’t trade for anything! Thanks for writing it up so well, I think it should be required reading for anyone contemplating marriage!

  270. 327

    I absolutely loved this! I’m nowhere near getting married, or even being in a serious relationship, but, as awesome as running through an airport to stop me would be, I would much rather choose a love story like this than that one scene and all the uncertainties following it. This is the love story I somewhat remember my parents having (my dad passed away when I was nine, so memories aren’t the clearest), and this is the love story that I want for myself one day. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  271. 328
    Linda Lee says:

    What a beautiful reminder of love in the every day! I’ve been the busy mom who needed some support and help to get through some days and nights. Now the children are grown and have their own families. Our 45th anniversary is coming up soon. The housework is less, fewer dishes and fewer clothes to launder. My wonderful husband still comes home from work and blesses anyone who is here, but mostly me. We seek to bless and serve each other. These are some golden years, near retirement, when we dream and sometimes live out our dreams. We have such happy memories of our busy household and great children. Our grown children and their spouses are blessings and the nearly one dozen grandchildren are the greatest rewards parenting offered us.

    I say to young women, learn how to be a blessed wife, a loving mother. Learn what you don’t know from other women. Don’t forget to do some nice things for yourself along the way, but not all the time. Time for that will come faster than you know. When we serve our husbands and our children, the rewards are immeasurable. God bless you all!

  272. 329

    I don’t cry over my coffee often, or at all…but thank you for that. I am okay with boring…for the moment. =)

  273. 330
    J. Woodard says:

    I just lost my husband of 25 years and he was this man. Well said.

  274. 331

    I was waiting for you to make the point that some men have the good sense to not wait until you’re at the airport to chase you. Be thankful you had a man who never had the period of uncertainty it would take for you to get to the airport!

  275. 332
    Jennifer says:

    No airport running here either…he has picked me up from one a few dozen times. He has spent 14 years and three kids doing the ins and outs of days without once saying…this is enough and I am so over it! (well at least not to any of us) He has walked away from one dream because it would cost his family too much…and in truth he would have missed too much in his own words. He understands that seeing a kid’s baseball game is way better than a txt photo. That the kiddo running into your arms after a game is worth way more credit than movies give. He understands that being the Lacrosse coach gives you insights into who that kiddo is made of and will be if guided right as a man. He understands that love is found by what a husband and wife make of “for better or worse” because in all reality that happen on the same day and sometimes are about the same moment! I too will not punish him for not running to catch me for one last kiss before I board a plan…our life is bigger than that!

  276. 333

    DAMN, I WISH I WROTE THAT! After 22 years and three kids, there are times when you wonder if there is more. But the simple truth is – there is MORE THAN ENOUGH! My hubby has never run through an airport for me and likely never will. But he has done everything mentioned in this moving and beautiful post and more besides. He has been a fantastic father, best friend, and stalwart confidant and for some reason he still LIKES ME after all these years. Even when I have been very easy not to like. (AND he still brings me flowers, usually when I least expect them.) I will be saving this for our 25th anniversary (which will be here before we know it and I am 100% certain we will get there and beyond) but I will make sure to give credit where credit is due: Lisa-Jo Baker, you are a wonderful writer.

    • 334

      Don’t save this article for another 3 years…. share it with him if it means something to you. Tell him how much he is loved. Even if he never leaves you on his own accord, sometimes life has its way of separating 2 people. You never know when your time together will be your last. Make these moments matter. I’m sure you can find something else to share with him on your 25th anniversary. Best wishes to both of you.

  277. 335

    Sounds like Daddy to me.

  278. 336

    Absolutely beautiful! It’s not always what you want…..just wanting what you’ve got. A blessed reminder, after many years and 5 children, how very much in love I am. Thank you!

  279. 337

    I couldn’t stop crying and laughing all at the same time. My husband has never run through an airport for me, but he sure has been there for the good, the bad and the ugly moments of this marriage. To the good ones in our lives!!

  280. 338

    Just beautiful. Wonderfully written. I’m pinning to my “good stuff” folder!!

  281. 339

    Absolutely beautiful! You are blessed…you are loved!

  282. 340
    Kristine C. says:

    To be a ran after woman in an airport you have to be the type who plays games and runs away from your man in the first place. (This scenario seems to presuppose you wish to be pursued and caught). In real life that could be a strain on the fairytale rom-com relationship this teenager wishes to achieve.
    My point is the relationship described here is the work of two people, choosing to stand by each other instead of running around playing tag, or something.

  283. 341

    Oh gosh, mine lets me warm my cold feet between his warm legs all the time too. NOW that is true love. What a wonderful post you have here. It’s not the grand gestures for me, it’s all the little things rolled into one that make a marriage and a love story.

    I cannot remember how I cam across your post but I adore it… wonderful words and sentiment. :)

  284. 342
    Patrick Jordan says:

    I’m pretty sure the teenager that left the comment was merely joking and wasn’t serious, but either way I’m glad for this post and for the opportunity to have read it.

  285. 343
    Karen on Bainbridge Island says:

    He did run through the airport and stopped me from getting on the plane….so I married him 26 years ago.

  286. 344

    No one should have to waste their breath explaining such an obvious fact of life to a naive, inexperienced teenager. With any luck, that kid will grow up in a few years and stop expecting bad chick flicks to be reality. If not, she deserves the lifetime of disappointment that she will have up ahead. I just hope she doesn’t meet too many unsuspecting partners to be subjected to her crazy unrealistic expectations.

  287. 345

    I just have to say THANK YOU!!!! This is beautiful, and just what I needed!!

  288. 346

    Aw, what a precious article! I cried when I read about the broken air-conditioned van….same one my husband drives without complaint! Real life is nothing like the movies…it is much more honest and tender. Plus, running through airports sucks. I think most of us have done that a time or two. :)

  289. 348

    I no longer have my every day hero by my side and I miss him. Don’t take love for granted because there are no “Grand gestures” like in the movies. I would give anything to have my love here with me to say “hey, how was your day” and tell me I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. Love each other completely and unconditionally for as long as you have together. Then there are no regrets!

  290. 349

    So beautifully and perfectly said and something that people really need to remember. In this world of instant gratification, too many people are wanting the airport scenes again and again, but that isn’t real that isn’t lasting.
    Thank you for this beautiful post

  291. 350
    Martha Jager says:

    My husband has never run through an airport for me but we have run through plenty of them together! Your children will grow up and have kids of their own. Never forget how much fun your husband can be! You have a solid guy and you appreciate him. Life has many small, grand and magical times in store for us. We need to enjoy and appreciate all the moments we have!

  292. 351

    I found this post on Facebook and really loved it. I like the truth that came out of it, real love is giving of the self to the other, not just chasing down kisses to satisfy a romantic need. Those kisses are fun too, but not real life! We drive to northern Michigan to do the family cottage and lake every year with my mom’s family, I’m so thankful my husband prioritizes and loves those things as much as me!

  293. 352
    Jill Henrichsen says:

    Great quote from Kurt Vonnegut: “Enjoy the Little things in life. For one day, you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

  294. 353
    Ann Kepler says:

    I was married 51 l/2 years to a man just as you described. He’s been gone 3 l/2 years and I miss him every moment of the day. I thank God daily that I had someone who loved me unconditionally and was always there for me and our two daughters. He touched so many lives because he treated everyone with such love and respect.

  295. 354

    Thanks a lot this submit, it is actually great!

  296. 355

    One thing I would add is that my husband is ALL those things, and YES, he WOULD run through a million airports to bring me back if I was ever so silly as to run away from him! :) :) :)
    The other thing I would add is that I have run through airports, dragging two toddlers and a baby, to catch a plane to go meet HIM when he would suddenly get leave or a break, because my husband has been deployed overseas twice and you don’t always get advance notice of when you can see your soldier. This kind of love goes BOTH ways–we both clean up after each other and do the boring stuff to make our life together as a family. :)

  297. 356
    Bridget Seeley says:

    I’m so sorry for all the marriages that didn’t make it on this string of posts! That is terribly sad and hard! And let’s celebrate the men that don’t change for the bad and continue to grow! It’s possible and so let’s make sure we are loving our spouses more than ourselves and raising little boys and girls that carry on this kind of love! We can change this generation of divorce and heartache!

  298. 357

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH…..I truly needed this reminder! This is MY husband and I never took the time to slow down and truly see him and what he has done for me and our children. If you don’t mind I am going to share this on FB with him so he can see what he means to me through your wonderful words!
    Thank You,

  299. 358

    Beautiful and oh so true and I know I’m the first to look these things over as inconsequential, when really, they are everything.

  300. 359

    My goodness, how strikingly beautiful. Thank you.

  301. 360

    I tell people that in the 25 years since we met, my husband has only sent me flowers once, but he has always supported my gardening habit starting with the azaleas I planted in his yard several months after we stated dating. (btw – the one time he sent flowers was the 10th anniversary of us meeting and he specified an arrangement of 10 different flowers.) We’ve found saying thank you for all the little things as well as the big things reminds us both of how good we are together. And I’m eternally grateful to the parents who modeled this sort of marriage for me. Thanks to them, however much I enjoyed spending time with this or that person, I knew I didn’t want to marry until I found what they had. I’s been even better than I could have dreamed.

  302. 361

    Breathtaking love. THANK YOU for reminding me about my own Superman. WHAT ROMANCE!

  303. 362
    Deborist Benjamin says:

    You know I had someone run through the airport for me, it is totally overrated, except for that five minutes it is happening. Besides with T.S.A. today it’s not gonna happen!

  304. 363

    I had all this, it was wonderful. Then the kids grew up and he found younger model.

  305. 364

    Thank you so much for the reminder of what real day to day love really looks like.

  306. 365

    Oh, yes. I do LOVE this blog post (even though it has never run through an airport for me). And my husband also has never run through an airport for me but for 25 years he has listened to my problems, encouraged me, taken care of me when I was sick, helped with housework, cooked me some gourmet meals, often put my needs in front of his, shared his thoughts and dreams, inspired me, held me when I cried, enabled me to follow dreams, and made me laugh quite often.

    Kids these days have this skewed idea of what to expect from love. Love is not a replayed movie scene, love is knowing the person and meeting their needs, overlooking faults, being there no matter what and a whole many more things.

    Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading it so much. It is today’s daily reminder that I am lucky to have found the perfect man for me.

  307. 366

    This so captured how I feel about my husband. We’ve been together for 19 years (married for almost 18) and have three children. Marriage may not look like what I fantasized about as a girl, but I continue to be humbled and in awe of the person I share my life with. Knowing what I know now, the fantasy can stay in the past, thank you very much.

  308. 367

    I have never had someone run through an airport for me nor have I had a chance to run through an airport to catch someone else. I have also never had the opportunity to give birth to children or hold my beloved’s hand while she gave birth. But after an 18 year marriage of friendship for me and a 27 year loveless marriage for her, I am filled with hope that we will spend the rest of our lives sharing the day to day love that fills our life. It is hard to come into someone’s life for the second act and have missed the entire raising of the children. How will I ever let her know how much I love her without being able to share those moments? I just hope that she can feel the love that finally surrounds her even if it comes so late on her journey.

  309. 368

    You have made me cry! I wish all couples(married or not!) would read this!

  310. 369

    Thank you! This is such a beautiful reminder to us single ladies that the man who faithfully loves with a Christ-like love, and faithfully stays through the ups, downs, and mundane is the one to wait for. The airport fairytale is just that, and “bad boys” break hearts… a GOOD man protects your heart.

  311. 370

    Sounds like there are a bunch of amazing men out there. SO grateful!

  312. 371
    Sharon C. says:

    You are lucky and blessed. I’d give just about anything to have that kind of relationship with my husband.

  313. 372

    This post changed me. A few days before I read it I had been complaining to some neighbor friends that my husband was so unromantic. That he would never do some of the things there husbands did. Thank you for this post. It reminded me that I don’t need the Notebook kind of love. I was so inspired I wrote my own post. Thank you a thousand times over for the reminder that we are epic just the way we are!
    Here is the post where I cited and linked back to your original.

  314. 373

    Thank you! This IS real love. 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.

  315. 374

    Something in the way you put words to my heart brings me to tears no matter what I am reading. *Thank You* for sharing with us.. With me… Being young, married, two kids, him in college, us working full time.. We lose each other in my unrealistic expectation of a Disney princess whirlwind romance… Thank you for bringing me back to what real, honest, self sacrificing, true love looks like. I needed that tonight and every night <3

  316. 375
    GrannyAnne says:

    51 years after our marriage, 16 years after I left him, all I can say is YOU ARE ALL FORTUNATE WOMEN! The on;ly time he brought me to the hospital was when our 3d child was born (I’ll excuse him for being out of the country when our twins were born– but not in the military). When I had my emergency appendectomy, he stayed home. He had papers to correct. (My teen age son came to pick me up.) When I had my hysterectomy, he stayed home. And didn’t visit me. He had papers to correct. When my father died, he wanted to comfort me– with sex. When he was recovering from an operation and I asked how he was feeling “Leave me along, I can take care of myself!” Well, he couldn;t and he couldn’t take care of anyone else. I was never so happy in the marriage as when I left i.

    <ay God bless your husbhands!!

  317. 376

    And what would you say about a husband who divorces his wife of 25 years over a very small fight in front of their 3 grown up children? HATE is the ONLY word that comes to my mind.

  318. 377

    I’ve experienced both kinds of love. Before 9/11, my boyfriend actually boarded a plane that was carrying me away from him and gave me a dozen red roses in front of all the passengers. It was a heady declaration, but the relationship fizzled after only a few months. These days I prefer the more grounded love of my fiance, who washes the dishes and takes out the garbage and is always, always my partner.

  319. 378

    There’s also true love without airplane runs AND without kids, this article suggests the only way an ordinary love can be extraordinary is if the man helps take care of kids.

  320. 379


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  322. 381

    Very well put. Real love has nothing to do with running through and airport…It is something much, much more.

  323. 382

    Oh my gosh, I’m crying! This is so beautiful. Thanks for writing it and reminding us all what love really is.

  324. 383

    That was lovely! Well said!

  325. 384

    I never dreamed my husband would run through an air port for me, but he did! Deployed before our first Aniv. I was surprised to get a call. Mrs. Jackson could you be at the airport at this time. I was like OK. Then my husband got on the phone and Said be there I’ll see you soon! It was better than in the movies. Almost six months since my husband was gone I got to take him home!

    Every day is a gidt and we work for each day! Giving it to God!

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  330. 389

    I never really had a dad…well I tell a lie. I had 3. My mother married and divorced 3 times – though this in no ways make me 3 times the expert, quite the opposite in fact. As such, I never knew what love was – apart from pop songs and Jennifer Aniston movies. It has been a long journey in changing the way I think and thankfully I have come a long way, even recently getting married. But I still need uplifting AND REALISTIC love stories to inspire me and reprogramme my way of thinking about love.

    I read this story and told myself “this is the sort of man I want to become like”. This is a priceless gift. Tell your husband he is a role model to a young man all the way in New Zealand

  331. 390

    Love love love this! Amazing and so true! Been together almost 20 years, married for almost 15 years, 2 boys (aged 6 and 3) – still in love! No airports needed !!!

  332. 391

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  337. 396

    My thought is – WHY would you be in the position of having someone run after you? Your love should be strong enough that neither one ever thinks about leaving.

  338. 397

    Hey, it rings true for all ages,even if you are not raising kids together. We are in our 60’s in a fairly new relationship, under 5 years. I have begun to think the same….until reading this. Love is shown in so many other ways. I am so thankful to have read this. It helps renew my love.

  339. 398

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  342. 401
    Amye Arentson says:

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  64. […] tiempo pasa y con él va el cumpleaños, historias de amor , aniversarios, nuevos bebés , primeros pasos, orientaciones preescolar, mudanzas […]

  65. […] This is love like you’ve never seen it before.      […]

  66. […] you say your “I dos,” when you you start your happily ever afters, when none of it quite feels like you thought it would. When you don’t know how to pick a mattress, when the sofa is in the wrong place, when you regret […]

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