10 Jun 2015

A Summer Reading List – I Own And Adore All of These Books. You Will Adore Them Too. Money Back Guarantee. (Except Not that Last Part).

Summer Reading List from Lisa-Jo Baker

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21 May 2015

When You’re Tired and Just Tempted to Parent on Cruise Control, Do This Instead


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23 Apr 2015

The Book that Helped My Kids Walk Around in Someone Else’s Story


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06 Apr 2015

7 Ways for Women to Find Soul Friends

7 ways for women to find soul friends

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19 Feb 2015

If You’ve Ever Struggled to Find Time for Yourself While Caring for Everyone Else You Need This Book!

the fringe hours

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11 Nov 2014

If Only All Christian Children’s Books Were Like This

God Made Light via lisajobaker

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16 Sep 2014

50 Women Heroes I Want My Daughter to Know


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15 Jul 2014

When Scared is the New Brave


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29 Apr 2014

Two women who have changed my life

Nester's mess

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25 Mar 2014

Why a mom of three compares my book to multi-layered cake and includes a Shrek reference


Surprised by Motherhood ought to be an essential for every woman who is wheeled out of a maternity ward. Brand new moms should be required to leave the hospital with the baby, a car seat, and this book.

03 Jun 2012

23 Summer Reads – a reading list for lazy days

23 summer reads thegypsymama

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